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Sunday, July 18, 2021

hungrige Blende

hungrige Blende
sieben neun und sehnen sich nach einem dunklen Schl├Ąger

Congrats to Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin. The sexy big dicque thickerous Camel of legend and yore will be leaving his home of over 20+ years in London for new adventures in Scotland.

Edinburgh to be exact. Yes our great Camel-O who has worked for The BFI and Internet Movie Database will seek greener Louie pastures elsewhere.

Love Camel is single and free to mingle and is a great catch as he is super gorgeous, with one of the largest penises in Christendom, plus he is independently wealthy as his grandmother and great aunt both left him a multi million dollar fortune. His grandmother and auntie had a penchot for marrying well (a few Visconti’s plus

other members of the Italian nobility) and somehow due to unforeseen circumstance, these husbands wound up dying inexplicably.

If you are in the market for a well off sugar daddy then Love Camel is your meal ticket, but be forewarned he is very prickly about who he likes to fornicate with so muscle headed ginger twunky pies between the ages of 18 and 24 will certainly rear his hairy eyeball. Good pluck!


The great and glorious genius named Julie Tolentino has an upcoming event you should rush to:

QUEER|ART|FILM CLUB: Julie Tolentino Presents


Monday, July 19th, 8pm — Zoom


Dear Friends,

Join us for the first discussion of our fourth "stay-at-home season" of Queer|Art|Film. Organized by curators Adam Baran and Jeanne Vaccaro, this summer at Queer|Art|Film Club, we're making a bold assertion: Queers Are Just Better! What, you disagree? You won't after watching our in-depth discussions with our punk AF lineup, including queer punk and glam rock legend Kid Congo Powers, acclaimed author Torrey Peters, experimental filmmaker Aimee Goguen and NYC icon and recent winner of the Queer|Art|Prize Award for Sustained Achievement, Julie Tolentino. Check out the queer classics that inspired them, then join us for compelling conversations about murderous drag performance artists, Swedish trans vampire children, lusty French sailors and oxygen-huffing sadists. There's a whole weird, queer world just under the surface, and we're going to bring its simmering stink into your homes this summer! Log in and queer out! This month, performance artist Julie Tolentino presents Claire Denis' 1999 film, BEAU TRAVAIL.

WHAT: Julie Tolentino Presents BEAU TRAVAIL
WHEN: Monday, July 19th @ 8PM EST
My lovely daughter of high art Wu Tsang will be having a super sexy exhibition at the Guggenheim soon.

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce

Wu Tsang


23 July – 6 September 2021

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

1071 Fifth Avenue,

New York, USA


Dear friends,

Next week Tuesday the so-called Humboldt Forum opens its doors with a ceremonial act, but also the longstanding and manyfold protests against the neocolonial and neoimperial fake palace intensify. While offices and homes of the Peng! Collective were raided by state prosecutors yesterday because of a map of colonial monuments that Peng! released last year together with ISD (, so while the state anxiously resorts to intimidation tactics in order to hold the ceremony without incidents, the loud and manyfold resistance is also gaining momentum with a range of activities and actions. A campaign video by the Coalition of Cultural Workers and Barazani Berlin was released yesterday (, a poster campaign spreads „ I don’t participate because…"around the city and a „Defund the Humboldt Forum“ Demonstration will take place in Lustgarten on Tuesday July 20 at 1pm.

Join us in showing that the so-called Humboldt Forum is not welcome in Berlin!

Vaginal Davis's talented and subime daughter Wu Tsang

The Powerful sex demi god Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin