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Friday, September 28, 2012


Cute early morning photo shoot for Candy Magazine taken by good looking stranger baby art photog Benjamin Huseby who is a sexy Norweigan mix of caucausion and Pakistani---nice combination. The term stranger baby was coined by my old boss from Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontiers Section the wonderful Shari Frilot. Shari is mixed race black/white and latina and uses the phrase when describing people whose ethnic origins are in question.
Helping me get dressed for my shoot was Scandanavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson who whipped up a lovely chartreuse velour caftan and turban combi for “the doll” making me look quite fetching. I wasn’t so happy with my make-up as I had to do it myself and I don’t have madd skills in tiretracking.
I was told later by a friend that Mr. Huseby’s beau who I think was the same man who accompanied him to my studio creates wearable art for pop starlette Lady GaGa. I’ve never been a fan of Lady GaGa but I have to admire the relentless chug of machinery surrounding her climb to fame and fortune. I guess one person she definitely owes her success to is Enrique Ongpin from Los Angeles. Enrique is a record label/radio promoter and music industry shark/dragon lady who championed Lady GaGa before anyone else. Enrique and I have a long history as he was partner’s with the amazing Jeffreyland Hilbert in the long running Hollywood queer club nite Hai Karate where he DJ’d under the name Enrique the Hip Flip.I have to give Enrique credit for his tenacity in staying on top in that cutthroat music industry world. Enrique reminds me of my old middle school Filipino friend Edgar Bautista’s great aunt. The Phillipine Islands have been the bitch of the Japanese, the Spanish and the Americans so they learn early how to maneuver in treacherous waters. Edgar’s Aunt was a matriarch who guided the entire family from lower middle to upper middle class status in less then a generation. She was the ultimate social climber using her light skin resemblance to the young beauty queen Imelda Marcos with a bit of Evita Peron thrown in for good measure to attract powerful men who could get her and her family out of the Phillipines into the United States.
Old school crooner Andy Williams died age 84 of bladder cancer. His long running TV variety show was on NBC from 1959-1971 and introduced to the world the ever grinning Mormen Osmond Family including Donny & Marie. Williams who turned a bit right wing in his old age had a smooth and silky singing style and started his career with his brothers and backing up the gifted chanteuse, song arranger and personality Kay Thompson in her celebrated nightclub act. The well endowed Mr. Williams also had a long standing affair with Miss Thompson who was many years his senior as well as some man-on-man tettes with actor Van Johnson and Farley Granger. In the early 1970s his world was rocked by a scandal involving his ex-wife the French singer Claudine Longet who shot her lover the humpy ski bum Spider Savage.
Little Alex of Macedonia screened for me the Zackary Drucker film She Gone Rogue that I co-star in alongside legendary legends Ms. Holly Woodlawn and Flawless Mother Sabrina. The experimental short subject is quite good and Ms. Woodlawn and Ms. Flawless Mother are sensational as one would expect from such stellar talents. ZacKary is definitely the premiere voice of her generation. Little Alex also told me about the scandals in Greece his home country, where top officials have run off with billions of extorted $monies. Poor Miss Greece the original home of Greek active and Greek passive homosexuality.
The time is ticking until my first big solo visual art exhibition in New York called HAG-small, contemporary, haggard that opens Nov 4th at Participant Inc. Gallery on the lower east side on east Houston Street. This gallery is run by the sensational Lia Gangitano. My exhibit will run until Dec 16, 2012. Currently at the gallery is the solo show of Kembra Pfahler called Fuck Island. I have to focus on putting this show together so for the next month I will be a bit illcommunicado and wont be accepting any engagements unless they pay super big bucks.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was feeling very romantic Sunday evening with a screening of the French musical classic The Umbrellas of Cherbourg starring the divine Catherine Denueve.  All the homos in the crowd were going gaga over handsome young Nino Castelnuovo, the handsome male lead who is indeed a tiny specimen of extreme beauty.  Enjoying the aura of happy melancholia Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Uli Ziemons, Markus Ruff of Living Archive, my partner in cinematic crime Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muslim, Berlin legend Zazie de Paris looking super love sexxxy, expat Sam Marmer with the gorgeous Anna Vieira of San Paulo, Andrea Bellu with her brother Matei, an entire French language studies class, Little Alex of Macedonia who did my maquillage, writer Marco Roth(The Scientist) plus visiting indie pop royalty Romy Madley Croft, Jamie Smith and Oliver Sim of the British  Mercury Prize winning band xx.