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Saturday, September 29, 2018


Schritt für Schritt

After glorious successes in the Pacific Northwest the Vagimule Doll had to go back to her hometown to deal with the recent tragic death of her nephew Brian Keith Taylor.  Being in Los Angeles was very much butterscotch bittersweet for the diva.

Her oldest sister Gracie Lee Taylor named the nephew after the Hollywood actor Brian Keith who was mainly known for the 1961 Disney film The Parent Trap that starred Hayley Mills, and the TV sitcom Family Affair (1966-1971) about a confirmed bachelor forced to take care of his nephew and nieces after the death of their parents.  The series also featured drug overdose victim Anissa Jones as Buffy, and British actor Sebastian Cabot as the uncle characters bear daddy lover pretending to be his valet/butler.

Spending time with her la familia was beyond baroque depressing for our fragile starina.  I know its difficult for anyone to imagine that Ms. Davis even has a family.  Sometimes she feels like a hatched egg from the primordial ooze of the La Brea Tar Pits.

Being back in Los Angeleeze was at times very difficult for our Alexandre Dumas Lady of the Camilias as everyone in the city is either rich and clueless living in a guilded bubble foam, or poor and ragged.  Ms. Davis’ sister Teresa Ray is so stressed out from her job at the County of Los Angeles’s Housing Authority that large clumps of her hair are falling out.  She resembles a sad little rescue doggie with the mange. 

No one in the USA can afford to retire and so that is the case with Ms. Davis’ sister who turns 67 in December.  Being handicapped Ms. Davis' sister is just content that she has a job, and a rent controlled apartment in Hollywood where she has lived for over 40 years.  Ms. Davis’ niece Terri Lynn Johnson, her husband and five children were gentrified out of the LA basin and live in the icky high desert town of Victorville which made national news lately because of a machette weilding robber.  Terri Lynn works the gig economy as an Über driver along with a myriad of other very low wage paying jobs.  The homeless problem in El Lay is out of control with tented encampments dotted all over the landscape.  They keep building cheaply made fugxury apartments all over the city which exasperates the situation.

Hector Martinez surprised his beloved doll with an impromptu soiree featuring a whose who of Los Angeles high society that included beautiful Michele “Meesh” Mills who just won an Emmy Award for her work on the reality TV series RuPaul's Drag Race.  Meesh and Ms. Davis go way back with each other having collaborated on many important projects.  In the early aughts Meesh was the guardian of the gate flapper dapper at Ms. Davis’ heritage performance space/speakeasy Bricktops at the Parlourclub.  Also at the gathering was former LA Weekly managing editor Miss Kateri Butler, Jamie Stewart &Angela Seo of XiuXiu, young lovesexy black artist Elliot Reed who is part of the new breed of Los Angeles performance artists making an international David Hockney Splash, gifted novelist and painter Lisa Teasley, tattooed love god Ron Athey, Skot Armstrong and his hot lover James Tallon of Science Holiday Kollektiv and the Museum of Fun, Andrew Gould aka: Audre Beardsley the former manager of the Parlour Club now working with the One Institute Archive at USC, who dragged his spiritual wifette to In&Out Burgers in Hollywood for lunch and late night snack of taco’s Verdi at the famous Mexican food stand next to the Santa Monica &Vermont Avenue Subway Station, enchanting Kimberly Kim Nisgore who use to be the head bartender at the Parlour Club who nows hosts LA’s hottest new club Day Goth, inter media opera schtar Julianna Snapper, gorgeous sculptress Karen Lofgren aka Debra Kara Hunger with muscular and handsome beau Colby, Alice Bag and her big dicked husband Jailbait Greg Velasquez, Glen Meadmore, one of Ms. Davis' dearest and oldest girlfriends. Hector’s adoreable spouse Ericla Pierce and their next door neighbor Charlie Carver who appeared in the Broadway revival of Boys in the Band as the Hustler Cowboy.  

With family commitments Ms. Davis wasn’t able to spend time with any olde friends, but her Papa Athey who get’s up at the crack of dawn like Ms. Davis managed to kidnapped her at gunpoint and make one of his famous cuntry breakfasts of champion misfits that included Lisa Teasley and young visiting artist from Greece Hermes Pittakos.   Big Daddy Ron also treated his living doll to one of his sublime bodyworks, which helped Ms. Davis with her post performance/jet lag stress and menapausa.

This trip to LA was the first time since moving to Berlin in 2005 that Ms. Davis came to Los Ang without performing and only to visit.  She was flown to the Pacific Northwest by her amazing gallerist Amy Adams of Adams&Ollman along with PICA and PNAC so they arranged her return trip back to Europe through LA proper so she could properly attend to her grieving and forlorn family members.

The Vaginale Davista would like to Thank Ms. Amy Adams and the staff, friends and supporters of Adams&Ollman Gallery, Hector & Ericla for their generosity in allowing her to stay at their spacious guest cottage at Plato del Lago in the Edendale section of hillside Silverlake.  Hector also took Ms. D. to the “Bu” as  in Malibu, where she was able to cool down from the awful hot weather in the Los Angeles basin and be at the beach to give the amazing broadshouldered, big footed surfer boys her unconditional John Wayne Gacy style hairy eyeball. 

