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Friday, July 16, 2004

Loving the Outfest Standard Hotel Breaky panels. Yesterday featured agents, managers and entertainment lawyers and today it was Women in Film, which started off very awkwardly, but then turned into the best of the panel discussions. Yep it rocked.

Was formally introduced to Rodney Evans the director of Bros. to Bros. He seems like quite a nice chap, and told me he has even been to Bricktops.

Last night saw the film Sugar, based on Bruce La Bruce's short stories from JD's. Director John Palmer is a theatre queen responsible for introducing to the world a young Keanu Reeves, back when he was little more then a Toronto hustler. Sugar really captured the BLAB stories, and the costumes and art direction were incredible, the behind the scenes people really had their excrement together in a way that you never see in American movies dealing with contemporary stories and Brendan Fehr is the new Rodney Harvey, but needs to be seen and not heard. Like most actors he isn't very articulate and that became evident during the Q&A.

Wednesday i saw Wild Side by Sebastien Lifshitz. I wish i was that lucky tranny involved in a hot buttery threegy with a smoldering Rusky and a tight chested Algerian boy. Yummy. Walk on Water from Israeli director Eytan Fox was also brilliantina. It was wonderful seeing Berlin on the silver screen in all its dreary beauty plus a cameo by drag queen Biggy Von Blonde.

Ran into qute "Twee" Michael Dykes at the soiree in the Atrium of the DGA. He's replaced his young humpy Brazilian sex pod for an Argentinian. Get it Twee. He also told me that Bill Silva is going to buy some property in Buenos Aires.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Went to Outfest screening of "Harry & Max" which is based on the incesteous brotherly relationship of pop stars Nick and Aaron Carter. Love the cute leads, plus Michele Phillips and the always amazing Rain Phoenix. Too bad the story kindof fell apart at the end.

Stephen Fry's "Bright Young Things" is an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's "Vile Bodies" and this should have been the opening night movie. What a joyous romp. Ran into sexy Shannon Kelly and his famous beau Pat McGuinn(son of Roger McGuinn of The Byrds) Rode autobus home with cute sassafras film critic Ernest Hardy.

Tuesday morn went to Standard Hotel Breaky. Was a joy talking to Cooper of Sundance Film Festival. I'll always remember his Allan Carr Caftan Room at the first Platypus. He made really strong vodka martinis. Cooper tells me that gorgeous Trevor is married and is the director of the Las Vegas Film Festival. A film festival in Vegas? Trevor should have married me.

The Bros. to Bros film was wonderful. I loved the portrayal of Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston and the rest of the Harlem Renaissance Niggeratis. The after party in the atrium boasted some good ole soul foodd-friend chickenetta and collard greenbacks. Yummy

Saw "The Graffitti Artist" The two skater boi's really plahyed a number on me. The director certainly captured that mileau.

Wed breaky at the Standard. The panel discussion was all about TV. Very illuminating. Michael Lucid of the Pretty Things was on hand and also legendary Penny Arcade.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Tired gay Village for screening of Pretty Things starring Michael Lucid and DeManda of the Ditty Bops. Of course i arrived late, as Hollywood Blvd was going through one of its regular shutdowns because of a premiere at the Chinese Theatre for the new Hilary Duff film. My autobus was crawling down the blvd so i got off and walked to le Village. Funny didn't see the Ninja black ghetto dagger security force on hand. Amazing seeing Pretty Things with a large appreciative audience. Walked down to LaBrea to the olde Gorden Theatre which is now The Showcase to see Noah's Arc. The "folks" are all in full force and they make the screening hop. Poor lil "Twee" was introducing with that squeeky voice of his---he is so cute, and still very Harvard commons. Noah's Arc is a TV pilot that is written and directed by the same black man who also directed the awful PUNKS. I was expecting the worse but was pleasantly surprised. Of course the audience was the real show, talking back to the screen and drowning out dialogue it was like the reincarnation of The World Theatre on Hollywood Blvd back in 1978. Remember those days? The gay peckerwoods didn't know what to make of it all, the black and blatino scene that this show draws from is a world so removed from them. Its definately representing. They need to keep the focus gritty and not try to include every representative of black culture which would be pointless and twitty. In all i certainly found it a refreshing twist to the usual Outfest snoratia. As i said before leave it to the folks.

And one more thing: what a yummy cast juba jeliciousness. Two sleek D'Angelo coffee leads, a sassy sway back queen, a lusty spookapino and even a humpster blue eyed octaroon thrown in for good measure. Coulo

Summer in all its betty manifestations is finally upon us. june gloom has dissipated and well, i'd better get use to my sufferette


Hector and Erikla hosted me and Meesh of the Epiladies a nice counry Mexicali breakfast at their Maltman Hill Estate. Nice catching up on the can with my girls.

Dr. Munoz and his co curator Kevin picked me up from the studio to make our Platinum screening at Redcat. The films were a marvel. Just a sweet and whimsical program. of course i got mega drunk and disorderly in a Van Vechtan way and was mistreated all my Fanias. Shari of Sundance hosted an impromptu after party on SanBorne and we kleeked away in libation till 3am. Shracks!