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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Italy is problematic. With their neo fascist leader shacking up with teenagers, rampant sexism and corruption lets just say its not one of my favorite nations to visit. So being invited by Ron Athey to perform in his new piece The History of Ecstasy as part of the Napoli Teatro Festival at the only contemporary art museum of Naples The Museo Madre de Donna Regina was rife with hesitation. First of all Italians are notorious last minute queens. The Museum didn´t give us our confirmation numbers for our flights till the day we were leaving. The performance was a return to Daddy Athey´s big productions like 4 Scenes in a Harsh Life and Deliverance of the 1990s when he traveled Europa with the Ron Athey Company. It was exciting being reunited with Athey Company members, the vivacious modern dancer Julie Tolentino and Pigpen, both ladies i love dearly and are magical to watch on stage. Ron commissioned an incredible musical score from young Greek beauty Othon Mataragas who along with counter tenor diva Ernesto Tomasini of Palermo provided the spacious sound design. The other performers from the UK were Lee Adams and sexologist Mouse aka: Amanda Hull, who has to be one of the horniest, yet sweetest ladies I have ever met short of the legendary New York City sextress Patty Powers.
My role in the piece was as a black Madonna lactating and annointing. The performance went well. The set was designed by a German architect named Alex, and was quite beautiful. One of the most famous critics in Italy walked out during the orific fountaining sequence by Mouse, but he still gave the show a rave review. Only in Italy kids!
I hope to never return to grifty, dodgy Naples. The city is beautiful, and the food scrumpteous. I had the best pizza I have ever eaten at the famed Sorbillo restaurante. The lodging at the Bella Arte Resort was plush, though one hideous gay creature on the staff was beyond rude. I had a much better stay on my day off at the small family run inn Hotel Europeo.
Now for the dirt that you my dear readers love to read from la Vagimule. I was not having the curatorial team of Eugenio Viola and Adriana Rispoli. Eugenio´s lover the fashion designer Sam of Rosario Farina clothing line was very sweet, and got us some nice make-up people to take care of that aspect of the performance, but Sr Viola made German curator Heiko Pfost seem like an angel in comparison. I´ve never met such a priss. His tag team partner Dona Rispoli, is gorgeous. She reminded me of 1950s ingenue Pier Angeli. I found her to be brittle and cold beyond belief. Warning to all artists invited to Naples. Beware of Eugenio Viola and Adriana Rispoli, the worst curators I have ever encountered.
Another wild sex story from one of my LA pals. See it as a cautionary tale to unabashed horndoggedness:

So I shared with u my story about my fuckbud in the hills with the big uncut
dick. Well, he has been hellbent on watching me get sucked off by someone. We
were not successful on our last attempt.
So I get a call from him and he explains how we have to meet. I agree to stop
by his place for a treat. So he explains to me in detail the kid who will be
sucking me off. The kid apparently has a mouth from the deepest corners of oral
exstacy and a body to match. The boys ass is legendary. But there is a BUT! He
is as the Doll would say, Fugly... I say ok, I am open, I have a soft spot for
ugly people. So at 10pm promptly the kid arrives, with a big smile and clothes
that showcase his great 22yr old frame. He's about 6ft, 160 or so, so very lean
and a smoking hot ass. He looks Latin from some island. He shakes my hand and
I look at him in the eyes, and Ms Davis I thought I was looking at the devil.
My friend looks at me and smiles. The boy goes into the restroom and comes out
naked. The body belongs in some sort of art work and the more I looked at his
face the more detail I noticed in his look the more frightening he looks.
Steve starts to undress me and I go along, he is also quickly undressed. I am
seated in a comfy chair and the kid kneels down and start licking my crotch and
then sucking.
I am looking at him intensly as he is sucking my nasty chorizo, Steve is
stroking his big monster as he watches. But in my mind I am thinking that the
devil is sucking me off and that he's going to bite off my dick!
As he got more and more caught up with his sucking his face was turning dark
red, his nostrils were flaring and the veins on his forehead were popping out
and my friend holds me cause he said I looked like I was going pale! I wasn't
sure what I was thinking, steve shoves a bottle of Poppers in my face, I've
never done that stuff nor did I know what to do with it. He covers one of my
nostrils tells me to breathe and I take my first ever hit of stinky poppers and
I feel that sensation and now the kid looks like a cross between the devil and a
I get my bearings after the first hit, the kid takes a hit and then I take
another. Well, he sucked on me for about an hour, I didn't want any of the popper
stuff, I felt out of control, u know I always have to be in control. So I am
ready to explode and the boy is ready. He wants it in his mouth, face and
enjoys it in his eyes! Apparently that is the new thing for fags, cum in ur
I am so glad I am old and not young going through all this crazy shit. What
happened to a good old fashion bj.
Fechesita I let out the biggest gush of cum ever! I felt light headed and
thought maybe I was going to puke. My friend also shoots off a big load on the
kids face and also hits his right eye.
I was done, I thought that was the gift Lestat was waiting for. The boy gets
up, runs off to the restroom and cleans up. I see the kid grab an envelope and
he splits. So the kid was an arrangement my friend put together. One of his
daddys rich buddys introduced this wicked looking young boy to my friend for his
oral skills and the frightening look he has.
So now I think I've seen it all. I needed food and food had already been
planned and was plenty after that ordeal.
I have asked about taking pics of him, I don't have the reply yet. We shall
see. So there u have it.