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Friday, May 27, 2011

That hilarious Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin just said i should rename my blog in honor of my colonoscopy to Speaking From the Colon. What a card she is. Got lovely emails from big daddy Ron Athey in London, Dr. Jennifer Doyle, Jeffreyland Hilbert, Glen Belverio from Singapore and many others to numerous to mention wishing me well and giving me advice about the colonoscopy procedure. I hate hospitals and going to the doctor. I remember Andy Warhol going to the hospital for a very minor procedure which led to his untimely demise.
The other day i had a sweet breakfast in the Mehringdamn Corridor at the lovely Atlantic Cafe with the handsomest man in Europe Ulrich Ziemons who is off to Chicago and San Francisco where he is working on a project about the legendary underground filmmaker George Kuchar. I connected Uli with my webmaster Larry Bob, and i think they will love each other when Uli gets to the Bay Area. Larry is like a walking encyclopedia and has a German background and can speak fluent Deutsch.
Before starting my fasting and cleansing for my little operation I met with this German man named Holger who has his own private museum devoted to all things Tony Ward. Talk about obsessive. The small museum has photos, sculptures and even a Tony Ward diarama. I was shocked to see an entire wallpaper section of the museum with a photo of Tony that features me from an old magazine in the 80s that we modeled for called In Style. Albert Sanchez took the picture and it was a recreation of a painting by Paul Cadmus. Tony was quite young and very muscular and the location of the photo was the parking lot of the J.J. Newberry's on Hollywood Blvd. I have to admit that HOlger did a good job in displaying this photo with the repetition he uses. I even signed several different copies of Hustler White that he has. Next time you're in Berlin go to the Tony Ward Museum, talk about an adventure off the beaten path.
Someone sent me a link to a YouTube video by the late great Nelson Sullivan that featured Glen Meadmore, Rupaul and I performing "No Money. No Honey" at the Pyramid Club in New York back in the 1980s. I was such a skinny, young bitch back in those days, and the first black queen to wear the platinum blonde look. Rupaul was still in his gritty Starbooty stage. During the performance Glen and I assault a cute young boy which really shocked the New York crowd. I can remember Mommy George Byron admonishing me in her imperial tone, "We don't do that in New York!" In the backstage footage I am handing out old copies of Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine to Larry T, LaHoma Van Zandt,Taboo, Santiago aka Hag and Hapi Phace who was the hostess of that evening at The Pyramid. Later in the evening Dean Johnson gave Glen and I serious shade because he wasn't having two queens taller then he was. The only one missing that particular evening was Lady Bunny.
Just got back from the hospital and my colonoscopy. The prep tonic that you have to take the day before is disgusting.The vanilla flavouring makes it worse.Yuk. The procedure didnt take that long.I didnt even realize I had been put to sleep when i was waking up. Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras and his sweet boyfriend Enrico who is a physiotherapist came and fetched me from the klinik. Joel made me a nice little luncheon with carrot and ginger soup as i can't eat solids. Joel and I went had breakfast together Thursday morning and went to see the Wilde Duck at Praeter. We had seen it also on Wednesday night after a lovely dinner with Judy LaBruce and Susanne Sachsse at Azul in Kreuzeberg. Wednesday at The Wilde Duck there were too many people so we grabbed a late nite snack at the Biergarten where i was served by the hunkiest bearded boy with huge hands and dorky glasses. What a pretty creature. I'd love to turn this kid into my new contemporary temporary husband.
Make sure you listen to my internet radio interview with Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights MultiCult FM. Below is the link if i copy it correctly.

