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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Its countdown time to Camp/Anti-Camp: The Queer Guide to Everyday Life Art Festival at HAU 2 and concurrent film program at Arsenal Inst. fuer film und video kunst. I am so excited that not only is Jonathan Berger involved designing the set of the entire production with Senol Senturk but also Jean Kim as the mistress of animated video prowess. I worked with Jonathan and Jean in Los Angeles for my big commission piece in 2011 for MoCa and also in 2010 for PS 1 so it is a double pleasure to have them as part of my crack ass team in Berlina, colloborating with me on the Berlin version of my talkshow/klatch/installation VD is Speaking From the Diaphragm. Once again Downtown New York legendina Carmelita Tropicana is my co-hostess in collaboration with Nanna Heidenreich, Ulrich Ziemons and Christian F. Weber. Here is the list of confirmed guests for the talk show that starts Thursday April 19th at 11:30 pm at HAU 2:

For Thursday dedicated to Holly Woodlawn-What Would Holly Woodlawn Do? co-host Carmelita Tropicana:
1.Elly Clarke
2.Evelyn Rüsseler and 3.Teodora Tabacki
4.Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin of the BFI
5.Travis Jeppeson - novelist/journalist/poet
6.John Heys and 7.Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn
8.Leiseylento featuring Katja von Hellsdorf & Cristian Forte
Plus Daniel Hendrickson, Yorgos the Greek Active Ottoman Akshunist Automatic Painter, Beauty Moments, Human Sundaes and the CHEAPY über alles Underground Award

For Friday dedicated to punk rock god-mother Jayne County, Jayne County is in Love with a Russian Soldier co-host Nanna Heidenreich:
1. Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of Arsenal and Forum Expanded
2. Wieland Speck of the Berlinale’s Panorama
3. Landgraf Jan Klesse
4. Kembra Pfahler
5. Love Camel
6. Gio Black Peter
Maybe: Wilhelm Hein & Annette Frick (7&8)
Plus Daniel Hendrickson, Yorgos the Greek Active Ottoman Akshunist Automatic Painter, Beauty Moments, Human Sundaes and the CHEAPY über alles Underground Award

For Saturday co-host Nanna Heidenreich:
1. Tim Stuttkin
2. Övül Durmusoglu
3. Love Camel
Maybe: 4.Swedish poet and Dennis Cooper Accolyte Eli Léven
Plus Daniel Hendrickson, Yorgos the Greek Active Ottoman Akshunist Automatic Painter, Beauty Moments, Human Sundaes and special surprises.

On Tuesday went to the Tropicamp presentation at Arsenal featuring Marc Siegel in discussion with cute otter Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz where they screened a Jack Smith classic and discussed his and Mario Montez’s influence on the tropicamp work of Ivan Cardosa and Helio Oiticica. Things got heated when a feminist scholar objected to images in the Brazilian film Nosferatu in Brazil. In the audience along with curators Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel, Andrea from the Staedelschule, Daniel Hendrickson with fellow Muslim convert Sean Stone the 27 year old son of film director Oliver Stone, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Renate Lorenz and Paula Beaudry, Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Magazine, Anna Muelter, Nazli & Yorgos, Nanna Heidenreich, DJane Olga Damnitz, Evelyn Ruesseler and Uli Ziemons. After the event several of us went across the street to Andy’s Diner to do some Lesbian processing.
The other evening I was feeling nostalgic and started thinking about What Ever Became Of . . . and popping into my head was the shadow of two hot boys of the mid to late 1980s. One was a Puerto Rican GoGo god I met in New York whose name is fuzzy . . . maybe Raul ? He was one tight bodied big peniled bubble butt concocktion of a youth who was just pure living, breathing sex, and also a sweet natured good time Charlie. He was one of the most popular GoGo boys of New York besides Ty Bassett, the muscular uninhibited ginger kid who was the big dicked lover of party priestess Susanne Barsche before she married bodybuilder David Barton. He burned out on New York and moved to San Francisco(the poor kid what was he thinking?) in the late 1980s and became part of the scene surrounding Gregg Deborah Taylor, and the late great scene queen Doris Fish and Michael Angelo who was the legendary LA DJ of Ginos II and the founder of the drag collective The Cosmetics. Michael Angelo left LA for San Francisco in the mid 80s and recreated his following at a club in the Bay Area suburb of Walnut Creek. Michael died in the Bay Area.
Another boy of that era was a blondine/ginger mix who had one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. His rack was purely amazing. The most well developed pectorals west of the Mississippi. Michael Angelo and Doris Fish used the kid in a mock fisting/scat performance where they ate chocolate pudding out of his ass like it was feces during one of Gregg Deborah Taylor’s events which I performed at on a bill which featured Lady Bunny, Lurleen from Atlanta,and Ms. Glen Meadmore. Poor Glen was singing a song and some overly enthusiastic fan jumped on Glen’s back and it went out causing him grievous pain and anguish the entire Gay Pride Week-end that we were in town. G.Deborah Taylor arranged a ride for Ms. Meadmore, Beulah Love and I up to the Bay Area with Jo Mama the best friend and gay boy confidante of Courtney Love. Jo Mama scored some Heroin from the projects in the Mission District and wound up ditching us at one point. I took all my stuff with me after we used the home of the girls in the band Frightwig as a place to freshen up and get dressed after the long sweltering car ride. Glen and Beulah thought they could come back to the Frighwig pad after the gig but Jo Mama was a no show strung out somewhere near the Panhandle. I wisely arranged different accomodations expecting Jo Mama to flake on us. I always trust my instincts. This was the last time I accepted a long carride as transportation to a gig, and was the last time i worked with Ms. Taylor.
If any of my readers know what happened to Raul or the blondine/ginger boy I would be delighted to find out. Perhaps both of these sexy boys succumbed to Mrs. AIDS.
This just in from our pals at La Moustache:

Freut Euch auf Kaffee, Kuchen und den Film über das "Rampenfiber"-Festival 2009 in Wien!

