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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The week run of Cheap Blacky directed by Judy LaBruce at HAU 2 is over. I am exhausted from the experience, so completely drained i can barely write this blog. Our little performance piece shattered box office records. Every performance with sold out with SRO seating, and this without the benefit of local reviews. The local press didnt know what to make of it, so they just ignored it. Good for them! A lot of people saw the performance two or three times, so we got a lot of repeat business clamor.
In reporting on the opening i left out a few names like artist Dean Samashima, and his cute curly haired asssistant, producer and filmmaker Jurgen Bruning, Berlin cabaret legend Zazie De Paris,Niko,Micheala,Evie and the divine Allessio of bbooks kollective.
I am still getting names, so the list will continue.
On closing night it was great to see Sebastian who performed in the first Cheap project in 2001, Cheap Jewelry. He has shaved off his blondine locks, and grown a Muslim style beard, which is very manlische on him. He still has his rock hard bubble butt.
I am still so overwhelmed by this production i can barely type a sentence. Since this piece was commissioned by two other theatres in Hamburg and Zurich, we will be traveling there next year as well as Austria and all through France and Belgium. Get ready for Cheap Blacky at a European city near you.