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Friday, May 30, 2014


Swollen ankles and knees withstanding was helped by a horde of students, friends and admirers to pack up 8 years of being in my suite in the Schoeneberg area of Berlin. Won’t say anything more other then I am proceeding at a snails pace, but during the recent Christi Himmelfahrt holiday I had the pleasure of two young Humboldt University hotties Richard & Jacob helping with their giant muscles and wearing next to nothing providing the doll with hairy eyeball candy supreme. I asked the boys if they would mind doing their work in a thong and they didn’t object so lucky me got to see more then 25 centimeters each of rather heavy bouncing equipment, flat stomachs and bubble butts. Yowza!!!!! Later it all kind of turned into a party with guests including Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim, his husband Piero Bellomo, Susanne Sachsse, Marcuse Siegel and the beautiful Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who has also just moved into a giant privat mega compound/royal palace that overlooks Goerlitzer Park near the Wrangel kiez. Madame Schulte Strathaus’ new crib doesn’t just have a balcony but an entire rooftop terrace.

Earlier in the week I also got help from Billy Miller of Straight To Hell Magazine and the Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts along with my former student the French beauty boy Christophe DeRohan Chabot. Billy is in Berlin for the entire month with events he is curating with Exile Gallery. Exile Gallery and its proprietor Christian Siekmeier will exit Berlin for New York Cities Lower East Side. Billy Miller is one of my alltime favourite US personalities. He is just the most sexy, adoreable creature alive. We klatched for hours gossiping some of the most scandalous items that can’t be reprinted here or anywhere else for that matter. I am so happy that Billy has found love with Jay Slot an Emmy Award winning television film editor. Billy’s long time companion had died several years ago so it makes me happy to see him in the blume of at long last love. Billy also mentioned that former US Presidential Candidate Joan Jett Black (whose slogan was “Lick Bush in 92”) is once again living in San Francisco. Back in 1990s Black use to star in her own delightful stage artist talk show in San Francisco at defunct artist space Josie's in the Castro. Joan Jett Black is a native of Detroit but lived for many years and was a fixture in Chicago queer life. Billy and Joan Jett Black go way back with each other having been best friends since high school. Billy is one of the few working class whites to have grown up in urban Detroit being that his family was too poor for white flight to the suburbs. Make no mistake Billy Miller is the real deal.
So sad to hear about the recent deaths of cinematographer Gordon Willis(Annie Hall) and poet/actress Maya Angelou(I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings).
Just got this missive from DJ Snax:

Snax, Random Records and the entire House Of Snaxine would like to invite you to pre-order Snax's newest ep, UP AND COMING CHILDREN, for just ¢99!*

*price in euros Your pre-order comes with an immediate download of the hot jam '%150'
You will receive a download code by email upon official release June 6th.
And the full download includes a magical video of the title track directed by Philipp Goeser!

'...Children' is a long awaited new studio production from Snax - an EP of four sparkly new tracks plus equally diverse remixes from Hard Ton, Per QX and Elias Bravo, which is already getting support from:

MIXMAG - "Cheeky cowbells, grainy disco synths and even non-cheesy string sections are all cleverly arranged into well formed songs with jazzy overtones."

DIEGO CORTEZ SALAS (DC Salas / Polar) - 'Phantom Voice is so fuuuunky! '

RICARDO BAEZ (Gomma/ Toy Tonics) - 'Up and Coming children is great! superb hard ton & Per QX - ELias Bravo remix too! well done! Thanks RB'

SAMMY FEDY (LeSale) - 'Great return of SNAX! Really like Up & Coming children and the remixes, but my fav is the laid back Nothing To Yourself'

TOM FINDLAY (Groove Armada) - 'Hard Ton rmx is brilliant, lost classic vibes.'

LUKE SOLOMON (Classic / Freaks / Music For Freaks) - 'love love love this '

OLIVER JONES (Skream) - 'AmazinG!'

