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Monday, December 28, 2020


In Los Ang in the 1980’s there were two distinct sex cults that flourished in the post punk cosmos. The first was the notorious Godz, led by a charismatic Australian cyber punk looking man named Damian of the O-men. Damian was very striking, muscular and had quite an influence on a number of Hollywood punky boys with his group that operated out of a gallery space called X=Art in West Hollywood, North of Santa Monica Blvd at San Vicente.

I attended a lot of that particular galleries events, as they were part of a circuit of independent galleries, performance and project spaces that were similar to my Hag Gallery. My home gallery Hag, with the subtitle: small, contemporary, haggard was somewhat of a first at that time, so I received a lot of party and “eventa” invites.

I even had a short fling with an artist who performed regularly at X=Art who called himself “Miracle!”. I can’t remember the exact spelling of his name, it may have had a “K” in it instead of a “C”. He was a wiry ginger haired character with a giant floppy of a penis who favoured wearing harem pants and had his hair shaved on the sides, but featured a long braided tail acted as his calling card.

In those years I lied about my age regularly getting a kick appearing to be years younger then I actually was. So if I was really 19 I would say I was 14, and an emancipated minor.
“Miracle!” was in his late twenties, and I found out later only chased after jailbait boys.Years later he wound up murdered in prison, but that’s a story for another time.

Getting back to Godz. All the boys in the Godz sex cult had the word “Godz” tattooed in the inside of their lower lip. Damian their leader was always very nice and respectful with me, and never tried his hypnotic sex majick mojo--- not that it would have worked on a black lady—we aren’t that needy, readily looking for acceptance.

Damian wound up dead of Mrs. Aids in the early 1990s but years after his passing I would occasionally run into men with the Godz tattoo. I think the handsome and extremely well endowed hairdresser Craig Pzadoris had been a member of Godz when he was young. Later Craig became involved in a strange S&M laden relationship with the artist Richard Hawkins which had some Godz overtones to it. I had nicknamed Craig "Pia Pzadorable" when he use to go out with the late milliner Richard Wanda, "The Man" and shared a Silverlake house with my former collaborator Quasi O'Shea of Amoeba Records & Filmworks. The last thing I heard about Craig was that he moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles and gave up his successful hair styling career to become a chef. Craig was such a golden child, tall, broad shouldered with dark, brooding Heathcliff good looks.

The other sex cult involved Perry Farrell of the alternative music group Jane’s Addiction and Lollapalooza Concert Festival. After Perry’s band Psi Com broke up and before he started Jane’s Addiction he lived in a big craftsman house on Wilton Place that was Hancock Park adjacent. In the house lived Perry his many girlfriends and boyfriends that included the much younger boys that would form the nuclei of Jane’s Addiction namely Stephen Perkins, Eric Avery and Dave Novarro. Perry has a dinosaur penis and a lean tight bod, and had a way of looking at a person and making them immediately feel very connected to him. I met Perry through his Orange County girlfriend Xiola Blue who was a smart and stylish teenage girl from a posh international pharmaceuticals family like or probably was The Sacklers.

It's been so long now I don't really remember.

I certainly thought that Perry was sexy, but I could never fancy a white dude sporting long and ungainly dreads. Only certain black people can get away with that look.

My art band The Afro Sisters and Jane’s Addiction performed together often at clubs like Theoretical and Silverlake/Echo Park and Downtown LA parties. I saw first hand Perry’s sexual prowess over multitudes of fans and supporters. He certainly had that guru affect. When Perry was in the band Psi Com he lived off of Melrose Avenue and Vine Street near these tiny little court apartments that looked like ramshackle huts near the famous club “The Grandia Room” where the Rhythm Lounge held court. This wasn’t far from the trendy coffee shop of Dora, an eccentric Cuban lady who was gifted a solid gold Cadillac by Elvis Presley in the 1960s.

Perry Farrell’s sex cult was less obvious then Damian’s but it was more powerful and far reaching as it encompassed both queers and straights.