Rising Stars Falling Stars - with Vaginal Davis - May 2011 by filmanzeiger

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That’s what the press in Guatamala is calling the bastard child of The Arnold and his former housekeeper. Looks like Arnold’s children are dropping his surname and using their mother’s name of Shriver in solidarity with her. Well those in the know have given me credit for being the first person to report his infedelities with both women and men. When he was a Venice, CA bodybuilder he was definitely gay for pay to a lot of well-to-do and prominent trolls in Hollywood. That’s how he worked his way into a film career in the first place, like everybody else in LaLaland.
Ran into the sweet and lovely young California scholar Alena Williams the other day. Alena use to be girlfriends with Senol Senturk who has collaborated with me on many CHEAP kollective projects in Berlin. Alena is working on her Phd here in Berlin but she grew up in Valencia, California near Cal Arts went to undergrad at Columbia University and grad school at Harvard. She is a very personable and stylish young lady and has been living in Berlin since 2005 sharing a flat in Kreuzberg with artist/filmmaker Angela Melitoupolous. Gabbing on the street with Alena made me late for dinner at 8 with Katja von Hellsdorf aka Katja Maya who was one of my students from Weissensee Art Academy who I am collaborating on a new music art project in the summer. The dinner meeting went really well and I am thrilled to be doing this project.
Felix Knoke who is in my band Tenderloin and writes for Der Spiegel Online accompanied me to the DRK Klinik in Charlottenberg this afternoon. I was so lucky to have handsome Felix by my side. Friday I will have a colonoscopy procedure performed, which means I will drink some potion that will clean me out completely like an enema, I also have to fast for 24 hours so they can stick a giant dildo TV camera up my tight little astragal. Not looking forward to this in the slightest unless the doctor on Friday is extremely handsome and well built, which I doubt will be the case. Wish me pluck that they don’t find an Alien I or II monster inhabiting my lower intestines or something equally repulsive or troublesome. Please send me some good wishes and healing energies.
Had a wonderful dinner with Djane Olga Damnitz at the Mexican boite Santa Maria in Kreuzberg. Olga is working on a new movie with the German artist/filmmaker Jan Peter Hammer and his Mexican born girlfriend Anna who is writing the scenario. This new film Of Monarchs and Men is a companion piece to his other film The Anarchists Banker. Of Monarchs and Men will star the international star Sarita Choudry of Mississippi Masala and Felix Enslin, the academic son of the RAF’s Gundrin Enslin.
Just received this short story from Hector Martinez in Los Angeles. He wrote it for some friend of his who is collecting an anthology of texts written by gay men about straight men. Hector will read his text aloud at an event, the first time this insurance executive will being doing something like this. I have been encouraging Hector in the creative arena since he was a teenager and its nice to see him taking root and blossoming.
In the 5th grade, this lil Vato was already being called a sissy and most of my elementary buds were keeping their distance from me. In the 6th grade I exploded with fantastic acne formations that led to more distance between me and the regular boys. By the 7th grade I was dealt with the most severe acne-- dried blood, purple lumps that led to tons of name calling. My dude friends that I grew up with would talk to me in class, but most would never have anything to do with me outside of class. I knew and understood the rules, I still recognize and respect those rules.
Petey was a hot blond haired blue eyed boy with a hot ass, and I was in love with him since the 3rd grade. I also knew I wanted to eat his ass! He lived by me and was a white cholo/gangster dude living in South Gate when white people still resided in this lower middleclass south LA suburb. He was absolutely beyond hot!
I was walking home from Jr High, when he rode up behind me on his black Mongoose. He asked me if I was walking home, I said, yes, (it was far), he asked me why I was a Sissy! I said, I wasn't. He asked what was wrong with my face. I rambled off the list of failed medicine and four doctor’s that I had seen.
He asked if I wanted a ride home. I said, where do I sit? He had a boom box tied to the handle bars. He said, “stand on the back wheel stupid.” So I did. He told me to hold on, I put my hands on his shoulders, he said, “You are going to fall stupid”. He put my hands under his arms. I held on to him and he turned his boom box on. “Wishing on A Star” blares out of it. I held on and he rode his bike, super fast, he was jumping off and on the sidewalk, all the way down Southern Ave, from Otis to State Street. I was holding him tightly, touching his body and smelling his 7th grade body odor. I was staring at his gold peach fuzz trail down his lower back and into his white boxers. I was closing my eyes imagining that I was just as pretty as he was. I was hoping that we were friends and I was in love with him in real life. The song ended and he stopped to rewind the cassette and played it again. I took a sneak sniff of my hands that reaked of his pits! I was so happy, but I didn't want him to see me smile, he kept telling me, hold on, stupid! I was holding on, my chin hit his white t-shirt and left a small blood mark on it. I was always bleeding from somewhere on my face. I looked at the stain and closed my eyes. I kept hearing every lyric from the song in slow motion as he sang along and peddled.
As we hit State Street, we had to make a left and pass thru some ghetto Apartments. I knew that we would possibly see his homies, Gibby, Angel and Ruben. All of whom I knew and grew up with and all of them terrorized me. We made a left on State Street and Petey jumped onto the curb as we crossed the street. When we landed he pushed his body back and knocked me off the bike. I fell on the side walk, he took off, I cleaned myself off and crossed to the opposite side of the street. I did not want to pass by Petey and his homies on the same side of the street.
As I passed by them on the opposite side of the street, they all started calling me the usual names, spitting loogies at me, and making girly gestures, but it didn't matter. In the background was Petey’s boom box playing “Wishing on a Star” once again.
I made it home, locked myself in the bathroom and jacked off while smelling my hands with Petey’s arm pit smell on them thinking about his light peach fuzz trail.
The song “Wising on a Star” I’ve held in high esteem in my music collection ever since that day. I have fucked young men to that song. I had made pacts with the Devil with that song, despite all my semen offerings to Satan that punk ass Beelzebub motherfucker never came thru to rid me of the acne that plagued me well into my days in the United States Marines.
So there you have it! I wish I had been smart enuf to have elevated myself from mere ugly fucked up skin kid, to the respectable status of a noble young monster.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Phillip Rossler the rising star of Germany’s conservative FDP party is ethnically Vietnamese adopted by Germans. When I saw him splashed across the TV news in my hotel I thought that maybe he was Eursasian. So it seems his collegue the uber icky major fug trunket Guido Westewelle is out of the political last picture show.
On the weekend i went back to The Wilde Duck, the akshunist crack cocaine piece by Vegard Vinge and Ida Mueller that is in front of the Praeter. Some nice scenes of big dicque thickerousness, psychik surgery, shrill domesticata, music squall and economic bladdery. Ms. Mueller’s creepy mask’s and genius costumes& cardboard cobbler sets seem to mirror the gross leaders of the world. I took a dinner break from viewing to munch at Maria Bonita on Danziger Strasse the best Mexican eatery in Berlina.
Wouldn’t it be grand if Vinge/Mueller were on Broadway? Reminds me of when my dearly departed New York mentor Miss Mommy George Bryon treated me to Carol Channing in a revival of Hello! Dolly. Every time she opened that famous mouth she received a standing ovation. It was so old school it was new school. Loved it! Mommy also took me to see David Drake’s The Night Larry Kramer Fist Fucked Me which I hated.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

