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Sunday, July 05, 2020


Forever Amber and Limber.

So sorry my lovelies in blogland for keeping you in the Johnny Darko all these many months of  quittangy quarantining. To explain: I don’t have a working laptop so writing using my olde iPhone presents itself as quite a chore, but I will anyway, just this once, and hopefully soon I will have a working Mac Book, and get back to a regular blogging schedulina.

Please forgive me, thank you for your patience.  Hope you enjoy this tiny excerpt from my still unfinished novel Mary Magdalene:

Mrs. Jeffrey Burroughs also known as Thing, of Ventura Highways Homo House 1, 2 and 3, had a great sense of adventure. I don’t  remember the year he died, just that he was renown for flexible genitalia in the performative party trick of “Doing the Turtle”.

Sometime in the late 1980’s he was down in Hollywood visiting the Melrose Avenue Retail Slut gang, and managed to take a solo detour into deepest darkest South Central Los Angeles.  This was during the height of the crack epidemic when Los Ang was at its crime peak. Jeffrey Burroughs was a  five foot nothing blondine surfery looking creature who wound up partying with three roughnecks in a late model Impala sedan.  Copious amounts of narcotics and alcohol was exchanged before it was decided to venture into the Hollywood Hills.  Did it occur to Mrs. Burroughs that perhaps he was in a dangerous situation?  Yes and no.  If he wound up murdered and left in some high chaparral at least he was going to get a righteous buzz on, and some unbelievably aggressive jack hammering of the sugar wall shattering varietè.

(To be continued)

Sunday, March 01, 2020


Profil der Arbeitseinheit

I am a little behind in writing about the misadventures of our heroine the little tiny demure lady known to the world as Ms. Evelyn Venable. Going back to the beginning of the Whoring Twenties and by that I mean January, Evelyn Venable our protagonist was invited by the delightful folks at SAVVY Contemporary to curate a film program for their series Residing in the Borderlands which happens every Wednesday of the month creating a new cartography of Berlin. 

Some of the other participating personages have been Liz Rosenfeld, Eli Cortinas, Ali Moraly, Niusha Ramzani, Can Sungu, Malve Lippmann and Amelie Umuhire. Our Miss Venable choose the Todd Haynes film Velvet Goldmine and what a great choice it was. Perfect for the winter month. 
The gallery space was packed to the rafters and beyond with a multigenerational crowd that even the curators didn’t know. I only recognized Wolfgang of the art kollektiv Discoteca Flaming Star and actor Jonas Dassler of the film The Golden Glove. SAVVY family members present and accounted for: Kamila Metwaly, Kelly Krugman and Ola Zielińska. Special thankx to gorgeous curators Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein, Eirini Fountedaki and handsome coordinator Jorg–Peter Schulze.

A brilliantine time was had by Evelyn Venable with the beautiful Berlin gallerist Isabella Bortolozzi. At her gallery was a juicy exhibition of the work of Enrico Baj who died in 2003. The two pretty ladies then took a taxi to The Martin Gropius Bau to see Boychild and Josh Johnson perform some eclectic endurance style interpretive dance. All hail the intense power behind Boychild and the lovesexy Mr. Josh. They were both wearing costumes of whirling dervish proportions and cyclona styled coiffure ala the Orange Ruffian Tetrarch of what was formerly known as the United States of America. My daughter Wu was a bit under the weather and left right after the performance. Afterwards we all convened inside the Gropius Bau Restaurant for tea and dainties. The Bortolozzi familia of young sweeties is a most bright shiny firmament.

It was wonderous to see that my former Malmo Art Akademy student Stine Omar of art band Easter is part of the Boychild beauty gang.

The gracious and glorious Ms. Bortolozzi also surprised Miss Venable with a birthday cake after the closing night at her galerie space of the performance piece Crocopazzo by Leila Hekmat. Upon entering the galerie and seeing the emblemic curtain of characters, such detail orientation was a harbinger of something special this way cometh and there was no disappointing in that proclamation.

A Nancy Grace/Gayle King TV presenter nicely played by rubber faced delight Mj Harper welcomes the followers of a Davidian Branch/People’s Temple Cult led by charismatic leader Mother (Roman Ole) who is part Dolly Parton, Julia Childs, Maggie Smith and Jo Briathe rolled into one big clitoral amalgamation. The disciples were a mass of Felliniesque faces you want to buy and chew with names like Felvis, Lemon Drop, FlipFlop, Aphasia, Harpy, Toto and Tutte played with verve and lovesexy conviction by Finn Ronsdorf, Cassie Augusta Jorgenson, Nicki Fehr, Noah Lietblau, Shade Theret, Gina Maiwald and Weiland Schonefelder.

This pistachio pastiche of Carson McCullers, Jean Genet, Brecht, Offenbach and Marat-Sade makes all the sense in the world upon realizing that Ms. Hekmat who wrote the play, did the sculptural costumes and production design is a young lady who hails from Los Angeles, Cali. Heaps of praise should be leveled also upon her collaborators with music by Roman Lemberg, wigs and makeup by Franziska Presche, tailoring by Elsa Leguevaques and Grace Kim.


Miss Venable missed the opening of Forum Expanded this year because she was teaching at Work Master HEAD in Geneva. It was the first time she has missed the opening since moving to Berlin. Was able to make it the next evening to the Canadian Embassy Marshall McLuhan Salon for Forum Expanded’s exhibition of Thirza Cuthand’s NDN Survival Trilogy. It was so lovely to be in the thick of it with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus looking radiant along with the sexy sexy of Nanna Heidenreich, Angela Anderson, Uli Ziemons and his pretty ginger haired lady love the writer and curator Anja Luckenkemper.

Monday, February 17, 2020


Bagarre dans les gradins

Chicago was a gigantic mega success. The Chcago Art Institute bought my video installation The White to be Angry and will be screening it till April 26th. I was invited to give a lecturina and presented No One Leaves Delilah. I never do anything the same way twice so for this iteration I didn’t take to the stage until after 15 minutes of a slide show which had many in the audience rumbling.

I was introduced by David Egeland the Society for Contemporary Art’s President and Solveig Nelson the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow in Time-Based Media.

The Fremont Hall in the Art Institute was packed with 500+ in attendance including my old pals from HomoCore Chicago Joanna Brown, and her girlfriend Caroline and Mark “Ears” Frietas of Spectra Sonic Records, along with sexy Circus Trainer extroidinaire Tera McBlaine, my hot and humpy ex student Stevie Hanley who is now the midwests leading musclebound art schtar, Albina Manning of VTape, David Getsy who is a studly professor at the School of the Art Institute, Mar-Teen of the punk band Limp Wrist, Ann Goldstein the Deputy Director, Chair and Main Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Institute, curator Hendrik Folkerts who hails from Holland, Chicago Bulls basketball star Zach LaVine, Malia Obama and her British beau Rory Farquharson. Will add more about Chicago and all the events I had in another post, so stay tuned.

Two of my beautiful New York children of high art Jonathan Berger and Aliza Shwartz will have big solo exhibitions soon. Do yourself the biggest favour and go check them out as they are beyond brilliant.

From Jonathan:


My new exhibition, An Introduction to Nameless Love, will open at Participant Inc on February 23rd. I have attached the announcement and you can also find a press release with more information hereThe exhibition is co-organized by Participant Inc and the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard, where it was on view this past Fall.

This project is of great personal importance to me and was made possible through the generous collaboration of an incredible group of contributors, over the five years during which it was produced. 

There will be no standard evening opening reception at Participant, as the pieces are very fragile, instead the gallery will be open 12-7pm on opening day. All details are below!

All the Best,


In brief:

An Introduction to Nameless Love
Jonathan Berger 
In collaboration with Mady Schutzman, Emily Anderson, Tina Beebe, Julian Bittiner, Matthew
Brannon, Barbara Fahs Charles, Brother Arnold Hadd, Erica Heilman, Esther Kaplan, Margaret
Morton, Richard Ogust, Maria A. Prado, Robert Staples, Michael Stipe, Mark Utter, Michael
Wiener, and Sarah Workneh.

On View
Feb 23 - April 5, 2020
Participant Inc. 
253 East Houston Street
(Between Norfolk and Suffolk Street)
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, Noon to 7pm

From Aliza:

Dear Friends,

Please join me for the opening reception of Purported on Thursday February 20, from 6-9pm at Art in General. 

I have been told throughout my life to “use my own words,” as though the language of theory could never be mine. I’ve been told to believe in a feminism of “speaking for oneself,” as though such an act carried no risk. What both these injunctions communicate is how much is at stake in the belief that the language we use transparently represent an authentic, unchanging self—one that is easier to capture or prosecute.

Instead, we might think about how words and images misbehave. They diverge, always, from the body they purport to represent. This divergence, when acknowledged, becomes a medium with which to make visible representation’s disciplinary function. More importantly, that non-identity between ourselves and our words becomes an alibi for doing what we want.

This exhibition spans the past decade of my practice, and it is my first New York solo show.

So please do come have a drink with me :)

Aliza Shvarts: Purported

Curated by Laurel Ptak

Exhibition: February 21, 2020–May 9, 2020

Opening: Thursday, February 20, 6-9pm

Art in General

145 Plymouth Street (Map)

Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Wednesday–Sunday, 12–6pm

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 15, 2020


Death on the Nile

Love's Labour Gnost

The Vagimule Doll is gutted with news of her beloved Afro Sister "Pop That Cherry" Jefferson's death yesterday morning at her home in Oakland, surrounded by family including her film director son Immanuel Martin and University professor daughter Mira Bai plus grandkids and her ex girlfriend the lovely Ghislain de la Falaise.  Cherry Jefferson whose real name was Priscilla Hazelwood was the niece of Hollywood golden era star Richard Widmark.  Vaginal Davis and Ms. Hazelwood lived in the 1980s at the famed Karnak Apartments on La Mirada Avenue.  Other residents included members of such notable LA underground bands as The Fiends, The Shadow Minstrels, The Lazy Cowgirls and The Nymphs.

Priscilla worked in the art department of the LA Weekly in the 1980s and in the 1990s was art director for Klinger International, a gay porno empire run by Casey Klinger. She moved back to the Bay Area in the mid 90s and headed her own feminist advertising agency called Begonius Creative.  Priscilla was featured in the famous photo of the Afro Sisters taken by Albert Sanchez that graced the pages of a special edition of Interview Magazine from April, 1986.  It was the last issue of Interview Magazine that Andy Warhol personally supervised.  Priscilla had a wicked sense of humour and was always involved in some mischief deflating the egos of the pompous and overbearing.

Also dying this week was the great German actor and director Volker Spengler.  Known for his roles as part of the Fassbinder ensemble of the 1970s.  Ms. Davis met Volker in 1999 in Los Angeles when Volker was performing with the Berliner Ensemble that included Martin Wuttke, Margarita Broich, Constantine Ahcmed Berger and Susanne Sachsse.  This meeting propagated the forming of THE CHEAP Kollektiv in Berlin in 2001 with the performance piece CHEAP Jewelry at The Volkbuhner, which led to Vaginal Davis moving to Berlin in 2005 and the rest is herstory upended.  Vaginal Davis will always remember the high times with Volker at his favourite watering hole Deane at Savigny Platz and hanging with him at the hustler bars in the Nollendorky Platz area of Schoneberg.  She remembers Volker saying that certain liberal types were "Nazis without a spine".

RIP Volker Spengler and Priscilla Hazelwood. You will be missed by many. 

Friday, January 24, 2020


Das Eismeer ruft

Der Teufel moeglicherweise

It saddens me to report that Jim Lehrer of the MacNeil/Lehrer Report on PBS and News Hour has died age 85. Mr. Lehrer was one of the standardbearers in broadcast journalism unlike what passes for journalism today. I grew up watching him on the telly. One can only imagine my chagrin to realize that he was a fan of my Fertile La Toyah Jackson zine and its supplement Shrimp, the magazine for licking and sucking bigger and better feet. Meeting Mr. Lehrer was one of those instances that an idol doesn’t disappoint. We were introduced by Los Angeles Times film critic Kevin Thomas at The Spotlight Pub a downscale watering hole on the Cahuenga Corridor at Selma in Hollywood proper right off of the Blvd. I don’t know if he was pulling my leg or not but Mr. Lehrer could flip a couple of swell phrases and ruminations on above average penis sizes and the fine art of Fargot Fellatio. Whenever I tell people I was the editor of my high school newspaper no one believes it, but Mr. Lehrer completely did and said it makes sense. RIP.

