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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Schmutzige Jungs bonk für kaltes Geld

Schmutzige Jungs bonk für kaltes Geld

When the great Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc. sends you a message you immediately take notice as she is one who must be obeyed. Her daughter Jordan Strafer, is having an exhibition in Berlin so make haste to run not walk to see it:

Hello friends in Berlin,

I would love to see you at the opening of this exhibition Illiberal Arts curated by Kerstin Stakemeier and Anselm Franke at the HKW on September 10th. Two of my video works will be installed in the show, PEP (Process Entanglement Procedure) (2019) and SOS(2021). My writing ...---... SH**T DIARY (2021) will also be published in the accompanying catalogue. If you're not in Germany, please share with friends in Berlin. More information below!

We would like to cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Illiberal Arts on September 10, 2021.
Please note that the visit of the opening is only possible with a Tested-Vaccinated-Recovered proof for invited and registered guests. Masks are required in the entire building.
6 pm
7 pm
Welcoming by Bernd Scherer
Introduction by Anselm Franke and Kerstin Stakemeier
8 pm
Performance by Mikołaj Sobczak and Nicholas Grafia, Peasants, ca. 40 min
The exhibition and publication project Illiberal Arts is a search for forms concerning an artistic “Lebensarbeit” (“life’s work”, Lu Märten (1879-1970)) initiated with international artists, poets and authors. In the cracks of the decaying forms of market accumulation, anti-identitarian, communal horizons burst open, as do collective forms of perception and political spontaneities. The project subjects these to a practical test. For Lu Märten, “a person’s whole life’s work” was considered artistic; what was artistic didn’t always have to become art. Perhaps what became art doesn’t necessarily have to remain art either.
With contributions by Ho Rui An, Raven Chacon, Cut away, with effects (2021), Övül Durmuşoğlu, Bill Dietz, Stephan Dillemuth, Thomas Eggerer, Frank Engster, Ciarán Finlayson, keyon gaskin, Melanie Gilligan, Larne Abse Gogarty, Nicholas Grafia, Tamar Guimarães, Danny Hayward, Johanna Hedva, Anne Imhof, Pauline Curnier Jardin mit Feel Good Cooperative (Andrea, Giuliana, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Alexandra Lopez, Alexandra Mapuchina, Serena Olcuire, Gilda Star), Lisa Jeschke, Karrabing Film Collective, Aristilde Paz Justine Kirby, Anja Kirschner, Dani Leder, Rosalind C. Morris, MYSTI, Jota Mombaça, Jenny Nachtigall, Henrike Naumann, Fumi Okiji, Casandra Press, Steve Reinke, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Mikołaj Sobczak, Juliana Spahr, Jordan Strafer, Sunset Open Call (Kasi Althaus, Andrea Victoria Paradiso, Elena Peters Arnolds, Denise Pinnell, Christin Rothe, Suzie Sullivan, Kathy Seitzinger Hepburn, Amy Sutryn, Rosana Van Horn, Laura L. LePere, Aude Lèvere), Orakel, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Marina Vishmidt, Philip Wiegard, Kandis Williams, Simone White, Constantina Zavitsanos
A comprehensive book will be published accompanying the exhibition. It will be available on the evening of the opening.
We would be delighted if you could celebrate the opening of the exhibition with us.
With kind regards,
Bernd Scherer
Anselm Franke and Kerstin Stakemeier

Important information regarding the visit of the opening on September 10, 2021
Please inform yourself on the day of the event about the valid Covid 19 hygiene regulations on
Limited visitor* numbers apply in the exhibition rooms and at the event. The event is for invited guests only.
Please contact Anke Ulrich ( until September, 2, 2021 to sign up to attend the preview.
The kiosk on the roof terrace will provide food and drink for visitors, and the restaurant Weltwirtschaft will also be open.

Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH | Schöneberger Str. 15 | 10963 Berlin
Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRG Nr. 96 HRB 29357
Geschäftsführung: Prof. Dr. Bernd M. Scherer (Intendant Haus der Kulturen der Welt),
Dr. Thomas Oberender (Intendant Berliner Festspiele), Mariette Rissenbeek (Intendant Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin),
Charlotte Sieben (Kaufmännische Geschäftsführerin)
Vorsitzende des Aufsichtsrates: Staatsministerin Prof. Monika Grütters MdB

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Ultra monströser riesiger Knopf, der sich im zierlichen Arsch tummelt

Ultra monströser riesiger Knopf, der sich im zierlichen Arsch tummel

Ben & Gala of New Discretions Gallery in NYC have a new exhibition that will go up soon. Here is the info:


September 9 - 12, 2021

Future Fair
The Starrett-Lehigh Building, 600 W 27th Street, New York NY 10001

New Discretions is thrilled to be participating in the inaugural in-person Future Fair, to be held September 9-12 at the Starret-Lehigh Building in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, with a two-person presentation of new works by Cary Leibowitz and Jacopo Pagin.


VIP Previews By Invitation
Thursday, September 9, 2021: 12 - 8 pm
Friday, September 10, 2021: 12 - 2 pm

Public Days
Friday, September 10, 2021: 2 - 8 pm
Saturday, September 11, 2021: 12 - 8 pm
Sunday, September 12, 2021: 12 - 5 pm


Amy Adams of Adams & Ollman is now in New York with this art fair:


This from our good friends at Discoteca Flaming Star:

On Illness, Resistance and Modes of Collective (Health) Care

5 September till 14 November 2021

Event series with Alive (Hospital(y)tis), intimate talks and walks, workshops, Tear Bar& exhibition with growing archive

with contributions by Johanna Ackva, Nuray Demir, Discoteca Flaming Star (CGB, Sofia Lomba, WM und Sara Pereira), Karin Michalski & Ann Cvetkovich, Kallia Kefala, Ferdiansyah Thajib, Sophie Utikal, Inga Zimprich (Feminist Health Care Research Group), a. o.

The current global crises are crises of care - from the care for nature(s) to health care to the care for children, the elderly and the more vulnerable. These crises are the result of decades of neoliberal, extractivist policies that prioritise profit over people.
These collective and very multifaceted experiences of crisis inscribed in our bodies, in the present and the past. They demand an exchange experiences about health / illness and the political potential of "negative" feelings from an intersectional perspective, to learn from each other and to make knowledge about alternative, self-organised and solidary practices and networks in the field of healthcare more visible. To this end, we are devoting this research project to four central themes, #1Bad Feelings, #2 Collective Kinship and Care, #3 Solidary Health Care, #4 Memory and Care Activism, and bring together artistic and activist positions from the fields of art, theory, and practice to challenge the status quo with resistant models of collective care.

Team: Nuray Demir (Curator Nuray's Tear Bar), Johanna Ekenhorst (Communication / Concept / Co-curator Collective Kinship and Care), Nino Halka (Concept / Production / Co-curator Intimate Talks), Lydia Karagiannaki (Project Assistance), Andrea Caroline Keppler (Concept / Artistic Director / Production), Noël Labridy (Graphics / Project Assistance), Anneli Schütz (Finances), Ferdiansyah Thajib (Curator Memory and Care Activism).
With the kind support of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. More information here.


This photo of humpy Jean Paul Belmondo looking so contemporary like a Berlin beardo! RIP

Hunky matinee idol Glenn Ford when he was a young contract star at Columbia Pictures.

Happy Birthday to Andrea Novarin known all over the world as the infamous Love Camel who breeds young ginger boys like they were terriers. Below is his latest one and only highland fling now that he has permanently left London, England for he heady confines of Edinburgh, Scotland.