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Saturday, November 19, 2011

After Commie Biggie rehearsal went to dinner with Muslim Daniel Hendrickson and Zack Blas, the sweet West Virginia Appalachian Mountains phd student from Duke University. We decided to check out a KreuzKoelln Indian restaurant that was inexpensive and quite tasty. Zach is in Berlin to participate in a Cyber Feminist workshop that is part of the Transmedial Festival. Young Zachary delighted us with talltales and misadventures including a stint in Chiapas, Mexico performing with some indigenious artists and having a roughhouse affair with a well hungariac Zapatista—ole!
Berlin is experiencing at the moment an early Arctic chill. If its this cold in Autumn what can we expect in the dead of winter, which makes me excited that I will be returning to Los Angeles in January for my West of Rome/Getty/Pacific Standard Time Commission piece that unfortunately won’t be happening at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library in the West Adams District. I am now setting my sights on the Historic Bullocks Wilshire Building near LaFayette Park, hoping that I can use their Coco Chanel Room or legendary tea parlour. The Building is now owned by the Southwest Law School and is used as their Law Library. Please keep your fingers, toes and legs crossed for me that Bullocks Wilshire becomes my new site specific location.
Just before I started rehearsing with Commie Biggie I had breakfast at Café Berio’s in Nollendorky Platz with one of my lovely young Southern California co-eds Connor Flanagan, who collaborated with me early in the year in Los Angeles at MoCa with my performance piece Dejecta. Connor just turned 21 and is as fresh as a Nebraska cornfield, even though he originally hails from suburban Minneapolis. He is doing a study abroad program in London, and had come to see me perform at the Tate Modern. Connor took a study break for a Berlin getaway and wound up having so much fun in the German capital that he missed his plane back to England. That’s what happens when you wind up in the clutches of Frauelein Chantal of the infamous Chantals’s House of Shame. I’m happy to report that with juicy lovesexxxy radiant youth like Connor in this forsaken world there is still a glimmer of hope for the future.
Just heard that Roy Rogers the singing cowboy star died age 99. He was quite handsome when he was young and a spiffy country&western style dresser. Also LouLou de la Falaise the muse of Yves Saint Laurent passed. She was born in 1948 making her a few years older then my sister Teresa. I always get LouLou and Inez de la Falaise mixed up.
Was looking at my appointment calendar and noticed that I never wrote anything on the blogette about the going away party of personable, young South Afrikan film programmer Darryl Els who was visiting Berlin on a fellowship during the late spring and summer. This evening took place several weeks ago between the short time of my trips to Los Angeles for the West of Rome Trespass Art Parade and Party and my leaving to the UK and Spain. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was the gracious hostessa as the charming gathering was held at her lovely and spacious compound off of Gneisenauer Str in South Kreuzberg. Enjoying the festivities: Handsome Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded with his gigantic penis Harry Bert Fassbinder---Uli’s genitals are so large they come with their own zip code, Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental who made some delicious homefries, DJane Olga Damnitz, Marietta Kesting of bbooks kollective, Stefan Pethke, k-Johnny & Tim Blue, Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim, the great musician and composer Eunice Martin, Markus Ruff & Tanja Horstmann of Living Archive Project, Dietmar Hochmuth, Oksana Bulgakowa and Tobias Hering.
I also forgot to mention that I had a romantic sex date with my Saarbrucken scientist which involved a secret rendezvous at a Mitte Hotel and then he took me out for a fabu dinner at Inside Thai Restaurant on Dirckenstrasse 37. I always love to eat after a voracious bout of hot primal sex.
On the way to rehearsal on the U-bahn Thursday morning I ran into Cecile the Scandinavian co-curator of the X-Schulen project from two summers ago. She is either rehearsing a project at the Ufer Studios where we are rehearsing Commie Biggie or she has an artist studio—I don’t remember exactly what she said, and it really doesn’t matter. We were pleasant and civil to each other, but she is one of those careerist types that I really don’t trust. After rehearsals Susie, Nazli and I had luncheon at the rehearsal studio café which is nice and atmospheric with delicious in-expensive food. I had a bean & guacamole soup with rucula risotto and Susi had the carrot & garnelan soup. We were joined by kJohnny Blue, and later bumped into Felix the young lighting designer from the old CHEAP club at Podeville.
