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Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Friday, April 23, 2010


For all you fans of Azteca Warrior here is a short emug from him:


I have been all over the city and state for that matter for work. Can't complain, too many folks without work! I finally saw my Hot Buttered Jewish Gym buddy last week at the gym. He was working out with his hot GF when I saw them. She was her usual bubbly self. He was a little quiet.
Fechesita, in my ass hounding adventures, when you get the opportunity to give a guy, straight, married, etc... his first ass rimming it's a great experience for both. If you have the boy/man on his back with his knees to his chest, you get to enjoy what he has to offer, but more important to me at least! Is watching is facial expressions. When a straight dude is getting licked for the first time around his ass, his nuts, the portion between the nuts and hole and the sides of his inner thighs, it's all a new sensation. Guys don't know if they should laugh/giggle cause it tickles, moan, or start calling out for a Butthole Jihad. The result of all these sensations, especially when you finally dig into the hole, is an odd really Goofy and dorky Smile. For some reason this look really gets me going. Back when Azteca Warrior was a Marine, I got to enjoy that look often...Nothing better then a hot young fit Foondio to chow down on. As you always say, young bung hole is always sweet and tasty even if it's a little dingy.
OK, so back to my gym buddy, we did our usual small talk and then I went on my way with my routine. I turned and saw him while is GF went off to get some water. While I worked his hot ass he had his mug deep into his pillow so I didn't get to see his face. At the gym he looked right at me and he just gave me that Odd Goofy smile that I recognized as the "I can't believe this hole feels so good being licked-look!" I looked back at him with my serious Poker face and then he broke out with a really big cheesy smile.
So my sweet Crenshaw Rose, I have a feeling that a second opportunity awaits me. You know I'd be down for that, I'd have to do my Pupusa Style rim session or the sloppy Wet Burrito number that works for big butts like your hot hard Horse Ass!

Azteca Warrior

Had a delightful time with one of my NYU students Alex Casso who is here in Berlin on an art exchange program. We met at the Nobel Elf for drinks, then went around the corner to Festival Hall Kreuzberg to see MEN perform. MEN is the new hot band headed by JD Samson of Le Tigre fame. The place was packed with fans dancing and having a grand ole time. JD and her wilde lovesexy crew that includes sweet Ginger and hottie patotie young Michael (who was packing quite the penile package)worked the audience into an Alfred Hitchcock style frenzy. It was nice to enjoy the show with a handsome young companion, and see things through his youthful eyes. Also in the audience: Janine of PlanningtoRock, Anna Muelter of HAU, Tim Stutkin, Liz Rosenfeld, and editrix Manuela Kay of Sieggesaule.
The next day i was feeling a little under the weather when i was treated to a lovely luncheon by Marc Siegel on AkazianStr near the Cheese Endique Trifecta. Marc regaled me with stories of his successful tour of the east coast with Drag Superstar Mario Montez. I will be leaving Sunday for New York to work on my Ethyl Eichelberger Award show at PS 122 which is called Vaginal Davis is Speakingg From the Diaphragm. The kids from MEN said they want to be guests on my show, and that would be amazing!!!

Hope to see you this Saturday April 24th 9pm at Rising Stars, Falling Stars where i will go through another one of my frightening transformations. Feel free to bring along a baby Frankenstein or your gnarliest Berlin Nosferati looking best friend as we celebrate all things hideous with a special screening of the horror classic The Phantom of the Opera (1925) starring Lon Chaney and directed by Julian Rupert.

Vaginal Davis presents: Rising Stars, Falling Stars, a monthly utopian performative silent film event for the discerning filmgoer. Saturday April 24, 2010 9pm at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst. The Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney with live musical accompanyment by Eunice Martin on klavier. After the screening join the ugly Vaginal Davis Jr. In the Rote Foyer for an intimate wine reception.

2 Potsdamer Str Kino 2 at the Sony Ctr Filmhaus in historic Potsdamer Platz.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This amazing emug just came to me from Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who is off traveling the experimental film circuit in the US and Canada.
Hello dears,

how does it feel under the cloud? Bitte keine großen Luftsprünge machen!!!