That studly Syberian artist extroidinaire Slava Mogutin who i love dearly is having a big solo show in New York. Below is the info:

Dear art stars and their admirers,

Please save the date for my upcoming NY solo show SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER, opening on Saturday June 4th, from 3 to 6 PM, at AS IF Gallery in Harlem:

529 Manhattan Ave @ 122 Street
New York, NY 10027
Tel: 646 338 2140

Curated by the legendary Diego Cortez, the show is based on my brand-new medium-format series of intimate portraits of friends and lovers shot last summer in natural settings of New York and Colorado.

The title is inspired by the Tennessee Williams classic play about repressed homosexuality, lobotomy
and cannibalism--a seemingly perfect combination (in 1959 the play was made into a brilliant movie with Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, and Katharine Hepburn).

In conjunction with the show I'm presenting a box set of 25 images, 5" x 5" each, edition of 25 copies.

Please contact AS IF for further details and inquiries:

Look forward to seeing you all at the opening!

With love always,

O and the latest CHEAP mailing list by that Ernie Kovaks of film historians Marc Siegel.

Dear CHEAP Friends,

It has been a long time since I've recommended something at the Volksbühne,
but Vegard Vinge and Ida Müller's DIE WILDENTE playing right now (for free!)
24 hours a day until May 28 at Prater is truly remarkable. They are
presenting a "Kastanienallee Tourist Version" of their notorious over twelve
hour production of Ibsen's play. It is funny, perverse, brilliant, moving,
addictive...the best thing I've seen in theater since Reza Abdoh. But you
neither have to know jack (or even care) about Ibsen, nor give a hoot for
theater to enjoy it. Vinge/Müller's piece­part installation, part action­is
something else. Check it out one or more than one day this week or your life
might just be lacking!

...and don't forget to mark your calendars for the next Rising Stars,
Falling Stars, the breast way to appreciate silent films! This Saturday, May
28 at 9pm at the Arsenal Vaginal Davis presents films by radical German
experimentalist Hans Richter with live musical accompaniment by the Brothers
Blue, Tim and Kjohnny.This internationally celebrated film chitchat event
with its post-screening redhot foyer reception hosted by Ms Davis attracts
the young and the evil, the provincial and the non-Berliners, the tired and
the non-academics, the beautiful and the Canadians, the entertaining and the
curators, the politically acceptable and the Netanyahu supporters, the
Badiou fans and the interesting, the film scholars and those you like to
talk to, the fashionable and our friends, the Vaginal Davis enthusiasts and
the sane....and many many more, maybe even you too!

Rising Stars Falling Stars: A Tribute to Hans Richter
Sat, May 28 at 9pm
Potsdamerstr. 2

Hope to see you there!


CHEAP Summer Plans

*Spend a few days of your summer with Mario Montez and me (and many others)
in Wroclaw, Poland at the fabulous Era New Horizons Festival! Many Germans
seem unaware of the fact that there is a country with a rich cultural past
and present right next door to them. Join Mario and me in Wroclaw from July
23-28 for a Jack Smith retrospective featuring the likes of Jim Hoberman,
Ela Troyano, Uzi Parnes, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and others! a great
city, delicious food, tons of great films, and some wonderful people! for

*AND get ready for One Flaming Day in a Rented World: A Rare Berlin Evening
with MARIO MONTEZ at the Arsenal at the end of July 2011!

and this other little note from Marcu about The Wild Duck:

Oh, and miss d: you are bumming that you weren't at the wild duck last
night. Susi and I struck pay dirt as we not only saw four or five amazing
scenes, but then went to get a beer and came back for a last look only get
Vegard jumping around conducting the music and then jumping up right in
front of our window and whipping out his dick and rubbing it around
literally as if he were doing it for just us two. Then he lied on the ground
took out the dick and conducted it, slapping it, playing with it and then
slapping his fine ass until he turned over on his back and pissed on himself
again, before getting up and crazily conducting and leaving again. Wow!

We're off to it again today later in the afternoon/evening!