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Saturday, May 05, 2012

DAS LIED VON DER GLOCKE Just saw the Peaches opera LÓrfeo von Claudio Monteverdi at HAU Eins. Its an ambitious production and a lot of love, pain and the whole damn thing obviously went into it. I found the singing enchanting, and the orchestra Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop a delicious musical marvel. I´ve been a longtime fan of Miss Peaches, and thought her Peaches Christ Superstar a brilliant confection with its pure simplicity in form and staging. The lady Peaches is definitely flexing her roid rage muscles with this piece, and the six months or so of training and study has definitely paid off in earnest. My favorite moment was the end when she and the lovesexy orchestra share a bit of whimsy with each other. Peaches and her young performers and musicians are a joy complete, but the staging, set, costumes, make-up and hair design left me a little puzzled. Peaches has a great body and looks good in almost anything. I´d love to see her in a new look though. I have a photo of her from some summer festival concert a few years ago where she was working a natural hair color that was styled very 1940s Pachuca and she looked sensational. I found the costumes in this piece distracting----ill catsuits matched with lumpy seperates that didn’t flatter any of the cast. Maybe that was the point? Does being queer mean you are forced into a life sentence of exceptionally bad jewelry options and clunky post-rave footwear? Earlier I grabbed a bite with Marc Siegel and the handsome Israeli artist Yael Bertana at the WAU café. Yesterday I had dinner with the Mr. Siegel and we were able to have a nice lesbian processing session about Camp/Anti-Camp at the vegetarian restaurant Rose´s on the Mehrindgamn Corridor. He then was off to see Tim & kJohnny Blue´s farewell concert. I had a date with a visiting curator and couldn´t go the send off for Tim Blue who returns to his hometown of Portland Oregon Monday. Earlier that afternoon I was treated to a splendid Spargel luncheon by the lovely Miss Jane Beese who is head of Contemporary Music for Southbank Center in London. Jane handles all the administrative stuff for the Meltdown Festival in London that is being curated by Antony of Antony and the Johnsons. Hanging out with Miss Jane was pure pleasure, as we were like old girlfriends catching up after a couple of years apart and before we knew it the time had flown by. It was also nice meeting Jane´s good friend Bernadette who is also sweet, pretty and personable like Miss Jane. A German woman who goes by the name Mother of Anna joined our little party and she was a riotous hoot. I don´t know where this woman came from, she was elderly in her mid sixties with sparkling blue eyes and had an infectious radikal spirit about her. When you open yourself to meeting new people you get rewarded with these kind of one-of-a-kind episodes. Only in Berlin kids.