Friday morning had a very productive rehearsal with kJohnny Blue at his studio in KreuzKoelln where we worked on re-adapting one of my old Afro Sister songs from the 1980s for Commie Biggie. I loved kJohnny’s spare backing track that he has come up with and he may add some bass lines to it just to oomph the ante. Poor kJohnny had to deal with some icky musician types who rehearse below his flat at this trendy bar that use to be a crusty Kneipe.
Just re-watched a copy of The Chicken Chronicles from 1977 that Love Camel made me. This teen sex comedy stars a very young Steven Guttenberg at his most nubile, fresh faced and big fat tittied. In his youth he sure had a mighty fine rack and was a Jewish dreamboat and true Prince of Judea if ever there was one. I remember seeing him on the campus of UCLA back in the mid to late 70s when I was part of the Upward Bound program. He would be shirtless wearing Dolphin shorts which leave nothing to the imagination. Seeing him on campus nearly naked I would just about pass out from lust of his ripe, muscular, hairy bod. Yes he was just that divine. The film The Chicken Chronicles also stars comedian Phil Silvers, black ingénue Kutee who was a star on the PBS children’s series The Righteous Apples along with E.G. Daily (Pee Wee’s Big Adventure)and Branscombe Richmond a very humpy dork, thick dark haired euroasian actor who never really went anywhere but should have.
Mr. Guttenberg is a middle aged man these days, but still has a muscled physique though he has the face of an elderly nebbish. Last time I ran into Steven Guttenberg at the airport he was acting all mack daddy. I remember back in the late 70s and early 80s he was quite the womanizer, but because of his big dick arrogance and humungous ego he also liked to tease men, and was quite friendly with Merv Griffin and several other big power moguls of the era. I’m sure these old gents got to chow down royally on his pretty wank and scarf at his bubble butt garden salad.
Just heard that the Natalie Wood murder,--- I mean accidental death of 1981 is being re-opened because of some new evidence. Hopefully the truth about Christopher Walken and Natalie’s husband Robert Wagner will finally emerge. I can’t believe its been 30 years since she drowned. Like the late Ms. Wood I don’t know how to swim, so you’ll never see me hanging around any yachts.
Alexander Payne has a new movie coming out called The Descendents starring George Clooney. Mr. Payne lived near Larchmont Village off of Western Avenue and Saint Andrews Place when I lived in Korea Town in the 1990s. His next door neighbor was Michael Monk of the Monk Bros and Monk Magazine fame who told me stories of how the director turned all Hollywood with a different blonde bimbo on his arm every week once he became a major hot property after the success of his films Election and Sideways. Mike Monk even told me that the guy wanted my telephone number to take me as his date to the Academy Awards ceremony when he was nominated and won. He wanted to use me as the ultimate publicity stunt. His new film is set in Hawaii which is the worse place on the planet. I have only been there once when I was on tour with Margaret Cho on her Notorious C.H.O. Tour in 2001, but we did all the islands and the place is beautiful, but I hate island resort hotels. If you don’t play golf or like to snorkel its really quite dull. Thankfully I will never have the opportunity to see Hawaii again.
Went around the corner to my local little cinema house Xenon to see the British sensitive gay flicker Weekend directed by Andrew Haigh that features a very good looking dark haired bearded lad with expressive eyes named Tom Cullen and another young man Chris New not so expressive. I was more interested in the relationship of the gay and his straight best friend then the romantic coupling, but everything always sounds a lot better with an English accent. The tiny theatre was packed so I guess this film is resonating with someone.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My interview with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio Magazine is now up and running and if this works the right way it should appear magically on this page.

