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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The last of the famed Kennedy Brothers died the other day, Senator Edward M. „Teddy“ Kennedy, brother of President John F., Robert and Joseph Jr. My late mother, like a lot of poor black people admired the Kennedy clan enormously. I guess it had something to do with the Kennedy rough and tumble Irish Catholic moxy. The Irish have always been treated as white Niggers in the US of A.
I have had only two contacts with a Kennedy family member. In the early 1990s I shared a brief but spectacular flirtation with John-John Kennedy Jr. This was at the New York nitespot Jackie 60 where I was performing during one of their many themed evenings. I was wearing the Sylvia Heisel bullet proof dress with a padded bra for that extra dose of cleavage---like I needed it. Well my rack caught the eye of the Dead Presidents s o n who in those days was quite a downtown habitue. He casually sauntered up to me for a most pleasant and sweet exchange.
The other encounter was with a very young Brian David Kennedy in 1998 at the Beck/Al Hansen Playing With Matches exhibit I was hosting at the Thread Waxing Space in SoHo. B.D. Kennedy and I were wildly macking, which led to a bit of dry humping in front of a bemused Kate Moss, who acted like she wanted to join in on the fun. I kept in touch with Mr. Kennedy via email for a few months afterward. I really turned him out that evening, but ultimately he was just too weirded out by my free spiritedness to take things further, which was just as well as he was a bit too nerdy for my tastes. I prefer humpy dorks to knock kneed nerds anyday.
Another celebrity passing was the Vanity Fair writer Dominic Dunne. I use to live next door to Dominic Dunne´s daughter Dominique who was killed by her boyfriend an LA Chef. This was way back in the early 1980s when i shared a flat in West Hollywood with my Afro Sister Urethra Franklin nee Helen „Bed“ O'Neill, who owned the Melrose Avenue punk rock boutique Retail Slut. In the late 80s I lived on Sunset Blvd at the beginning of the Sunset Strip at the La Villa Rosa Apts and the boyfriend of Dominique Dunne was let out of prison and moved around the corner on Fairfax Avenue. The Dunne Family launched a massive poster campaign splashing the photos of the man around the neighborhood proclaiming that a murderer has been let loose amongst us.
Not related but around the same period I first met actor Brad Pitt, who was just a fledgling Hollywood ingenue. Brad lived in a tiny back house off of Melrose and Gardner near my other Afro Sister Clitoris Turner aka Leslie Beatty who worked at the deadstock clothing store Cowboys and Poodles(CowPoos). I had been hired to design a T-shirt for a Charity Foundation speared by black TV actress Robin Givens called Go Hard or Go Home. Robin had recently divorced heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson and was having a torrid romance with Brad Pitt. Mr. Pitt was major Ms. Gorgeous, but a bit bratty, moody and generally unfriendly. Ms. Givens really helped his career which wasn´t going anyplace. Robin got him cast in a small guest part on her stupid TV show Head of the Class and somehow that got things rolling in his favour. He lived in a tiny house,but things weren´t so shabby for him as his parents sent him money regularly and he supplemented that by being the constant companion of this old rich industrialist who whould show Brad off by taking him to dinner regularly at concubine central Numbers when it was on Sunset Blvd and the old Carriage Trade on Beverly Blvd near LaCienega. I´m sure Mr. Pitt will not appreciate me reminding people of his gay quasi hustler past.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Was in Scandanavia---Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden. The weather was lovely and I've never seen such strapping blondine men. Was surprised that there were blacks, asians and Muslims, always thought the nordic countries were completely homagenous. The students at Lund Universities Malmo Art Academy were sweet. Will give you the full report on how everything went there later as it was too much to absorb.
Met a former collegue of tired Lenny Young,who worked with him with this producer named Jake Eberts. Lenny if you don't recall is the husband of Andrew Gould, who was the manager of the Parlour Club where i did Bricktops. Lenny owned the bar. Well this guy told me a lot of good dirt which i will relay one day but i am too busy with stuff to get into it now. What can i say about Lenny Young. Its just that he isn't a real person at all;he's just a few faculties of a man highly developed; the rest simply isn't there.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Was sent this lovely link from one of my most talented Bricktops children the Lady Christiane who designs amazing heritage clothing and gifts and is an incredible experimental filmmaker. Check out this 14 second clip she directed. I don´t need to make any new friends, but after I watched this i wanted to possess the magical ability to sew myself an ├╝ber masculine, humpy, well endowed lover.
Can´t wait to get back to Berlin and have power bitch work sessions with that bubble butt beauty boy Little Alex of Macedonia, and his juicy Franco/German pal Julian Radlmaier who will be my collaborators this fall with the Jack Smith Live Film event. My performance is called Memory Island.