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Monday, July 06, 2009

Just watched Tuesday Weld in Pretty Poison directed by Noel Black co-starring Tony Perkins and Looking For Mr. Goodbar directed by Richard Brooks starring Diane Keaton. Tuesday Weld is one of the most underrated Hollywood actors. She never became a star, but she should have been. What an iconoclastic figure. She was the original bad girl. An acoholic and drug taker at age 9. She had a nervous breakdown at age 12. I would love to see the movie Who´ll Stop The Rain directed by Karel Reiz that she did in 1978 with Nick Nolte.
Had a lovely time at the Silver Future aka The Silver Lining with visiting scholars Zack & Megan and Daniel Hendrickson. It was too humid in the place, but we were having a wonderful chittle chattle. Earlier in the evening sweet Alexander the Great of Macedonia invited me to a delicious dinner at his new Mehringdamn flat. He and his beau Assof Hochman were in loves eternal grace. Alex and I are going to do a little short film project together before i have to start preparing for my test lecture and interview at the Lund Art Akademy in Malmö Sweden where i made the short list of candidates narrowed down from 150 applicants. I am great teaching students and this position would be a 2 year contract that could turn into something longer. Wish me pluck kiddies. I will need it.
Was invited to the Kai Kuhne fashion show Saturday that is part of Berlin Fashion Week. Will never go to another Berlin Fashion Week show. They really don´t know what they are doing, so they just try way toooooo hard to be fashionistic which comes off all wrong, wrong wrong. At least this year no one brought their toddler age children. The clothes were fine with jewelry by Patricia Von Musulin and shoes by United Nude Eamz, but they really need to get better models. The girls coming down the catwalk were stiff and stiffer. If Berlin wants to be taken seriously in fashion they need to stop copying other cities and do something completely unique and off the cuff. Listen to Ms. Davis, she knows what she is talking about.
The Jack Smith Live Film project that will be at the Arsenal and HAU in the fall just achieved a coup in that Mario Montez famed 1960s New York drag legend will be here in Berlin to take part in the festivities. Mario will certainly have plenty of stories to tell about working with Jack Smith, Andy Warhol and Ronald Tavel who just died.
Great bruncheon at Friedrichshain Park with visiting married scholars Chon "Mover and Shaker" Noriega and Kathleen McHugh who is the director of the Center for the Study of Women at UCLA. Also on hand film historian Marc Siegel, his intermedia actress girlfriend Susanne Sachsse and interpreter to the stars Daniel Hendrickson. A fine time was had by one and all, with lots of laughs and belly flopping screams. I forgot to ask Kathleen if she still works with that icky Tina Oakland. Perhaps Tina finally got booted from UCLA as she was always on shaky ground at the University as dead weight. I knew they chucked Tina out of the Placement Center many years ago and she wound up at the Womens Center. Knowing the brittle Ms. Oakland, she probably held on for dear life.