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Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Hübscher DILF fickt tätowierten passiven Motherfucker im Freien

Nakedback-Camper Freude

So sorry that the Vagimule Doll has been silent on the blogging front, but she has been dealing with complications with her late onset type one diabetes. The lady was able to get an appointment with the Cardiologist at the end of 2022 and went through a bunch of tests but things got problematic in that she has to see a bunch of specialists within the department and one of the doctors was sick with this very bad flu going around that some report is worse than Covid. That means that Ms. Davis´ next scheduled appointment won´t be till mid February.

Back in 2019 our divine jungle temptress was in the UK for the Fringe Festival where she was lucky to be socially introduced to the lovely young Irish lad actor Paul Mescal. Mr. Mescal is one of those humpy Black Irishmen who radiates such sexual energy that standing too close to him one can wind up preggers with triplets. The 26 year old thrombone gained fame in the TV serial Normal People and is creating quite a stir with a new film Aftersun where he plays a smoldering hot young babydaddy.

Don´t know if anything will come of this but Mr. Mescal has approached Ms. Davis to take part in a secret film project about the writer Denton Welch that also includes another lovesexy actor named Tramell Tillman who is one of the stars of the mini series Severance starring Patricia Arquette. Vaginal Davis isn´t an actress and because of her diabetes she really isn´t capable of taking on any new projects that she hasn´t agreed to before the pandemic.

Vaginal Davis has some of the most interesting and genius former students. One young woman who studied with Ms. Davis when she was teaching performance art at Lund Universities Malmö Art Akademy back in 2010 is C. Maria Norrman who performs as the female drag queen personality Millennium Star. Mark down in your calendaria her 2023 schedule of events believe me you won´t regret it.

Maria Norrman - Millennium Star at 13festivalen
Friday 6 January 2023
18.00-20.00 Adas teater, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg
Saturday 7 January 2023
18.00-20.00 Adas teater, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg

Drag performer Millennium Star (aka Maria Norrman) lip syncs to divaesque songs with a vintage vibe. Millennium change into different outfits for each performance in this stage fantasy. The theatre space act as both a stage and a dressing room, where Millennium redress and restyle for each major lip sync performance.
The character allows an exploration of an existence on the side of the gender binary where a more fluid state can exist.

13festivalen is a performance festival based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 13Festivalen started in 2015 by Anna Carlson and Jill Lindström as an attempt to create a platform and a venue for performance art in an enlarged view.

Upcoming in 2023:

Presentation at Malmö Art Museum in connection to Barbro and Holger Bäckströms grant

19 April - Premiere of the film "The life of Jane Avril - dancer at the Moulin Rouge" at Cinema Panora, Malmö. Hosted by Malmö Art Museum in connection to Barbro and Holger Bäckströms grant.

1 May
Nyförvärv – New Acquisitions
Homografiska Museet, Fengersfors, Sweden

Exchange with Galleri CC – Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles, USA