My good friend and comrade in arms Billy Miller of STH Magazine is curating a shorts program for the MIX Festival at Anthology Film Archives. Go see it now!

HOW THE WEST WAS WON - A Bob Mizer Film Sampler
An evening of rare short films by legendary photographer-filmmaker-publisher BOB MIZER

Friday, November 18, 8pm
MIX Factory 45 Bleeker Street @ Lafayette NYC

Programmed by Billy Miller, in conjunction with the Mizer Foundation

Additional INFO:

Free collectible full-color poster-minizine available at screening.

My Beautiful young visionary son, Jonathan Berger has an exhibition up in New York. Jonathan is one of the most divine beauties of Manhattan and is the most talented artist in New York so this will be one hot event you can´t miss. Info below:


The House of Thought is one version of an autobiography, rooted in part in the work that I do, and largely in the impact of that which I have encountered and remains on my mind. This is a personal history, which begins in 1980 and is read through the lens of the past year.

The House of Thought includes 100 subjects; an assembly of things that I have been thinking about, researching, collecting, working with, reading, making, looking at, listening to, revisiting, and supporting.

These 100 subjects exist as a complete collection, in a certain sense evolving from an interest in the 16th and 17th century formats of the Wunderkammer and Kunstkammer, with which I have been preoccupied for some time. I hope that this group of materials as a whole will offer my notion of what significance can be, and a prismatic and non-hierarchical way of thinking.

While I am the author of the collection, each subject remains it’s own author.

Many of these materials presented are related in some way to various future projects, which are planned for 2013-2015 and presently under construction. This is the first time that I am sharing any aspect of my process. It is an experiment; an exercise in trust and vulnerability; in making the transitional and fragile process of thought public.

My most sincere gratitude to each of the people attached to the materials I have included and the artists who have made them. Thank you for your generosity, for being who you are and doing what you do.

