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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

My sweet angel of a husband, Andrew of Gould in Suffex took me all the way to miserable Pico Rivera to retrieve some items that have been in storage for over a year.
Warning: Never use Door-to-Door storage. They are a rip off. Last year i was in a desperate situation. I had to move quickly and i got suckered into a situation because of my desperality. Another reason i want to leave tired Los Ang and live in a different country. NO affordable housing here, and and i have to struggle to keep studio space to just do work in. I'm getting angry again.
2night daddy athey and i are working on a game plan to revive Spicy Beef Curtains or something similar. We're going to brainstorm.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Saw the movie School of Rock starring Frank Black of Tenacious D. I have a new found appreciation for Mr. Black. Was at someones house recently, when they rented Shallow Hal, and I found his performance in that flick to be quite good as well. He definitely has something, a sortof John Belushi charm. Eh? Remember Belushi in the film Continental Divide with Blair Brown in the early 80s? His acting was superlative in that film and Black could go in that same direction. Talk about a film closely tied in to my punk rock youth. I spent a lot of time hanging out with Belushi in the late 70s and early 80s both here in LA and New York. His Blues Bros director John Landis, had a crush on me, and we shared a romantic kiss one night. I was in drag and I don’t think Landis knew that I wasn’t a woman. Those were the days.
Writers klatch with Ron and Lisa has been a sterling success. Lisa’s compound in Laurel Canyon is just gorgeous. We worked down in the bottom of her back yard which goes on for what seems like miles of trees and earthen vistas. It really helps the creative process.
My little papa Frank Rodriguez, my former partner with Club Sucker, helped me dub some of my work for the Alpert Award. That sweatheart always comes through for his lady. He cooked me a delicious meal and we just spent quality time together which is such a rare treat. He quit his corporate job at Sony Pictures after umpteenth years and now has his own design company called Famous that he runs with Jeffreyland Hilbert. Its hard being a business man but his company is doing well, and I see great things in his future. Frank never fails to fascinate me. I fell madly in love with him the first moment I laid eyes on him and that love has never diminished in all these years.