I have to tell you the weirdest story that happened to me in Winnipeg: When I arrived at the hotel, like a ghost late at night, they told me that I had already checked in a couple of hours earlier. I said well, that can't be true, because I had just arrived. But they insisted that Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was on her room and had already complained about having no warm water. Everyone was very confused, so they decided to believe me my identity and gave me another room. The next morning the other Stefanie Schulte Strathaus showed up earlier than me and the hotel people asked her to prove her identity, they compared credit card numbers, called Manitoba Film and Music who had made the reservation for her, and it turns out that this person really exists. But she got mad at the people at the hotel, insisting that she was the only Stefanie Schulte Strathaus in the world, no-one else would have this name and that I had stolen it from her. She left the hotel and I never got to see her. But the bellhop whispered into my ear: "She has your hair!"
However, my double had left and we went on to Vancouver. Like in Grimonprez' Double Take, when your double disappears you lose your identity. At the hotel in Vancouver my passport was lost. I tried to call the airline, but because of the vulcanoe it was impossible to get an answer. The next morning I spoke to BA call centers in India, the lost & found at the airport, the German Embassy, the police, the taxi company. No success, everybody told me that I should contact the other, it ended up in an endless loop. I was also told that if they would find my passport at all, they would have to give it to the Embassy, because it is Germany's property, not mine. And that would take a couple of weeks. At the Embassy they told me that I could get a temporary passport on Monday, but they wouldn't accept it at the US customs. So it looked like I could neither go further to the US nor back home because of the cloud.
After a million more phone calls I took a train to the airport and went to the lost and found. The guy didn't ask me for my name, but for the colour of my passport. I said it was red, he went to the back room and came back, holding it in his hands. He gave it to me and said, "now go and play the lottery". I took a taxi back to the city and the driver asked me why I had no luggage. I explained him that I was at the airport because I had lost my passport. He turned around and asked me "are YOU Stefanie"? They had informed already taxi drivers that my passport was missing. I wasn't sure what to answer, since I knew there was another Stefanie Schulte Strathaus around, but then I said yes and it felt like I had my identity back ...

Miss you all and hope to be able to fly back on Sunday!
Tim: Meeting with your family on Wednesday ;-)

Stefanie (the 1st)=

Saw the new film version of Dorian Grey, and its not very good. Fine oil Paintings should never hiss, or sprout faggoty maggots kids. Ta!
Went and saw Tom Ford´s version of Christopher Isherwood´s A Single Man. Mr. Ford had sent me a copy on DVD, but i wanted to check it out on the big screen. I liked it better smaller, but Mr. Colin Firth and Ms. Julianna Moore did put in some excellent performances and young British ingenue Nicolas Houth is mouthwatering throatcandy.
This just came in from DJ Snax:

HEADACHE is the new party brought to you twice a month by international musician and performer Snax and his partner, the debonair Michael R.

Every first and third Tuesday of the month, in Mitte’s Bang Bang Club, Snax and Michael blow your head with a festive, sexually mixed party full of cute boys, willing girls, drink specials and music so eclectic you’ll be begging for an aspirin. HEADACHE will host a special live act and guest DJ every night upstairs while downstairs, patrons with extra strong migraines can visit our soothing Wagner lounge, which offers mind bending visuals and ambiance.

HEADACHE is happy to launch our first party, TONIGHT, Tuesday April 20th, with none other than the one and only Namosh performing live. Namosh has been electrifying stages with his exotic, groovy music and performances since 2003. He is currently touring his latest LP, "Keep It For Later" (Crippled Dick Hot Wax), which can be described as cinematic, romantic, and danceable all at once.
Following Namosh will be our very special guest DJ for the evening; the legendary Matt Sims. Already known for his darkly provocative performances and recently on the heels of a touring opera with Olaf (The Knife) and Planning To Rock, Sims creates DJ sets known to be both brooding and cathartic.
Guests will definitely want to stick around late as Snax closes the party each night with a DJ set sure to get your head (and other body parts) throbbing!
Start Time: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 11:00pm
End Time: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 7:00am
Location: Bang Bang Club
Street: Neue Promenade 10
City/Town: Berlin, Germany
Received this emug today from the charming art photog and gallerist Ms. Elly Clark whose traveling exhibition has been postponed because of all that ash, smoke and lava coming out of my erupting pie hole.

Dear All,

DUE TO VOLCANIC ACTIVITY, neither Elly nor her suitcase could make it to NYC - this week. So W U N D E R K A M M E R will be staged on Thursday 22nd April on the shelf of Clarke Gallery instead, presenting the work of all 11 Berlin-based/Clarke Gallery artists of the exhibition.

Curated by Elly Clarke and Jessica Brouder, this is the first Clarke Gallery exhibition that will travel beyond the confines of Elly's apartment in Neukoelln but to other venues, in either her or Jessica's suitcase. The contents of the show will change gradually as it goes; sales and additions in every city will ensure the inventory is constantly in flux.

