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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

normaler Anus im Ruhemodus

That profound talent known the world over as Dynasty Handbag just sent me a Vimeo Link for her new film of her Weirdo Night in Los Angeles.

What can I say but this is a music hall delight as envisioned by the great classical Hollywood actress and director Ida Lupino with portions of The Lawrence Welk Show, “Hee Haw” and The New Zoo Review thrown in for good measuritis.

I kept expecting an appearance by Shields & Yarnell, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme’ or The Captain & Tennille. What was even better, the Mac Book jazz band of Patty Harrison with Vagabond and Sasami singing the modern Negro spiritual, “I am Not Gay” along with brilliantine acts Bibi Discoteca, Hedia Maron’s Another Movie About My Mother, Sara Squirm in No Respect, the enchanting Morgan Bassichis in Morgan in the Bathroom and Smiling Beth. Of course keeping it all woven together is the geniustrata of Ms. Handbag herselvis who is both Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows in PBS's historical talk show Meeting of Minds.


That Bay area “starina” Brontez Purnell is writing something for ID Magazine and emugged me a google drive file with a video by a young Black artist named Christen Mooney who works under the moniker Thug Pop Reel asking me to contribute a blurb about the work. Watching it was iller then ill with or without license.

Below is what I sent to Mr. Purnell who I want to also congratulate on his new book 100 Boyfriends, his first on a major publishing house. No one deserves to be a literary sensation more than the beautiful Brontez.

Cafe Snobiety, high snobiety, crooning and cooning for cold hard $cash, when normally you couldn’t be bothered by filthy lucre. Thug pop post porn, thug op art roughnecks and longshoremen come cheaper by the dozen and ready to fight for right against wrong. New wave hookers, hustlers and super freaks that are really tasty, the kind you don’t bring home to mother, not because its déclassé but because you’ve read too much about them in new wave periodicals and magazines. lord love a duck.


This from one of my students in Geneva, Switzerland:

This might be some kind of “friendly reminder": Not far from us, next to the European borders, human beings are still in big trouble. Living in tents and sleeping on the wet ground while temperatures are falling to minus degrees Celsius. Not even mentioning the global pandemic struggle on top of that. For our digital program we have curated live acts, DJ’s and performance artists all of whom are based in Switzerland. All content free of charge but accepting donations to #LeaveNoOneBehind, a campaign that aims at helping individuals living in inhuman condition. ACT NOW! Saturday February 20, 2021

Monday, February 15, 2021

Ein Spaziergang am Strand und das Pflügen meines Carmel Bootyhole

Just found out that Ari Gold died age 47. I first met Ari in the mid 1990s when he was the boyfriend of NYU Performance Studies professor and theorist Jose Munoz. He was always very sweet to me and appeared in some of my performances in New York for Wigstock, Jackie 60 and Squeezebox. I remember vividly seeing him perform at a small club in the East Village with Dr. Munoz and Ari’s then mentor Kevin Aviance. At that time he was working an R&B influenced musical style. After his relationship with Munoz ended I didn’t see or hear from him but through others I got word that he had graduated to making dance/pop music and had gotten on the gay pride performance circuit, which was a scene I didn’t know that much about. By the time I left the USA and moved to Berlin I saw that Ari had re-invented himself into the image of a smooth, suave singing sex studkin. He was a very attractive young man, and I am sure that his many fans, family and friends are heartbroken with his death at such a young age.


I’m not one to gossip so you didn’t hear it from me department:

Oh honey child that Christian Rosas/Raymond Pettibone scandal has got a lot of cow tongues wagging. I guess Mr. Rosas who was a cutie pie mentee of the kinky Mr. Pettibone had taken an unfinished painting that the Mexican snowboarding ex girlfriend of Pettibone Sara Galaxia had in Vienna and tried to sell it for boucoup bucksis$ on the open market. Well Eve Harringtons will always be Eve Harringtons until they themselves become a Margo Channing, but always beware of Phoebe’s.

Oz Perkins the actor and horror film director son of the late Psycho star Anthony Perkins and photog/actress Berry Berenson seems to be following in his father’s sugar in my tank footsteps. All i can say is that he has fab taste in eager beaver strident young puppies. His musician brother Elvis Perkins also has a knockout rotating collection of hirsute Brigham Youngs. I guess it's in the genes. The patriarch of the Perkins klan Osgood Perkins who was mainly a stage star and sometime silent film character actor had a rep for whiffing down on voluptuous asstrovar.

Anthony and his son Oz Perkins

model/actress and photographer the late Berry Berenson sister of Marisa

RIP Ari Gold