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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The brilliant Billy Miller, editor of the Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts connected me to the young writer Justin Yockel, who publishes an adventurous little chap book called Scrub. I was completely won over by this periodical publication and wholeheartedly endorse its contents. I found Scrub refreshing, with a unique point of view and tone. You will be hearing a lot about Scrub as word of mouth grows, which of course it will because of its geniustrata.
I found Justin personable, handsome and patrician in a regency England kind of way. He is 6'4" tall, and I'm sure has some plethy genitals and heavy scrotal sack.

The lady Ms. Davis pulled a Rick Owsens/Michele Lamy and quietly slunk out of Los Angeles with little fanfare. Yes that is right i am currently an expat living in Berlin. Its taken me five years, but its finally been vamoosaria thanks to Cheap kollective and fearless leader Suzi for pulling all the necessary kite strings. i almost don't believe that it has happened. But it makes sense to do it just the way i have. I doubt i'll miss Los Angeles' expensive rents and rampant desperality, but i will cherish the few sincere and loving people who reside in that heartless facade town.
My email shall remain the same, but i also have a account. The flight back to Europe was on British Airways. I left earlier then expected because of the pending strike, that wound up not happening. At the airport i ran into my old UCLA friend Yasmine, who is now a BA official. She upgraded me to business class, and because beautiful Jeffreyland Hilbert loaded me with Xanax,i actually was able to get some sleep. At first i didn't think the aeroplane would ever take off. We were delayed three hours when a stowaway in the wheel barrel from London was found dead on arrival. The police, the coroner, CSI, yellow tape and lots of Champagne,sandwiches and crisps in the VIP lounge helped me relieve all the anxiety.
At Heathrow i ran into that cute husky young fella from the band Hot Club de Paris, he treated me to some pints along with the directrix Katja Von Garnier who made the supernatural thriller Blood and Chocolate, which i haven't seen. I told them both about my installation and screening that is part of the Berlinale's Forum Expansion. I'm immediately jumping back into heavy VD rotational work mode. Such is the life of a woman of stately affairs.