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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stars as Ma Mere, in this film version of the Georges Bataille novel. Never has a movie been so universally panned by the critics. Every review i've read has hated this film. Of course that made me like it even more. Louis Garrel, the beautiful young actor who was in Bertalucci's, The Dreamers last year plays the melancholiate teenage boy, and in one scene on the sand dunes, a perfectly nude Garrel starts to cruise a sizzling nipple boy who is with two icky queens, and i wish that little slice had been carried out to fruition.
Madame Isabelle as the libertine mamma,is utterly breathtaking, with cold eyes and freckled skin. While watching the movie i kept thinking of Bertalucci's La Luna with Jill Clayburgh, who seduces her 15 year old junky son. I want more incest movies, and i want them NOW!!!!
Took my young husband Andrew of Gould, out for a belated birthday dinner to this vegan restaurant on Orlando and Beverly. Great food, and at least one piece of eye candy sitting at a table across from us. Before i arrived at the restaurant i noticed that the tired mall, the beverly connection is no longer there. The movies theatres and everything have been destroyed. i wish they'd do the same with the Beverly Center and Ma Maison Softel across the street from it.

Sunday i went to visit Paul "Whitey" Glynn of the legendary Melrose Avenue deadstock boutique CowBoys and Poodles. Paul and his business partner Phil Heath, re-emerged about a decade ago on Beverly Blvd near Fairfax with a gorgeous new store called Re-Mix. They carry a lot of never worn vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. They've even set up shop in the reproduction of vintage women and men shoes, and of course everything looks deliciously presented with a conceptual eye that is both classy and edgy. I've known Paul and Phil for over 20 years, since i was a weenager, and they are definately two of LA's unheralded treasures of creativity and style. Paul is originally from Detroit and is very motown in his view of life, never ceasing to make you bust up laughing with his light skinned Negro humour.

Monday, May 16, 2005

My welcome back Kotter return to Los Ang pre-Bricky party at Andrew of Gould's compound was delisha! Andrew created a dazzling display of munchables and i was able to soak in the love of the Moveable Feast Children: Miss Mary, Cory Marie, Sasha, Jean Spinosa and sweet South American crooner Jose Promis, who performed at Bricktops singing some of his original songs. The chill'en brought me gifts of the spirit---Missy Jean presented the doll with a plant of life, Miss Mary, the blood wine of the Christ and Miss Cory Marie, some specially designed Vagimule stationary and business cards. A merry time was had by all.

Later at Bricktops, Jose caused everyone in the crowd to swoon and Anna Bells the Fishnet Floozy seduced with those sexy dance moves and flawless breastage. The celebs in the audience included luscious Abby Travis, Japan's Erotika Bamboo, Jason el Norte, heiress Andrew Sears and beau, the hunky singer Daniel Cartier from NYC, designer Shauna Leone, Danish film star Nikolaj Lie Kaas, French director Benoit Jacquot(School of Flesh)with gallic actrice Isild Le Besco(Sade)dorky author Jonathan Safran Foer(Everything is Illuminated) and his lesbianic wife the novelist Nicole Krauss who was trying to get frisky with pretty movement artist Jean Spinosa.