Also thugular thanx and big sloppy wet kissyz  to Hector for taking his living dollpart to the Farmers Market on Fairfax for fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls, Hector’s amazing parents the San Martine’s of Southgate who cooked her a fab and authentic from scratch Mexican dinner,  MarLou DeLuna and her husband Hal Marinus who took her for breakfast at the Pacific Dining Car her favorite LA eatery and Kimberly Kim of North Korea and her mother for the lovely flowers and home made split pea soup.

Next stop for Lady Hyacinth:  A performative lecture at The Danish Royal Akademy of Art and workshop in Copenhagen.

Sunday, September 23, 2018



The Vagimule Doll was feeling very Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the mighty Pacific Northwest taking part in the Time Based Art Festival (TBA) at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art in conjunction with my west coast gallerist Amy Adams of Adams & Ollman solo show of my new painting series An Invitation to the Dance which runs until October 20th.   As part of the exhibition at Adams & Ollman I created a mural and an etched mirror piece called Marge & Gower Champion which is an abstracted portrait of the famed classic Hollywood dance duo in a limited edition of 20.

Also sponsoring my visit:  Pacific Northwest College of Art’s MFA in Visual Studies Visiting Artist Lecture Series, and the Portland Museum of Art where I am part of the group show Between – We Construct Marvels curated by the vivacious Libby Werbel.

Hector Martinez flew in from Los Angeles to assist his living doll.  Hector was in white boy heaven spending a lot of time at the gym oogling the humpy lumbersexuals.  Accomodations were provided by the cute and stylish AC Hotel in Downtown Portland which has a very good breakfast.  With the Vagimule its all about the food and Amy & Company took her out to some very exciting eateries. 

Helping Ms. Davis with her mural was the gifted young artists Allynn Carpenter (PNCA Alumnus) Lauren Prado (PNCA 2nd year) and Payton Barronian (PNCA 1st year). The mural assistants were organized by Peter Simensky.

Ms. Davis performative lecture at PICA was SRO with over 500 people in attendance.  The list of whose who is endless but included:  Matt Groening, Carrie Brownstein, Sam Elliott, k.d. lang, Rainn Wilson, Claire Coffee, Chris Thile,  Kristan Kennedy, PICA Artistic Director, Roya Amirsoleymani, Curator of Visual Art, Libby Werbel of the Portland Museum of Modern Art, Spencer Byrne-Seres the PICA Exhibitions Director, Victoria Frey PICA Executive Director, Sara Krajewski the contemporary art curator at Portland Museum of Art, Courtney Dailey PICA board member, famed photographer and curator Paige Powell who took Ms. Davis to luncheon at the marvelous Maurice Café that is around the corner from Adams& Ollman.  Ms. Powell and Ms. Davis have many shared acquaintances and she took photos of the diva for Gusher Magazine.
Also seen:  Lisa Jarrett professor at Portland State University, Amy Adams, Rose Dickson, Andrea Lounibos, Tim Blue with his fabulous and famous sister Robin, Kitty Diggens and her hot beau Slayer, actors Jannis Niewohner, Richie Merrit of the new film White Boy Rick, Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols and comic Matt Rife.

At the opening at Adams&Ollman:  Denise Mullen the former President of Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) who gave Ms. Davis a beautiful gold necklace, Tim Blue and sister Robin with Slayer, Peter Simensky PNCA Chair of MFA Visual Studies, Victor Platt who bought a piece from the exhibit, Jeffry Mitchell artist, Mack McFarland PNCA Curator and Director of the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture, Paige Powell with Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini, Joanna Bloom the artist and co-founder of Ash Street Project, Thomas Orr of Ash Street Project, Portland art schtars Ivan Carmona, Ellen Lesperance, Jacqueline Bebb, Pepper Pepper, Libby Werbel, Jessica Jackson-Hutchins, Storm Tharp, Gary Robbins owner of Container Corps Publishing and Printing Press, Manu Torres, florist and life partner of Mr. Robbins.  Ms Davis also met David Arrow the famed lighting designer, producer of opera and ballet who brought with him Albert Shepard who had worked on more then 50 TV and films including Mandingo, the movie I showed a clip from during my lecture, and the 1976 film Norman, Is That You? Starring Redd Fox, Pearl Bailey, Michael Warren and Tamara Dobson.  Mr. Shepard is now retired but worked in film from 1961-1988 as was one of the few black members of the Directors Guild of America.  He and Mr. Arrow were very charming older gentlemen.

Also at the opening were a bunch of students of PNCA including Matt Perez, Brittany Winsor and Payton Barronian who Ms. Davis had studio visits with.

Ms. Davis was interviewed in Portland by Mathias Rosenzweig of V Magazine and the delightful  Emily Prado who besides being a young journalista also is the creator of the wonderful zine Women of Color in Punk Rock.