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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Guess what? Porn star Jeff Palmer lives next door to me. What a discovery. I had noticed for many months that a very muscular fellow lived across the hall, but I had never gotten a good look at him until the other day and he’s the notorious bare backing renegade whose hilarious blog has to be read to be believed. He also nurses a rock n roll career as some kind of singer, his music is very unusual. I wouldn’t say its downright bad, but its not good either. A few weeks ago Mr. Palmer got into a very loud cat fight with his next door neighbor, a nicely built Ethiopian who shares a wall with him and also works at the corner liquor store. What a nutty building I live in. Palmer is from Argentina and it was a hoot hearing him and the Ethiopian carrying on in their broken English. I think the fight had a testostoran Roid Rage sexual tinge to it. Both of them were in each others faces wearing very little.

Oh it just occured to me that homo relationships are really tepid. Adam Hervey of Timonium fame was going out for a long time with this little Filipino named Mario who was crazy for Adam’s big white penis and would do ANYTHING to please him. He was basically supporting Adam and paying for his Pehr Record Label. I had the feeling Adam was taking advantage of him and just using him. I find out my suspicions were correct. The poor Flip got cancer and Adam immediately bailed on him at his worst hour. Ran into Adam with the true love of his life the gorgeous Adam Garcia who moved down here from the Bay Area to be with his rightfully wedded husband. I hope the two Adams are experiencing bliss.

Went back to Redcat to see the premiere of the Kyoto art collective Dumb Type’s second piece "Voyage." It wasn’t as vicerally realized as MemoRandum which is saw last week. The vignettes this time around were too disjointed and didn’t connect, but there were some striking moments. Well you’d have striking too if you had the budget they obviously work with. The Japa who replaced Takoa who is off doing his solo show in India was really young with a rock hard tight body. I’d sure like to snuggle in that piece of sticky rice.

Monday, November 03, 2003

oh my personal gob! They are making a stage musical about the lives of The
Shaggs. The Shaggs are one of my favorite bands. They are three ill girls from New Hampshire whose nutters father made them into this tatty rock band in the late 1960s. Their album, "Philosophy of the World" is pure geniustrata if I do say so myself. When I was doing the club CafĂ© Hag, Amoeba Records and Filmworks honcho Keith Holland, his lover Quasi and my Afro Sister Clitoris Turner aka: Mark Maxwell performed as The Shaggs and were a big hit. I’ve been into The Shaggs since around 1980, so its weird to see that they are becoming known in a more mainstream context. Well if John Waters can have a hit Broadway musical based on one of his movies, then anything is possible. Hey, maybe !Cholita! the Broadway musical is next, eh?

All Hallow’s Eve was a roaring hoot. I was really worried since the competition was very stiff. But the rainstorm proved to be a blessing with all the WeHo Carnivale people needing to escape the elements---QUICK, so they all came to Bricktops. Nora of the Centimeters had called with car trouble, so I didn’t think she was going to make it out to perform, but she showed up on time and everything turned out swell. Lots O’ visiting artists came by the club including the entire cast and crew of Dumb Type. Who are performing at the Frank Gehry Walt Disney Music Hall experimental stage called REDCAT. I just love that sexy Takao Kawaguchi and the other girls in the cast including Vivian Wu from the Peter Greenway film The Pillow Book. Also Mark Murphy the executive director of the space came with his cute bubble butt boy posse. Spanish performance art diva Maria La Ribot and her entourage made an appearance, along with the art collective C-Level of Chinatown, the delightful Creekbird who helped Pirate Jenny do Nora’s sound(Creekbird does a return engagement to Bricktops on November 14th), ex-skater boi Jason Lee now an almost famous movie star. Jason lives in Koreatown on Wilshire Blvd at the gorgeous Talmadge Apartment Building across from the Gaylord. I wonder if he is still married to that pretty wife. He sure wasn’t acting like he’s married. I’m not one to gossip so you didn’t hear it from me but he seemed mighty cozy with this lovely French lass named Emmanuelle Vaugier. I’m not going to say another word. Friday sure was a night of art collectives. Heather and her Toxic Titties gang were really ruling the roost. Bibbe Hansen and her young husband Sean Carrillo wore the most intriguing costumes as Amelia Airheart and Charles Lindburgh. Oh and don’t let me forget that Cyril of Switzerland was my special guest guardian of the gate, and everyone was falling in love with him including Security boy Richard, who is always so non plus about everything. Friday was the first time I’ve ever seen Richard that giddy.