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Monday, May 10, 2010

The great Lena Horne died at age 92. I loved her in classic all black forties films like Stormy Weather, and her guest appearances in big MGM musical extravaganzas like Ziegfeld Follies of 1946, Till The Clouds Roll Bye, Words&Music and As Thousands Cheer. Ms.Horne reminds me of a lighter skinned version of my mother Mary Magdelene-- they shared the same jaw line, thin lips and sparkling eyes. Actually my Aunt Corrine who is still alive and a few years older then Lena is about a shade lighter but has thyroid eyes. Ms. Horne married the white musical conductor Lennie Hayton and her daughter is married to director Sidney Lumet. For my performance piece here in New York I will have to have a tribute moment to Lena Horne and Callie Angel.
Dr. Jose Munoz and his sociologist/chef companion John-John Andrews hosted a delightfully delicious academic Mother of us all Bruncheon at their Washington Square Village Compound for the doll. Guest hostessas included the brilliant and beautiful Nao Bustamante and lifepartner Fufu, and HRH Prinzessin Dulce Bulldog. The celebrity quotient was high beginning with Warhol Superstar Bibbe Hansen and her film editor husband Sean Carrillo,NYU Legion Performance Studies Doctoral Candidates: Leon Hilton, Aliza Shvartz, Richard Move, Joshua Lubin-Levy and Ms Jeanne Vaccaro with Super hot performance artist he/she & teenheart throb JJ Chinois and gal pal Rachel Rosen of MOMA, lovesexy theorist and dance scholar Barbara Browning who made a beautiful crochet pouch for Ms. D.
Also making guest appearances at the afternoon soiree Lisa Dugan the high priestess of neoliberalism and homonormativity theory,vivacious Jasbir Puar authoress of the groundbreaking tome Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times, visiting USC professor Karen Tongson who rules all things theory in the Inland Empire, and film scholar Patty Ahn aka: Party On!
The glorious menu designed by John-John included a big fat flowery Robert Mappelthorpe salad,Fresh Asparagus & mushroom Suri Cruise Quiche, Baked Appalachia Toothless Cheese Grits,roasted lady finger potatoes,John Wayne Gacy Glazed Ham with freshly baked buggery bread assortment,marinated baby Britischer cucumber salad, a seasonal Charles Nelson Reilly fruity fruit bowl, and a Diana Ross dot that i Pineapple Inside Upside Down cake. Yowza!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Rick Owens furniture event at Salon 94 on 12 East 94th Street at the posh upper east side gallery/townhouse of Jeannie Greenberg was definitely the event of the spring season, and much more enticing then the Costume Institute Gala. Accompanying the doll, her beautiful Speaking From the Diaphragm crew Jonathan Berger, Jean Kim and Ms.Sarah Marcy.
Who do we see upon entering the vestibule but that gorgeous creature of high glam and seductiveness Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black wearing an elegant Mobile Oil jump suit. Clearly Kembra won the prize for best dressed woman, her escort being Adam Vomit formerly of Miss Guy and the Toilet Boys who is now in Kembra’s band and also works as a magician and ventriloquist. Adam brought his well behaved and simply ravishing children agse 3 and 8.
I chittle chatted with a mélange of delightful ladies including stylish and enchanting Ms. Leah Durner, the personable and charming fashion editrix Ms. Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine,handsome soul brother Kevin Harry of Inside Edition,movie costume designer Michael Kaplan(Flashdance), Performa’s RoseLee Goldberg, furniture designer Paul Lebach with history of the donut food writer Yuki Matsua of Kiosk, Andrew Mochmell, the Rick Owens obsessive assistant of Kelly Cetrone, former Calvin Klein model and Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt threegy partner Jenny Shimizu, Waris the Indian socialite who goes to the opening of a bag of potato chips, movie costume designer Michael Kaplan, New York Times scribes the uber handsome and patrician Guy Trebay and one of my old LA girlfriends David Coleman Howard, plus the ever ageless ladylove of Rick Owens, Ms. Michele Lamy and her scintillating daughter Scarlette Rouge. I even ran into one of my old pals from 1980s clubs Power Tools, Rhythm Lounge and Nairobi Room looking like she is still the fresh teenager who use to date Tim Kelly, the son of screen dancing legend Gene Kelly.