New York City

Reza Abdoh 47 date unknown The Shrines of Tut-Ankh-Amon 20 Manolis Andronicos 28 Vergina 1984 Ron Athey 1999 Alvin Baltrop 40 The Tabernacle: Its Structure and Utensils 1930’s 73 Tom Knox 57 Julian Bittiner 6 Stuart Sherman 1961 Exhibition Design 72 End Commercial 38 Carol Bove 82 Piankoff Alexandre 1943 Andrea Branzi 91 date unknown No-Stop City: Archizoom Association 45 Marcel Brion 1943 Deborah Bull 27 Ellen Cantor 43 Hatje Cantz 81 Bodys Isek Kingelez 100 Edmund Capon 1996 Erberto Carboni 2003 Exhibitions and Displays 35 Timothy Carey 2006 Wolfgang Clasen 92 Richard A. Cloward 30 Poor People’s Movements 1964 Unknown 2004 Ira Cohen 87 Historical Treasures 2 Jack Smith 1977 Paula Court 61 Vaginal Davis 5 Bob Dodd 2008 Hellen Dorey A Miscellany of Objects from Sir John Soane’s Museum 1969 Martin Duberman 1962 Unknown 1990 Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community 48 Brendan Dugan 23 Tim Knox 1978 Charles & Ray Eames 1965 Kiosk 66 date unknown Joost Elffers 80 Exuma 71 Stosh Fila 1979 Emanuel Fonseca 1973 Gerard Franceschi 2009 Folk Art In Greenland 58 2009 Gérard Franceschi 2009 Die Goldenen Bilder Des Nordens 1893 End Commercial 78 Larry Frank 88 Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest 1868-1930 Misha Black 4 Lia Gangitano Basin 2010 Dead Flowers 16 Joscelyn Godwin 1972 Athanasius Kircher’s Theatre of the World 34 Palazzo Grassi 2002 Emilio Ambasz 1975 Poul Grinder-Hansen 1997 Die Goldenen Bilder Des Nordens 55 Matthew Brannon 94 James Hampton 1999 Charles Harlan 79 Quotations from a Ruined City 2007 J. Hoberman 29 2003 Florian Böhm 2000 Wait for me at the bottom of the pool: the writings of Jack Smith 21 1980 Italy: The New Domestic Landscape 69 Holbrook Millard 2001 J. Holbrook II 1994 Asger Jorn 2001 Die Goldenen Bilder Des Nordens 89 Asger Jorn 18 Folk Art In Greenland 2007 Stuart Sherman 99 date unknown Fritz Kahn 2001 Main in structure and function 39 Dennis Kane 2000 Andy Kaufman 60 Bodys Isek Kingelez 2011 Alisa Grifo 1999 Athanasius Kircher 2011 Sir John Soane’s Museum London 9 Christian Kracht 54 Unknown 1973 Gerald Kurian 46 Peter Lang Superstudio: Life Without Objects 49 Edward Leffingwell 11 Zoe Leonard 32 Moshe Levine 19 Rome The Barbarians: The Birth of a New World 1979 Bodys Isek Kingelez Jane Livingston Black Folk Art in America, 1930-1980 Mike Miller 1967 Andreas Lommel 84 Jonathan Berger 14 Shamanism: The Beginnings of Art Donald Lorimer 1989 Up the Nile 77 Pompeii & Herculaneum 86 Lynne Margulies 42 William Menking 97 Billy Miller 1971 Tinna Mobjerg 50 Folk Art In Greenland 52 Desmond & Ramona Morris 1989 Men & Snakes 1976 Eva Munz 67 The Ministry of Truth: Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea 2010 Lynn Nakamura 1950-64 David Nelson 2011 Marilyn & John Neuhart 65 Lukas Nikol 1994/2005 John Ollman 31 Pier Paolo Pasolini 7 Tina Chow 1971 Bob Zmuda 2011 Eames Case Study House 26 date unknown A Future Life 1994/97 Tom Philips 83 African Goldweights: Minature Sculpture from Ghana 1400-1900 Frances Fox Piven 62 Poor People’s Movements 12 Luca Pizzaroni 2009 Straight to Hell 93 Simon Popper 36 Ulysses 59 Jens Rosing 1982 Folk Art In Greenland 68 Unknown 95 Bernard Rudofksy 1990 Unknown 76 Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-Pedigreed 41 Architecture 1 Wolfgang Scheppe 1970’s End Commercial date unknown Peter Schumann 90 The Gates of Hell Mady Schutzman 44 Michael Schuyt 64 Beginningless Thought/Endless Seeing: The Works of Stuart Sherman 8 Jack Smith 53 Albert Speer 3 Barbara E. & Eugene D. Sternberg Community Centers and Student Unions Princes of Jade 70 Michael Stipe 74 Superstudio 1974 Peter Thornton 13 A Miscellany of Objects from Sir John Soane’s Museum 22 Julie Tolentino 2007 Amy Adams Vladimir Tolstikov The Gold of Troy: Searching for Homer’s Fabled City 24 Cherie Tredanari 10 Jasmin Tsou 33 Eiji Tsuburaya Master of Monsters Kyoichi Tsuzuki Cruising Kingdom 56 Tut-Ankh-Amon 15 Eugene Von Bruenchenhein 1959-1984 John Beardsley 51 Philadelphia Wireman 2006 Andy Kaufman Revealed! Best Friend Tells All 37 The Ministry of Truth: Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea 98 Unknown 1990’s Pyramides De Bequilles Dans La Basilique, Ste. Anne De Beupre Sir John Soanes’s Museum Unknown 75 Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest 1868-1930 85 1950’s Unknown 17 Grant Davis 63 King Dad 96 Elka Schumann Salvor N. Rudofksy date unknown 25 Philip Smith Sound Recordings Ross Menuez



Monday, November 14, 2011

Had a nice interview with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio this morning at the Cheese Endique Trifecta, then we went for an early luncheon at the Thai restaurant Papaya on the Haupstrasse before i run to Commie Biggie rehearsal.
Just got an emug from the great UK performance legend Franko b. who needs help with his ver important new work. Just because Franko is a big name in performance doesn't mean he has any money so we should all support him with sending money. Every little bit helps and Franko is certainly deserving as he is one of the sweetest, purest and most dearest of my art shtar friends. Read the info below and re-act:

dear all please support this project in any way you can / want . thanking you from the bottom of my heart x x x x franko

please support my campaign to raise money for new project

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still suffering from a bit of the flu caught on the plane ride back to Berlin. Very sorry my blog posts have been so fractured, but with Commie Biggie rehearsals I am running on empty. Film Historian Marc Siegel sent me a lovely little email which i have reposted below. I forgot some names of people who were at our events in Barcelona. Once again I apologize to all and when i start feeling better hopefully i can get my poor self together.

Just thought of some people for you to mention in your blog:

In Barcelona: Carles Congost,(who gifted Marc and I copies of his delicious art book Say I'm Your Number One), the nice lesbianas who wanted your autograph, Anna Diaz and Maria Mallol, former CHEAP gossip studio collaborators who are now video makers (anna) and working with hip Spanish queer star, writer, curator, theorist Beatriz Preciado (maria) also Alaska, the famous transsexual who starred in early Almodovar films, and the sexy Israeli lookalike of Aasof Hochman who was with Carles, some hot mysterious Galician couple who run an 8mm film festival in an abandoned prison.

I also forgot to mention that Marc and I on our last day in Barcelona saw the sound exhibition at the Museu D'Arte Contemporani of Berlin artist Natascha Sadr Haghighian who is the roommate of Senol Senturk and Olga Damnitz.

While in London i was taken to a bunch of charming eateries like the Mexican Margarita hut Cafe Pacifico and the Mexy all-you-can-eat buffet Mestizo by angel of light The Love Camel who never lets his doll down. Camel also created a sophisticate and unusual exotic collage of music for my Tate Modern performance. I had some nice greasy spoon breakfasts at The Cat & The Cucumber on Tower Bridge Road where the most delicate male waiter in the world served me. Also enjoyed scrumpteous fish &chips on the east end at Poppies which is also a tequila bar and drank the best capucino at Bar Italia in SoHo. Special thanks to gorgeous Stuart Comer the film curator at Tate Modern who took us to a New Zealand hamburger joint where i feasted royally on a lamb cheeseburger with bedazzling onion rings. And here's a royal shout out to Tate Modern staffers the beautiful Cappucine who is one highly organized production coordinator, and humpy techies Dan & Rowan. Next time I am in London i have to suck the big white penis of Dan who is one tall robust drink of UK spring water.
And thanks to all the celebutants who came to my performance: Handsome Craig of Flash Art, Lee Adams of Club Kaos& crew,the divine Franko b and his boyfriend Tom, Ernesto Tomasini, big papa Ron Athey, Nando Messias, white British rapper Professor Green, Annie Oakley of Sex Workers Art Show with Beth Dito and members of the hot band Gossip, NYU professor Tavia Nyongo, Anna Muelter of HAU,Gavin Butt, Lois Keidan, Adrian Heathfield, Cally Spooner, Lewis Church,scholar Jack Halberstam, enigmatic artist Oreet Ashery who conducted an intense workshopwith students in the grunewald, videographer Joe E. Jeffries and literary figurine Bruce Benderson. I hope i havent forgotten anyone else. Trashing Performance was the second year of Performance Matters a collaboration between Live Art Development Agency, Goldsmith University of London and University of Roehampton.
My first week in London i had the flying patooties(diarhea) so i missed seeing Dr. Jennifer Doyle's presentation and several other highlights of the Performance Matters Art Festival. I also didnt get a chance to see my lesbiana girlfriend Carmelita Tropicana and her Fem Museum piece as I was doing my dress rehearsal on the same day and time. I was happy i got the chance to hear that genius genius Bruce Benderson in conversation with bratty Dominic Johnson. I can't blame Dominic for turning into a monster. Ron Athey and I were the ones who encouraged him. Thankfully Franko b doesn't feed the beast and keeps him in his place as a talented writer and academic.

And for all you visitors to Berlin my sweet friend Katja sent me this note of a major event happening soon that you may enoy:

on the 24th nov. in SO36 : CLUB BURLESQUE BRUTAL
they come from vienna, they will perform for the first time in berlin an extremely sexy show about queer/femme/lesbian desires & fantasies...
we were too late to send the advertising on print media, so we need help with the online annoucement! so if you like it
it would be awsome if youuld co send some "empfehlungen" around!
24. November um 20.00Uhr im SO36
abendkasse oder koka: 15 eur.