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Saturday, October 24, 2020


Hollywood Be Thine Name

Ein verzaubert schönes Gebäude

A little excerpt from the Vaginal Davis unfinished novel, The Republic of Virility.

Hari Fabrikant would latch on to the blandest blond men for sexen. She was a female high snow queen, who grew up in Pasadena. Our Miss Hari was light skindidid but couldn’t pass.

Her best friends at the sorority MarLou and Sned tried to curb her from being used and discarded by the horrid men she chased, but it was to no avail as a pattern had been established that would continue into advanced middle age with Hari continuing to swallowing one bitter pill after another.


In Gleisdrieick Park today a hint of late Indian Summer. In the outdoor workout centre was a brownette boy built like a Cromwell tank, topless with muscles glistening all over his chesty morgan. My hairy eyeballs kept falling out of the socket and I was forced to retrieve them from the gravel tarmac near the elevated Ubahn train.


Monday October 26th a brand new monthly CHEAP radio program will go online. The theme is Red October which seemed fitting with this new second wave of Covid Pandora Pandemic. The CHEAP Kollektive members including Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse, Marcuse Siegelstein, Daniel Hendrickson and Vaginal Davis decided to create a program with nothing but music for your listening enjoyment. Our little art gang compiled everything separately in their individual lockdowns. Take a listen and tell us what you think.

CHEAP Funk - Red October

The second wave. Racism keeps a wavin’. Antisemitism too. The left gets its panties in a whirl over itself while the structures of the right expand in the state, the police, the army, the pseudo-ironic gestures of the social sadists. But it’s October. Red October. CHEAP Funk takes you back to the Yiddish communist resistance against czars, the police and exploitation. We'd rather stay in the Diaspora. And fight for our liberation. Donny Hathaway summarizes the tryin’ times. But maybe folks wouldn't have to suffer, If there was more love for your brother. Red October. We remember Ostad, Mohammad Reza Shajarian who died earlier this month. We gather strength from his voice. He helps us resist the waves. More resources for our tryin’ times. Bette Davis, Amy Winehouse, Daniel Kahn, Buffy Sainte Marie, Gio Black Peter, Rudy Ray Moore aka: Dolemite, Petula Clark and CHEAP Funk. Red October. Okay. Even Barry Manilow helps a bit.


Liebe CHEAP Freunde

Während des COVID Lockdowns Anfang dieses Jahres hat CHEAP nicht nur ihre ersten fünf Roller CHEAP People Are Other People gemacht. Susanne Sachsse, Jamie Stewart (XIU XIU) und ich arbeiteten auch zusammen, um für die Sendung "Paranoia TV" des Steirischen Herbstes einen lauten, anarchischen 60-minütigen Unterhaltungsrundfunkdienst mit Verbreitung von Musikanlangen zusammenzustellen. Unser Beitrag trägt den offensichtlichen Titel YOU’RE SO PARANOID, YOU PROBABLY THINK THIS RADIO SHOW IS ABOUT YOU , und feiert heute, Sonntag, 18. Oktober, auf der folgenden Website ihre online Premiere (ohne Geoblocking, so dass ihr ihn unabhängig von Ihrem Wohnort hören können):

Es wird bis zum 31. Dezember 2020 für Ihr Hörvergnügen zur Verfügung stehen.

Wir haben bei dieser Radiosendung mit einer fantastischen Gruppe von Freund*innen und Künstler*innen zusammengearbeitet. Ihr werdet die melodiösen Klänge hören von:

Maximilian Brauer | Vaginal Davis | Salome Gersch | Gotthard Lange
Susanne Sachsse | Angela Seo | Şenol Sentürk | Marc Siegel
Martin Siemann | Pola Sieverding | Jamie Stewart
Ich hoffe, ihr findet eine Chance, sie anzuhören!