SEVERINO PANZETTA (Horse Meat Disco) - 'Per QX rmx is great hard Ton too'
And those of you in the New York Tri-State area one of my favourite New York artists Kathe Burkhart has a book launch at Participant Inc Gallery:

Kathe Burkhart
Reading and book launch
Friday, May 30, 7-9pm

“I’ve been a fan of Kathe Burkhart’s writing since before West Virginia was even a state, when it was nothing but a mountainous region of hard drugs from which wild women emerged like they’d already escaped a lot of dumb dumb guys. Her writing says the things we all want to say but don’t even know that we know, the horror and beauty and comedy of human life, the banal complicity of desire. She shows how the art world is like the bedroom is like the work of the memoir-cum-essay, at least the guys in each.

Kathe Burkhart is one of the makers and shapers of a new American literature. The way I see it, she’s the gold standard of both showing and telling. Dudes is a remarkable achievement.”

– Kevin Killian, author of Impossible Princess, Little Men

ISBN 978-0-9802324-6-2
Design Klaus Kempenaars for xSITE
First Printing Publicide, Inc., New York, 2014
175 pages, $20
PARTICIPANT PRESS is the publishing enterprise of PARTICIPANT INC, whose primary focus is to publish artist's works of fiction. Our first book, published in 2005, was Kathe Burkhart's illustrated novella, The Double Standard. We are pleased to now publish its companion, DUDES, an illustrated collection of short stories by Kathe Burkhart. An exclusive limited edition slipcase for the set is available.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Rising Stars Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was packed to the rafters and bursting with gallic gaiety with our screening of Jacque Demy´s 1982 tragioperetta Une Chambre en Ville starring statuesque androgenue Dominque Sanda running rampant through Nantes naked under a fur coat.  The veteranas veteran Danielle Darrieux who is still alive at almost 100 years of age was splendid as a white wine lush of an impoverished aristrocrat. The music was not by Michel Legrand but by another Michel nee Colombier. Michel Legrand was busy at the time working with La Streisand on Yentl. In honor of the holy Frenchness of the proceedings I dug out my Giorgio St. Angelo gown from the early 1980s. Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muslim on klavier wore a lovely puce shirt to match my dress and even Axel Lambretta the cute big peniled projectionist was dressed very Francaise charmante. Didn´t expect such a huge crowd as it was the first warm spring weekend and most Berliners don´t want to be trapped inside a Kino when its so lovely outside but the hayfever has been so strong this year some people were welcoming the indoors.

Seen during the post screening wine reception American art filmmaker Liz Rosenfeld on a date with lovesexy Austrian babydyke rent boy and video installation artist Kornelia Kugler who was one of the people responsible for inviting me as a guest lecturer at the UDK back in 2010. Part of the juicy La Liz posse visiting from London: Christa Holka, Justin Hunt, Johanna Linsey, Season Butler, Sophie Robinson, and Olga Raciborska. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was away on VIP business in Cairo. Filling in for her was Europas handsomest man Uli Ziemons whose book on George Kuchar will be out soon so buy it on Amazon. Just back from the Canne Film Festival Vito Schnabel looking dour with his cougar girlfriend an almost unrecognizeable Heidi Klum, British writer Edward St. Aubin of the latest tome Lost For Words and the Patrick Melrose Novels, prima ballerina Trixie Schönherr aka: Beatrice Cordua with the personable Dr. Tonya and company, handsome Israeli modern dancer Asaf Hochman, a jubilant Markus Ruff, and the great GDR curatorial film goddess and Forum legend the ever amazing Frau Erika Richter. A little tidbit about Erika: she is the great granddaughter of underground cine royal Hans Richter. See what educational info you gleam from reading this very blog. Next month RSFS will screen the Shirley Clark jazz docu on Ornette Coleman.


Had a busy Monday dealing with issues concerning my move from my flat. Susanne Sachsse of kollectiv CHEAP made a fab luncheon where we met along with Marcuse Siegel Mr. Jamie Stewart of the sensational indie rock band Xiu Xiu who was in town performing at the Volksbuhne. Jamie will be working with Susanne and I in New York on our performative installation of Mozart´s The Magic Flute. I adore Mr. Stewart who has been staying at that incredible hotel tower The Park Inn at Alexanderplatz. I first met Jamie when he was a mere weenager performing at my Sunday afternoon punk rock beer bust/performance salon Club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake back in the last century. He was a delight back then in his radiant youth and is so handsome and sensual now that he is a fully grown man---Yowza. Jamie will continue his tour of Germany performing in Hamburg but will be back in Berlin on the 28th doing a special choral presentation as part of the Berlin Biennale.