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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alles andere zeigt die Zeit

I love the Arsenal’s screwball comedy series that has been screening for the months of December and January. The George Cukor directed Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant starrer Holiday from the play by Philip Barry which I’d never seen before I found unexpectedly timely to the current political/economic situation. Was woofing on young humpy Henry Fonda opposite openly Lesbian Hollywood Golden era star Barbara Stanwick in Preston Sturges The Lady Eve.
Watched ganymede Cary Grant in two Howard Hawk films 1938’s Bringing Up Baby and 1949’s I Was a Male War Bride which the last time I saw was in the 1970s on TV. I didn’t remember Ann Sheridan being so butch nor that the movie was filmed mostly on location  in post war Germany.
Can’t wait to see Frank Capra’s You Can’t Take It WithYou and Preston Sturges’ 1948 film Unfaithfully Yours starring Linda Darnell and Sexy Rexy Harrison. Ran into my juicy son the blood of Abrahamic covenant Assaf Hochman and his prima flat Israeli stomach. Assaf is a modern dancer and choreographer who sometimes is a part of Catherine Sullivan’s inner sanctum. He just returned from Chicago with Sullivan and spent some holiday time in Los Angeles staying with my darling high art daughter ZacKery Drucker who is a producer on the Emmy award winning TV series Transparent. Assaf and his dimunitive husband Lil Alex Telemachos enjoyed their stay in Californication going up and down in the elevators of the Bonaventure Hotel and eating at the Grand Central Marketa that is now gone completely upscale. Lil Alex who is no longer a twinkypie at age 30 is back in his native Greece writing yet ANOTHER film treatment. Alex is fast becoming the Armand Rizzo of queer cinema.

Have a brand new dentist named Dr. Weigl who did an amazing job cleaning my one and only tooth left in my big flapping horsey mouth. Dr. Weigl is a no-nonsense east German lady with a great personality and nice manner as a dentist who is very sensitive to my pain issues and overall hysteria when it comes down to dentistry.

Had a wonderous breakfast meeting with Ali Jenka of the Vienna Austria kollektiv Gelitin at his baby papi lover Gunther’s spacious flat at Viktoria Louise Platz. Ali is the new chief of the sculpture and transmedial department at the Kunst Universitaet in Linz and he wants me to come to his school to teach one of my popular seminars. I am certainly one lady in high demand, getting offer after offer since even before all my accolades in NYC with the Magic Flute.