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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Andrew Gold died last week age 59. The singer songwriter worked with Linda Ronstadt in the 1970s and besides the hit song Lonely Boy from 1979, he wrote and sang the theme song “Thank You For Being A Friend” from the beloved TV comedy Golden Girls. I knew his sister Melanie Gold who sang on Glen Meadmore´s 1987 album Squawbread along with Iris Parker, Rupaul and I. Mr. Gold´s mother is the famous Marni Nixon(the singing voice of Natalie Wood in WestSideStory(1961) and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady(1964) and his father is movie composer Ernest Gold(Exodus).
The fabulous Susanne Sachsse treated me and film historian Marc Siegel to the Theater an der Parkaue production of Anybody Out There? An enchanting musical piece for children created by lovesexy Stefan Faupel and CHEAP´s own campus cutup Tim Blue. The work is a delightfully halfbaked conceptualizing of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz with Herr Faupel and Mr. Blue as space aliens DorothyandAlice literally fisting a super computer named R.I.C. wonderfully voiced by Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim, and played via video by a regal looking John Blue. The videos and music by The Brothers Blue and Faupel are exceptional, and nicely complimented by Katja Schmidt´s striking costume design. Kudos to an inspiring production and set designed and built by Senol Senturk that references the movie musical The Wiz and Tron. I was hoping for a little more Wizard of Oz in the proceedings but this is a piece that is perfect for very small children- toddlers to about 6 years of age who are kinky, and love to rock out!
Went to first rehearsal with Piss Goddess, the new art band that I am playing electric guitar in as my new persona of Senta Burma along with Katja von Helldorf & Company. It feels great not being the lead singer of a musical project, and I love all the people involved in this little experiment. Something tells me that we are on the verge of creating a new rock n roll movement. Will keep you posted as things develop so keep your ears open for Piss Goddess.
Daniel Hendrickson the darling Jewish Muslim invited me to a sumptuous feast at his Neu Koelln compound where we ate Syrian meatballs cooked on his Arabic Tejine. Daniel surprised me with some out of this holy world Rote Beta & Turnip Greens with KoosKoos. Super yummsville. Leaving NeuKoelln ---Flughafen Strasse was covered with literally hundreds of Police units and what looked like the German version of the batteram, an ode to LA´s brutal police enforcement of the late 1970s and early 80s. I was happy to return to Rote Insel in one piece.
The Berlin touring season has begun in full force. Next week my darling young pretty American daughter ZacKary Drucker will be visiting and we will work on a film project together that also features Holly Woodlawn and Mother Flawless Sabrina.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Had a delightful din din at Santa Maria Mexican boite with NYU Performance Studies professor Tavia Nyongo the relative of President Barrach Obama who is in Berlin till the end of August. Tavia like President Obama has a Kenyan black father and a white American mother. Tavia commissioned a painting from me for an exhibit he is planning on the notorious transgendered African America prostititute from the 19th Century Peter Sewally. It just so happens that I had written a brief outline years ago on directing a short film where I would play the so called man monster. The working title for my film was The Five Points.
Another NYU Performance Studies professor Barbara Browing sent me a copy of her novel The Correspondence Artist which i started pouring into and can´t put down. Its funny and reviting. She also sent me the manuscript for another book in the works called I`m Trying To Reach You where I make a cameo appearance. I guess my summer reading list is growing. I have also added Jane Austin´s Emma which i have read before but many years ago and the novel Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada.
Just got this cute missive from the delightful young artist and curator Elly Clarke, who is back in Berlin.
Dear Friends,
After a bit of a break since the last show due to my moving part time to the UK for a teaching job at Coventry University, I have the great pleasure in enclosing an invitation to the latest Clarke Gallery exhibition, The Mobility Project, which is taking place at Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, Novalisstrasse 7, 10115 Berlin.
Private View: Friday 24th June, 19.00.
The exhibition is then open Tuesday-Saturday 12-18.00 from 25th June - 23rd July.
It would be brilliant to see you there.
With very best wishes,

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

With this Ecoli scare here in Germany and my being the biggest Woody Allen style hypochondriac on the planet of course the Vagimule doll is in a sorry state.The news media reported that the Ecoli strain was possibly in lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers or bean sprouts.Basically they don´t have a clue.All day yesterday I was nursing my porcelain potty.No cramps or blood in the stool thank god, but I feel horrible.How I made it to Evie Ruesseler´s Queer Animal Praxis at bbooks is a miracle, but I was glad I could support Ms. Evie Europa who is one of the hottest young artist-filmmaker talents in Germany, and a true artist in every sense of the word.Her retrospectacle at bbooks was delightful.Tim Studkin and the Lady Theodora waxing theoretical ala Spinoza were delicious co-hosts and kept everything whimsical.I was laughing so much that I forgot my stomach woes.Only with my beautiful Evie are the Animals on parade-bears, unicorns, hippos and doggie doddle´s getting their joyous climb that tree Squirrel and chomp the proverbial gnut.
The Evie admirers in attendance: Marc Siegel, Susanne Sachsse, Daniel Hendrickson, Angela Melatoupolous, DJane Olga Damnitz,Alessio, Nico, Stefan, Dragon Ansler, Premel,Tavia Nyongo, Liz Rosenfeld, Jaspir Pue, Anna Muelter,Annette Frick and Wilhelm Hein.