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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sad news to report. The legendary Hollywood actor Paul Newman died at age 83. One of the things i´ve always admired about Mr. Newman was that he was able to keep his sexual proclivities with men hidden from the press. He was married for 50 years to actress Joanne Woodward, who couldn´t care less that her handsome blue-eyed husband was a wild and wooly ganymede. My favorite picture that he directed was The Affects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds that starred Ms. Woodward and their daughter Nell Potts, which was made back in the early 1970s.
Last nights Rising Stars, Falling Stars was utter delirium. Everyone was enjoying the early D.W.Griffith films from his Biograph Pictures period. The movie A Corner in Wheat from 1909 seemed very appropriate considering the global financial collapse that we are in the midst of. The bread lines pictured in this film foreshadowed the Great Depression, and I am sure there will be new breadlines forming soon, so mark your place in line. Received lots of compliments about my introduction where i started the proceedings by talking about D.W. Griffith being problematic. The race issue concerning the film The Klansman aka: The Birth of a Nation is not widely known in Germany, nor the black/white connundrum of the old south. I brought these issues out in a humorous, whimsical way instead of being all dogmatic and preachy which isn´t my style. I successfully got my point across. The D.W. Griffith screening seemed to resonate even more with some black visitors in the audience. Notably the young South African artists Athi-Patra Ruga and his adorable assistant Skyyy Berkowiz, who zeroed in on my handsome young German escort Uli, who is one of the most charming, intelligent and major Ms. gorgeous men in Berlin if not all Europa. Turning heads as only a big sexy black buck of a jubas jubilee can was the LA fashion designer Cornell "Wilde" Collins. Who just moved to Berlina. Mr. Collins is a friend of Laurie Pike who use to be my editrix when i wrote for her fashion mag Glue. Standing next to the super hot Mr. Collins had my usually dry fidgetty pussy getting all wet with black on black desire. For my lady cooze to start activating means Mr. Collins must be packing some mighty ganormous peni. Miss Skyyy was also getting hornific over him, but alas I am sure he does not share his giant genitals with us of the fairer sex. Also seen shmoozing: experimental film guru Wilhelm Hein and his galpal, the art photog Annette Frick whose Vetting salon Casa Baubou , Seestrasse 107 will host a special jazz dada event Saturday Oct 4 at 8pm. Speaking of major happenings Christian Siekmieir and his art posse was also flitting about. Mr. Siekmieir is opening his brand new Exile Gallery Saturday Oct 18 7-10pm with a double bill of the pier photos of Al Baltrop and Billy Miller of Straight To Hell presenting In Cock We Trust. This is a must see. Mr. Miller will be in Berlin for a residency and will also host a program that is part of the 3rd Annual Porn Film Festival. The rest of the interracial flirten, sexen and dwinken set included artist Maggie Schneider, filmmaker Dan Borden, Tilemachos "Alexander the Great" Alexiou with his pretty gay acting straight friend I-can-cope Julian, feminist cineaste Evi Rüssler, actor Sam Riley (Control),Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras showing off his hairy masculine chest, Downtown NY legend John Heys, the HAU theatre´s Anna Muelter, Lt. Commander Nanna Heidenreich with Empress Stefanie Schulte-Strathaus,composer Eunice Martin who played gloriously during the screening especially the last film An Unseen Enemy 1912 featuring the Gish Sisters, Dorothy and Lillian. The Blue Brothers kJohnny and Tim who will accompany the next Rising Stars presentation in November for the grand re-launch of the Arsenal which will feature a Felix the Cat animation salute. Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muslim and film historian Marc Siegel.
I caught a bit of a cold Saturday night watching the performance installation of HAU Jugend group Fight Club and Gugulective of South Afrika. What a great partnering this was and i delighted in seeing my Fight Club kids: Antonio Ciervo, Clea Funke, Alse Gül Var, Mina Stöhr, Domi Grillenberger, Jenny Patzke, Sergen and Elvin.
Also got to see the standout video installation Ukugenisa by the statuesque South Afrikan beauty Nandipha Mntambo. This was probably the best piece in the festival for all the questions that it brought to the surface. As part of an ongoing project where Ms. Mntambo will go through the process of becoming a female toreodor. Brilliant.