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Monday, January 05, 2009

Welcome to the year of our Lord1709! If you're expecting current realities, then you don't know much about the mind of a black drag queen. All you prosperous industry queens out there who read my blatherings, feel free to check out the New/News section of my web page where you can easily put your penises where your mouth is and make Vaginal Davis your favorite art charity. I may be famous, but I am as poor as a church catipillar, and depend upon the kindness of strangers, friends and foes alike.
Silvester in Berlin and the doll Ms. Vaginal Davis and the Love Camel of London forego their yearly ritual of staying home and movie marathoning to attend the sumpteous intimate New Year's Eve dinner party hosted by glamourous Goldsmith scholar Ms. Nicole Wolf and her demure artist gal pal Eline McGeorge at their elegant zenlike Reichenberger Strasse compound in Kreuzberg. Great food, outlandish firework displays and joyous company. It doesn't get any better then this. Arsenal Institute of Film and Video Kunst lovely Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus lead everyone in the German soothsaying ritual of blei giessan. Getting their accurate preditions on: lovesexy Nanna Heidenreich with her super hot girlfriend Angie Baby recently returned from graduate studies in the states, the delightful Anna Muelter of HAU, lovebirds Tim Blue and fashion designer Cornel Collins, sweet and juicy young Norweigan artist Benjamin with his Dutchy Dutch lover Ryan, ganymede British actor Alex Pettyfir with his Wild Child co-star Emma Roberts, the daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia, and of course my youthful proteges DeRohan Chabot and Acme Singt the naked DJ. Mr. Singt will be nude and rude on Friday Jan 16th at Search&Destroys Queer Noizes Nite at the Schwuz Club at Mehringdam. We will be a part of the DJ tag team that includes Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and Desolation Disko King with a live performance by Noblesse Oblige.
Returning to my studio the Cheese Endique Trifecta by 3am New Year's day I was greeted by Mr. baby diaper himself Joel Gibb and his uber hunky beau Enrico who joined us for one last toast along with Chabot and Singt before i kicked everyone out into the snow so that the Camel and i could get some well earned sleep.
So fortunate that Love Camel was able to experience the famous round table of Susanne Sachsse for a New Year's day dinner feast. The small fete included Frau Sachsse's handsome film historian beau Marc Siegel, beautiful teenage children Salome & Richard with his bff Jacob, and my proteges Chabot and Acme Singt, who are never far behind the doll. The food and drink never stopped flowing, both Love Camel and I were possessed by the Chestnut Soup, La Sachsse's famed Pescado ala Truffaut and carmelized fruit cocktail dessert.
1709 is going to be a productive year. Big tattoo Love Daddy Ron Athey is coming to town for the Politics of Ecstacy Festival at the Hebbel Theatre at the end of January, and word is out that Mr. Athey will direct and visualize the new Cheap Baby project written by teenage novelist Travis Jeppeson loosely based on the 1972 cult film The Baby starring Anjanette Comer.
Love Camel, my young boys and I had one last nitecap at the Transit Hotel with my modern dancer Israeli son Assaf Hochman. The Camel returns to London and his British Film Institute day job Friday evening. I've had a wonderful time with that looney tune Italian mischief maker, The Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin who i have known and loved dearly since i was invited to the Milan, Turin and Bologna Film Festivals in 1996. No one makes me laugh like Love Camel, and though i mistreat him badly he always forgives me and comes back for more. As many find out the hard way, it is problematic being friends with a giant black drag queen. I am selfish, egotistical, and bratty. Those being my good qualities.