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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Guest hosted the UnHappy Hour. Nice intimate crowd came to hear spoken word peformances by the great Lynn Breedlove of Tribe 8 fame. Lynn is hysterical. She only read a bit from her novel Godspeed, the rest of the time was her stream-of-conscienceness monologue----brilliantine. Her goth tranny friend from San Francisco Sherilyn "Fenn" Connelly was also quite good, she read a very amusing teen Hosanna tale and another remin about Danielle Willis, the vamp writer i remember from the zine years. The other reader Tess Lotta is a Pedro native who has been living in Seattle for over a decade. I had a nice conversation with Tess and her handsome CPA husband. Afterwards Andrew of Gould took me out for a nice Chinese din din.
Yummy doodle.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Of course summer is raging, and i'm sticky hot and uncomfortable. Mr. Uncertain bid Bricktops a hearty farewell with a striking performance assisted and conceived by La Poubelle Twins. The did a reverse strip from Hip Hop Summer School Sessioneers to Rooftop at the Wintergarden. Creekbird was our featured performer and he put on a marvelous show with his pals. That Creek sure has a nice white body.
Lots of celebutants in the audience. The lovely and ultra talented Claudia Gonson of the Magnetic Fields in town with the entire group performing at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. The MFs are the first pop group to ever perform at the famed Hancock Park theatre. Their show was resplendid. Stephin was having problems with his ear, but seemed to be in a congenial mood and was very playfull on stage and with the audience in between admonishing them. Claudia and Stephin were in fine voice and i'm in love with their guitar and cello player. Ms. Gonson's escort to Bricktops was Steve Gregoropolus.
It was also a delight to have the great legend Penny Arcade in the audience, Penny reconnected with the gorgeous sophisticate and jewelry designer Hilary Bean, who came with Doug Gorden and Tommy Gear of the Screamers. Duncan of the Acres stopped by along with Michael Lucid, The Ditty Bops, Bibbe Hansen,choreographer Jean Spinosa, David J, Dr. Jose Munoz, Shari Frilot of Sundance Film Festival, Kirsten of Outfest and actress Lori Petty(Tank Girl)with her painfully unattractive girlfriend.

My sweet power publicist friend John Vlautin brought songwriter Desmond Child, producer Davitt Sigerson and mogul Hooman Majd. Of course there were tons of other celebrities but these are the ones that made themselves known to me. The guy that usually gives me the celebrity report on who was at the club hasn't emailed me a lick of gossip and its Monday, maybe he's out of town.

Saturday i went to the DGA for the panel discusion on The Death of Queer Art. With the legendary literary figurine John Rechy, Eve Oishi, Shari Frilot, Dr. Munoz and Judy LaBruce. "Twee" Stephen was the moderator and was really being a control queen with it. I guess he's becoming more aggressive. Judy and i along with Mike Wilde went to get a bite at Greenblatts, then i hung out at Sunset Five cruising beauties and waited at the DGA for Anderson Cooper. Ran into Ricky Castro and Miss Lauren Nurse Pain. Great seeing Miss Lauren. She is one of our famed beauties. Ricky was surprisingly being light and airy, and not his usual darktrodden self.


Had a power breaky with Doug Gorden at Cafe Figaro that was enchanting. Then i helped him with his revolutionary war furniture that he's selling to Butterfields. Had a power lunch at PDC with cute bubble butt academe Rob Sumners who has the photographer beau with a 12 inch and counting penis. Lovely time.