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Monday, January 25, 2010

So my guilty pleasure was going to see the hit blockboster 3-D film Gayvatar directed by James CamerOCTOROON.Having seen the previews months ago i was expecting to hate the movie. CGI seems too cartoonish for me,and i don´t go to the cinema to play engorged versions of Ms. Packman or DonkeyKong.The technology world in this flicker wasn´t always so convincing, but for the most part i did enjoy the depiction of forest and fauna on Planet Pandora´s Box.
I wanted more of mack mama Sigourney Weaver looking so pert in her henna curled bob, and that glorious diesel Michele Rodriguez. Yes I admit i am a daghag. Relunctantly i have to admit that male ingenue Sam Worthington is one nice slab of USDA American choice thrombone, playing the doe-eyed jarhead, but when he was transformed into the lithe pony tail queen i wanted to groan.
The new year of 2010 is turning out to be as work laden as 2009.I am booked solidly until mid 2011,and will be going from project to project with absolutely no room for breathing.Hey! I guess its better then being unemployed.
Thursday i Djaned the after party for artist Keren Cytter´s rock block of presentations at HAU3. Performer/Audience/Mirror based on a piece by Dan Graham from the 1970s was short & sweet,just how i like my performance art, with knockout performances by CHEAP´s fearless leader Susanne Sachsse who is stunning in looks and superlative in seductive voice and manner. Frau Sachsse could make the reading of the phone book compelling. Partnering La Sachsse perfectly the dashing young German actor Knut Berger who shouldn´t have been allowed onstage with his street clothes. This royal prinzin should only appear in the nude.
Next up was The True Story of John Webber and His Endless Struggle with the Table of Contents, that features the Keren Cytter D.I.E.Now Dance Theatre of Verona.I kept thinking of the 1970s film Who is Sheila Levine and Why is she Saying Those Horrible Things About me? In fact when it comes to the pretty Israeli tomboy Ms. Cytter I am awash with images of Elaine May´s daughter Jeannie Berlin who starred in The Heartbreak Kid or Melanie Mayron in Girlfriends.
The ladies in the cast Dafna Maimon and Susie Meyer held me spellbound. Andrew Kerton really knows how to work that charming British accent of his, and the lanky high cheekboned and smoldering Luc van Esch was very yowzina!
Seen dancing at the afterparty at WAU cafe Susanne Sachsse and film historian beau Marc Siegel, Tim Blue back from filming his new feature in New York, Daniel Hendrickson,members of Fight Club, a preggers and glowing Maike Harmsen & Stefanie Wenner, sweet Rahel Häseler, Anna Muelter, Christophe Gurk and the beauty of HAU Katrin Dod.
The first Rising Stars, Falling Stars of 2010 at Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst was regally post Fordist with a salute to Danish silent great Asta Nielsen in Erdgeist 1923. Eunice Martin provided the luxuriant musical score on klavier as an unexpected large crowd took over Kino 2. With the freezing temperatures outside, no one was predicting such a stellar turnout, so after the screening everyone was feeling frisky slurping down Blue Caracoa and Grune Witwe´s the fav libation of Ms. Nielsen. Seen huddled together for warmth Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus with her Forum Expanded team of Miss Bettina, Nanna Heidenreich and beauty boy Ulrich Ziemons. Also looking lovely Frau Susanne Sachsse with dapper film historian Marc Siegel, Tim Blue, Djane Olga Damnitz, assorted Danes, Spaniards from Barcelona, Flems and the Dutch plus lovely art photog Elly Clark with beautiful British ginger Ms. Sophia of live art troupe Plan B whose gorgeous daughter Ruby brought delicious presents for hostess Vaginal Davis. Looking very Darwinian actor Paul Bettany(Creation), journalist Daniel Mufson, sängerin Nena and actress Corolla Regnier the grandaughter of Frank Wedekind who wrote Erdgeist and Die Buchse der Pandora.