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Saturday, May 08, 2004


Professor Jennifer Doyle aka Pirate Jenny from Montepelier took me to eat dinner at Alegria, a cute latin restaurant in a mini-mall in Silver Lake near Millie’s. I hadn’t eaten at the place in years. There was a bit of a trendy crowd, and they’ve even hired some trendy people to work as waiting staff.
Incredible dinner, and the people in the dining room didn’t get on my nerves for a change. A bunch of really cute boys---low key and no tired cell phone queens thank gawd.

Professor Doyle wrote this great chapter in her new book about my performance as Vanessa Beecroft. Can’t wait till it comes out and the world gets to see it.

Went to Taylor’s Steakhouse in Koreatown to birthday soiree for writer Steven Mikulan of the LA Weekly. Steven is one of the smartest men in this Los Ang town, and his wife Sandra Ross is one of the sharpest ladies, not to mention she’s stunningly attractive. They are one of my top favorite couples. Got to hang out with the lovely madame fashion editrix Kateri Butler and the dynamic acting sensation and NEA Four member John Fleck, who looks sooo young and has the body of a teenage boy. I can’t believe he’s 53 years old.

Had to leave party early to meet Little Papa, Frank Rodriguez to go to Chico’s in Montebello. I’m writing a little article for this French fashion mag about Chico’s "Cockfight" male stripper nite, that features some hunky homeboy burlesque babes. My fav Chico’s boy Obregon wasn’t on duty, but there was this other one, who was short, stocky and looked like he was fresh out of the penitentiary-----yummy! Frank and I also needed to do some social studies work in preparing for our limo lap dancing club Knob Ill.

Hector made me a delicious dinner on Thursday, we were running a little behind schedule as I also had to do laundry. Wanted to go see Mr. Uncertain and Glen Meadmore’s Hot Horny and Born Again Cuntry band play at Zen Sushi, but we couldn’t make it.

Friday and Bricktops F.W. Marnau Nite. So many people ---the joint was packed. We screened Marnau’s "Faust" those images are amazing floating in the dark. The Ditty Bops theme was ‘Circus Maximus" and they pulled out all the stops. Those Ditty Bop girls are a wondermint. I love all their pals too, like their handsome staff photog who is a fiery Silver Fox beauty in the Richard Gere mode. Something tells me he is packing a nefarious cruel club----the kind that can open clams. This other young boy who was part of the performance, looked like a male ingenue of the highest order. He had taunt, tight little perky titties, I didn’t feel much of an ass though. And you know me, I am a major ass fienda from the olde school. I’ve got to have my fat bottom boys--they make the rockin world go round.

Nice to see regulars like photographer Don Spiro, who gave me some hot nudie pix of Louise Brooks for our upcoming Brooksie celebration on May 21st. Plus the poet Remy, who will be going to grad school in the bay area. He’s one of our best young 20s dancers. I’m going to miss his energy. Socialite Jean Spinosa also came by to trip the light fantastico. I chatted with film programmer extroidinaire Shannon Kelly, death rock legend David J. and this cute English actor Hugh Darcy who is in that movie "Ella Enchanted." I know there were some other celebs afoot, my spy who always tells me who is who, hasn’t emailed me his report yet. I never recognize anyone usually.

Oh I met this sexy Germany boy name Marcuse, I’m hoping to see him tomorrow for some good lovin’ and turtle dovin’ Keep your fallopian tubes crossed.

Sunday, May 02, 2004


Here is a little letter from dear Lawrence Roberts, my most faithful of faithful followers and the mastermind behind my webpage and main archivist of all things Vaginal Davis, lore and mythology. He is vacationing in the east, as we like to say.

Hi Madame Doktor --

I am finally at a cyber cafe catching up on computer stuff,
and I will put up the May and June Bricktops calendars.

Here's what I've been up to.

The first two nights I spent in New York staying with Dickie Dworkin.(The famous feminists son)
The first night we went out to piano bars on Christopher Street --
the new yorkers singing made me wonder if San Franciscans still know
how to have fun. The next night I went to the Queercore Blitz shows --
this is a series of concerts on east coast cities, mostly lesbian bands,
with one band of three boys called the Dead Betties --
Donna Dresch's new band Davies Vs. Dresch was also quite good,
and I like Gina Young with her political lyrics and varied musical

Then I took a bus to Washington DC (there were two eastern european girls
who were annoying the bus driver -- a big nelly black guy who had my
sympathy.) I'm staying with my college friend Juli and her husband John
and their red-headed three year old son -- they used to live in Reno, and
I haven't seen them since they moved and their son was born. They have
lesbian neighbors with a kid the same age and there's another lesbian
couple nearby -- Juli borrowed one couple's car to pick me up and the
other couple lets her use their computer -- very friendly.

Saturday night I went to Bob Mould's club night Blowoff (Bob was out sick
though -- hopefully he will be better before the marriage benefit concert
on the 28th in New York City). Sunday I went to the pro-choice march --
huge crowd -- they're estimating over a million. The queer contingient,
if there was one, wasn't very visible. Saw some radical cheerleaders and
so on. That night was the DC round of the Queercore Blitz show.

Today I spent the day at the Library of Congress (beautifully restored
recently) and got sheet music and played it on a Steinway Grand in a
soundproof room. Then I went to the Corcoran and looked at quilts, which
reminded me of a Karen Finley piece about how even quilts were found to be
obscene art because they had menstrual blood and semen stains on them.
(The Corcoran's the one that took down a Mapelthorpe show)

I went to Lambda Rising, which is much better stocked than A Different
Lite in SF, and got a book of comics about gay black men, a German lesbian
comic book in English , and a German magazine with pictures of Turkish bears.
One of them is even wearing a fez. This is stuff I've never seen in SF.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the Smithsonian, maybe even their archive
room, then head to New York on Wednesday.



Well the profile of yours truly came out today in Mz. LA Times. I can't believe it, I'm actually being recognized in my city of birth. That rarely happens. I love the piece it is very artfully written by Hilary McGreggor who spent a lot of time with me trying to delve into my nonsensical life. Hilary was actually the third writer who attempted to get me down in print at the Times. Janet Duckworth, the editor of the Calendar section also did an incredible job. The first approached me over a year ago, and now to see it is unbelievable. There was a time that the LA Times refused to print my name, it wasn't till after i was profiled in the New York Times that they relunctantly gave in. Well if you live long enough, people can't ignore you anymore.

I've already gotten a million emails and phone calls, Even though i'm self absorbed, i really don't like being recognized by strangers on the street, unless that stranger is cute and wants to have sex with me.