Next May, 2011, W U N D E R K A M M E R will be shown once again in Berlin, after its journey, with probably quite a different collection from now. And New York will happen for sure at some point before the Autumn.

Wunderkammer is the German translation of Cabinet of Curiosities and the show incorporates sculpture, photography, drawing, painting and performance ephemera.

Please note: Since this has been a last-minute change, Clarke Gallery will not be serving drinks, so please Bring Your Own!

Next Stop after Berlin (Volcanic Ash permitting) will be St. John's in Newfoundland. We look forward to seeing you!



in Berlin

22nd April 2010, 19:30-22:00h

Friedelstrasse 52, 12047 Berlin. Bei Clarke Klingeln


Jessica Brouder
Elly Clarke
Julian Eicke
Alexander Heaton
Liz Fletcher
Sophia New and Dan Belasco / plan b
Christian Sievers
Vajra Spook
Anna-Myga Kasten
Kym Ward
Andrea Winkler /
Spent Sunday morning with handsome Daniel Hendrickson the Swedish Muslim translator to the shtars helping me organize a conceptual outline for my new stage piece Speaking From the Diaphragm which will co-star downtown legendinas Carmelita Tropicana and Jennifer Miller the famed bearded lady off Circus Amok. The sensationally handsome and talented artist Jonathan Berger will handle the costume, set and production design. This piece will premiere May 15th at PS 122 as part of the Ethyl Eichelberger Award i won. Well lets hope the Iceland Byork Volcano doesn't cramp my travel plans. We shall see just what Mama Naturrel has in mind for the Vagimule doll for springtime.
Mr. Hendrickson cooked an amazing breakfast of homemade biscuits and fritatas with his special mamosa party mix. The afternoon was major Ms. Gorgeous so we did the SonnenAlee ho stroll looking for humpy Turkish and Arab trade. Boy were the boys bursting out of their white pants. Delovely! We zoomed through Hasenheide Park and watched Ms. Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental, her athletic gal pal DJ Olga Damnitz and Senol Senturk play a pick-up game of soccer. I have been feeling like i need some exercise, but now after watching them chase that little ball,i realize that soccer isn´t going to be the source of my becoming more physicall fit. Later Tim Blue cooked me a fabulous lemon grass, knobloch & fennel Chicken dinner that was just too perfect. Tim Blue is directing and starring in a version of Alice in Wonderland mixed with The Wizard of Oz via alien abduction for the Parkauer Theatre in Lichtenberg that will premiere in January 2011.
Headed to the Lido to see the triumphant Berlin return of Baby Diaper Joel Gibb and his Hidden Cameras merry minstral band. I havent seen them since Krems, Austria in 2008 for the Donnau Festival. What a magnificent show they put on complete with well choreographed dance moves. It was so playful and joyous that at times i was dancing along uncontrollably, then other i was crying from the heartfelt pathos of Herr Gibb´s beautiful voice and manly seductive stage ardour. The entire crowd in the auditorium were equally swept away.
In the audience the celebutant quotient was high starting with Anna Muelter from HAU, Yussi Etiman the divine Turkish guru of Basso Kollective, lovesexy artists Dean Sameshima and Austria´s beloved Mattias Herrmann who teaches at the Vienna Art Academy and has one of the largest penises in Christendom, DJ Snax, Wieland Speck of the Berlinales Panorama Section, juicy Enrico Dallman Joel Gibbs East German lover, adorable Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Magazine with his handsome pal Jan, Edwuardo Cabra and brother Rene Perez of Puerto Rican band Calle 13, hunky actor Alex O'Loughlin & Val&Sebastian of Noblesse Oblige who were the opening act. Later i took Felix & Jan to Barbie Deinhoff´s for a nitecap and we were joined by the entire HC crew & admirers that included Alessio from bbooks and Tim Stutkin. Of course i wound up flirting shamelessly with HC drummer the humpy blondine beauty Farmer John of New Foundland. What i wouldnt do to become that boys permanent sperm receptacle.
In the morning Anna Muelter invited me for coffee and croissants at WAU Cafe, and she looked over my New York contracts. Anna is one smart, talented and highly skilled lady in matters concerning legaleeze both in Germany, the US and abroad. The director of the Hebbel Theatre Mattias Lienthal surrounds himself with a bevy of the brightest most beautiful women working in the arts in all of Europe, and Anna is one of his right hand gals. One of the wonderful aspects of working regularly at HAU is that it is a very female centered, and driven atmosphere. In patriarchal Germania that is something very rare in.