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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sapphos Letzter Kanon

Ms. Davis in Rick Owens couture with Lesben artist
suprema Susan Silton at opening of silent green
Kulture Quartier foto by Kate Hers
Glorious reunion with Judy LaBruce at the Schonbrunn in am Friedrichshain Park.  Judy along with Susanne Sachsse of kollektiv CHEAP have started working on a hot new flicker called The Missandrists which is a quasi remake of the Clint Eastwood/Geraldine Page 1971 film The Beguiled.  The east German mid century building built by the architect father of the late stage designer Bart Neumann who created the famed set for CHEAP Jewelry in 2001 in the Volksbuhner Prater which was the first official CHEAP project saluting Jack Smith and Carmen Miranda.  The Gang was certainly all here including Glenn Belverio the talented fashion scribe, Marcuse Siegelstein, and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart with wife Angela and bandmate Shayna.  Earlier I ventured to Acud to witness a conversation with the love god Mr. Stewart and a famed Wire Magazine journalist whose name escapes me at the moment.
Earlier in the week I was in lovely Hannover to meet with Kathleen Rahn of the Kunst Verein where I will be part of their world famous Tanz Congress.  Everyone at the Kunst Verein were so sweet and helpful giving la diva the art shtar treatment.  Miss Angela one of the curators gave me a tour of the town by bike and I was amazed at the cornfed, free range eye candy of super healthy looking boyganzas.  We even stopped at their Pregnant Oyester Swimming Bad to watch the most amazing bubble butted youths romp and stomp about in all their washboard ab big rabbit footed glory.  Under the Yum Yum Tree.  I love the Kunst Verein Hannover as it is simply the most divine building with sumpteous art in its environ.
After spending time in Hannover i was at the silent green kulture quartier in Wedding to see Xiu Xiu perform their salute to Twin Peaks along with Senor Belverio, Marcuse and La Sachsse.  Earlier in the week I had just come back to Berlin in time for the grand opening of the Arsenal’s archive at silent green kulture quartier where I was the DJane.  It was a mementous occasional with 500 plus luminaries in attendance including Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson,filmmakers Juliane Henrich, Philip Widmann, Stephan Geene of
b_books, Michael Thoss of Allianz Kulturstiftung, Nadine Voss, Hans-Joachim Fetzer, movie maker René Frölke with producer Ann-Carolin Renninger, cineaste power couple Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzales Monroy, Arsenal projectionists Anselm Heller and Alexander Boldt, Isabell Spengler, Angie Anderson, Angela Melitopoulos, the divine Antje
Ehmann, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung of SAVVY Contemporary,
documenta legend Eva Heldmann, Markus Ruff, artist Juliane Zellwies, Hanna Keller,Anna Hoffmann of Berlinale Forum,film curator Tobias Hering, Melissa &Gustavo, Dorthee Wenner, Maggie Schneider, Uli Ziemons, Susanne Sachsse, Glenn Belverio, Susan Silton with Kate Hers, Eunice Martins performing brilliantly on klavier and Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus leading all the charges in a magnificent manner.
Was taken to a divine luncheon by Anna Muelter at Tacobron.  Next year Anna will have me do my Lesbian Seperatist Tea Party called „Twee & Sympathy“ at the Sophiensaler next year.  It was so fab getting together to gossip and catch up with Anna.  Didnt know that superstar Peaches now lives mostly in Los Angeles where she owns a house and is in a relationship with Berlin based transman poet and rapper Black Cracker.
The Ms. Davis doll has been teaching her seminal seminar Framing the Freakazoid at the Kunst Universitaet Linz which has the most fascinating students and art scholarship in all of Europe.  Ali Jenka and Tobias of Vienna based kollektiv Gelitin took over the Transmediale and Skulpture department from Eva Grubinger and doing wonders with it along with assist from Gabi Eldebauer and Salvatore Viviano.  My first round of teaching in Linz I was able to work with some very astute and talented undergrads and a few grad students.  I love them all and I’m excited to see how they grow as the years progress.   Ali gave me some lovejoy gifts including a book of poetry by James Merrill and a English translation by James Grieve of Marcel Proust’s In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower as well as a specialty publication by Gelitin of one of their most out there Austrian Unclassifiable artists pals with the tome Von einem Freund Gedichte zum Auswendiglernen.