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Friday, September 08, 2006

I think i have the perfect title for my new book. Here it is folks: "Present Penicative" Let me know what you think?
I'm on my way back to Europe via Berlin first, then Vienna and Graz, Austria for the steirische herbst performance art festival. Put my snail mail on hold till i get back, which will be in November. Two lovely little surprises in my p.o. box. first, the new CD by gorgeous siren Abby Travis, appropriately titled "Glitter Mouth" Abby has the perfect voice, and is blessed with a trillion talents. She is a goddess with bewitching beauty that enchants all who are fortunate enough to gaze upon her. This song collektion is a must for the connessieur of immaculate songcraft. The titles tell it all: "Now Was" "Grace" "Blythe" "La Petite Mort" "So Far Away" I'll be DJ-ing in Austria, and can't wait to add this CD to my playlist.
Also hot and sexy F2M MC, Katastrophe sent me two of his CD packs with the albums "Fault, Lies, and Faultlines" and "Let's Fuck, Then Talk About My Problems"
Katastrophe headlined at Homo-a-go-go recently, and is lovers with prolific poet and novelist Michelle Tea. I feel fortunate that i was there at the beginning of Mr. Katastrophe's sterling career. He first performed at Platinum Oasis in 2001 in the wee hours around the hazmat jacuzi with Dead Lee, and the second year of Platypus scored royally with his rap humpy trannyboy hip-hip group, End of the World. I love it when my children break free from their mother's womb and conquer the world with their talents.
O so their publicists won't be on my case, i hate publicists!
saw the films, The Covenant, which is like a male version of the witchy movie "The Craft" but starring some very fine, young boy whore ingenues with hefty racks and rumps. What studio exec is keeping these studkins? Jeffrey Katzenberg?
The Outkast movie Idlywild looks great, with fantastic costumes and attitude. Andre'Benjamin is one smoking ubangi lipped jubas---yummy, yummy. I just wished the storyline wasn't so conventional, its almost like they were afraid to really take it to the next level, and thats a shame because it would have been incredible if they hadn't chickened out. But thats the mainstream. They get a B+ for effort.
I really enjoyed the hunky Thai star of the martial arts film The Protector. This boy is one sizzling piece of sticky rice. He needed to be naked throughout the entire film. I usually don't like action pictures, but this one was so much fun and cheezy, especially the Black Lizard dragon lady queen who plays the villain of the picture. And what about her #1 henchman who looks like a combination John Cho/ Russell Wong. Yowza. i swear these young masculine Asian Men are replacing Latinos as le exotique sexual object d'jour.
Was housesitting in Silverlake on Maltman at Hector & Erics compound. The two gay lovers went on an Atlantis Gay Cruise. Last place on earth i would want to go on vacation, but their entertainment was provided by the legendary classical guitarist Charo!!!
It was nice to be treated to delicious din dins with British aristocrat Dom Johnson, lovesexy singer and artist Brian Grillo, designer Cory Allegory, and lawyers to the stars, MarLou DeLuna and Hal Marinas.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A famous,big time literary agent is interested in the memoirs of little old lady me. Of course i have to write the proposal for what i want to write so he can shop it to publishers. But the ideal of it is very exciting. I've started an outline and the tone of my memoirs is going to be a little different from other books in the genre. So far I've come up with three working titles: Pearls Before Swine, Hancock Park or Naked on my Goad. Tell me what you think of those titles or if you have a suggestion for a new one. I'm hoping to be able to connect the dots with all the various people I've come in contact with over the years, the list is endless but expect to read about Larry Wachoswski, the famed Matrix director, Flea & Anthony of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Billy Idol, Angelina Jolie, Robin Given, Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy and John-John Kennedy Jr.just to name a few