When it comes to journalism the super hotsy totsy little stud of a journalista Michael Scaturro can’t be beat. He just wrote a new piece for New York Times food editor Mark Bittman and his new publication, Heated.

It's the story of how two British birds captured 90% of the global market for chicken. Whether in China, the U.S., the UK, or Africa, we're all eating the same two chickens. (It's a market not unlike the Apple/Android global smartphone duopoly.) It's also a story of how chickens came to be named like sports cars, how their industrialization is responsible for antibiotic resistance,
and how they are actually threatened as a species. You can read it here:

One of my nuttiest ex students whose art career has really developed into something very interesting is Christophe de Rohan Chabot. Christophe is a great blonde beauty boy who comes from a patrician Gallic family. Please check out his latest exhibit:


Gaudel de Stampa


Christophe de Rohan Chabot (1986), lives and works between Berlin and Paris. Recent solo exhibitions include TG, Nottingham; Zabriskie Point, Geneva; Clearview, London; Treize, Paris; Gärtnergasse, Vienna; Shanaynay, Paris. Recent group exhibitions include Frac Île de France_Le Plateau, Paris; Tonus, Paris; Wiels, Brussels; Exile, Berlin.

His work will be presented at Etablissement d'en face, Brussels in May 2020 (solo show).


Gaudel de Stampa

49, quai des Grands Augustins – Paris 6e

T + 33 (0) 1 40 21 37 38

M + 33 (0) 6 19 55 53 69 opening Friday 31th January, 6-9pm

Monday, January 13, 2020


Zum Fressen gern

Was invited to a delightful formal dinner party at the wonderful compound of the beloved Berlin artiste Natascha Sadr Haghighian who represented Germany in the Venice Biennale last year.

Natascha cooked a sumptuous feast of Persian delicacies that nourished everyone in attendance at her gracious and fanciful table. The high society guests included: film historian Marcuse Siegelstein of Kollektiv CHEAP, Haytham El-Wardany the famed writer/poet, gorgeous art starina Pola Sieverding and her hot and hunky ginger beau Jul, acclaimed artist Pauline Boudry and Marbles (dancer in Boudry/Lorenz's Venice Biennial work, Moving Backwards), curator Ashkan Sepahvand and his American huzbear, personable academic power couple Alisa Lebow and Başak Ertür. Alisa is a distinguished author, curator and award winning documentary filmmaker while Başak is a lecturer in Law and Co-Director of Birkbeck Centre for Law and the Humanities at the University of London, Rabih Mroué and Lina Majadalanie (artists, performers) and Norweigan stranger baby photog Benjamin Huseby.

The other major eventa of the winter season was the birthday happening of Ulrich Ziemons. Uli is known as one of Europas handsomest men and is one of the senior curators of the Berlinale’s Forum Expanded section. Herr Ziemons shares a glorious Kreuzberg flat with his divine lady love the
breathtakingly beautiful curator Anja Lückenkemper who created a most tasty and hearty pumpkin soup, all the dainties including a carrot cake and chocolate tort with Apricot Jam from a recipe of Tante Huberta were executed by Uli himself who is the ultimate domestic demi god, giving Miss Martha Stewart herself a marathon run for her geldenkrantz.

The cafe society punters included French artiste filmmaker Nicolas Cilliins, his hunky young student of political science Australian boyfriend Dustin, award winning French cineaste and hungthrob Guillaume Cailleau and his adorable twelve year old son Jonathan, journalist Ruben Donsbach,
vivacious Romanian filmmaker Xandra Popescu with her husband Dragos, filmmaker Philip Widmann and Canadian galloping gourmand and art preparer Mark Pennock.