Ein Mitglied des rampenfiber-Kollektivs wird vor Ort sein. Plus Heavymental Zine Distro Tisch!!
Sonntag 8.4. // 16h Kuchen und Kaffee, 17h Film.
Projektraum, 2. HH, 1. OG mitte
Hermannstraße 48, 12049 Berlin

rampenfiber. der film
(Doku, büro arbiträr, Bea Bösiger & Roland de Roo, Ö 2011, dt./engl. OV.)

Von theoretischer Auseinandersetzung und performativer Praxis.

rampenfiber ist ein queer-feministisches Musikfestival, das sich aus dem Umfeld des Zeitschriftenkollektivs fiber. werkstoff für feminismus und popkultur entwickelt hat. Im Film kann dem viertägigen Festivaltreiben noch einmal beigewohnt werden, von allen die nicht vor Ort waren oder noch einmal zurückblicken wollen. Mit der Zielsetzung dem männlich dominierten, heteronormativen Mainstream im Musikbusiness etwas entgegen zu halten startete das Festival 2009 in die zweite Runde. Ein dichtes Programm aus Diskussionen, Workshops, Filmen sowie abendlichen Konzerten und Performances wurde auf die Beine gestellt, sodass sich den Besucher_innen gleichermaßen wie Musiker_innen, Journalist_innen, Techniker_innen und Produzent_innen eine Plattform für Erfahrungsaustausch in der lokalen als auch internationalen queer-feministischen Musikszene bot.

Der Film, als kondensiertes Format, macht einmal mehr den Anspruch von rampenfiber deutlich, theoretische Auseinandersetzungen und performative Praxis zu verknüpfen. Für rampenfiber war es essentiell, einen queer-feministischen Raum zu schaffen. Die praktische Umsetzung dieser viel diskutierten Raumnahme in einem ansonsten heteronormativ geprägten Umfeld und die daraus resultierenden Maßnahmen sind genauso zu sehen wie ausgiebige Konzertmitschnitte und zahlreiche, spannende Inputs rund um die Fragen nach den eigenen als auch kollektiven politischen Forderungen.

Monday, April 02, 2012

That mucho macho Tenderloin studkin Jan Klesse spent the night at my Cheese Endique Trifecta and treated me to breakfast in the morning at Café Sur before heading back to Bremon and his law duties. I love all my quality time spent in the masculine company of Herr Klesse who I am forever intrigued and surprised by. Jan is super intelligent, talented with an Equifax computer like mind that is always bubbling with possibilities and if that isn't enough he also has the most dreamy matinee idol eyes.
Went with Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim and video art shtar Nguyen Tan Hoang to Gayhana Salon Oriental the Middle Easter Dance Club at historic SO36. Got all dolled up which is something I never do anymore unless I am being paid. Had a great time celebrating finishing my Jabberjaw memory essay for Art Forum Magazines summer issue.
Gayhana's late nite performance featured a sexy male belly dancer who certainly titillated the SRO crowd. After the show Hoang and his visiting academic pal Ricardo Reyes retreated to Rosa’s pub next door while Daniel and I being settled aged women left the club around 3am which is really late for us.
Earlier in the day I got together with Tenderloin at Noizy Rooms rehearsal space in Friedrichhain and later had a wonderful dinner with Jan & Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras at Santa Maria. The diaper had been running around with Judy LaBruce at Pet Shop Bears the other night so it’s a surprise he even made it to rehearsal. When we were leaving the humpy German male ingenue film star Max Riemelt and posse were arriving. The blondine actor sure is well built for a tiny lap top of a boy.
Sunday evening the super talented artist and filmmaker Evi Ruesseler and scholar Christian Weber came over for dinner to discuss ideas for VD is Speaking From the Diaphragm talk show installation that is part of camp/anti-camp. We had a lovely time and I can’t believe my cooking came out pretty good. Earlier that afternoon I had a makeup and styling consultation with Tan Binh and his cute cuddly Persian friend for SFTD and we wound up having a hoot of a girlish scream fest. Tan Binh has some incredible ideas of how he wants to glam me out for the festival.
Earlier in the week I met with Christian Weber and Jonathan Berger’s cute NYU student Kay to discuss more SFTD plans and strategies, and afterwards we ate hamburgers at Nollendorky Platz’s Zza Zza Burger where I had their famous Silence of the Lamb Burger with fries &silk worm onion rings---yummy. Eating at the restaurant was the young British actor Alex Pettyfer with a very muscular slightly older man who must be his beau or f*ck buddy. I’d sure like to be the fly on the wall or the mud from the slide when they go at each other.
Looking for something fun to do in Berlin. Just got this sent to me:

yay, a cooperation and two bands we are really excited about!

two more nights and then..

://about band & la moustache present:

Wednesday, April 4 9pm at ://about blank, Markgrafendamm 24c, S Ostkreuz

Show flyer: Announcement in Missy Magazine:
Facebook event:

candelilla haben im August 2011 ihr zweites Album mit Steve Albini (Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Scout Niblett) in Chicago aufgenommen, das in diesem Jahr auf dem Label ZickZack / Indigo veröffentlicht werden soll. Im Frühjahr diesen Jahres geht die Band auf eine erste kleine Tour um ihre Vorabsingle 23/33 vorzustellen. Die Tour beginnt in Berlin und führt sie einmal quer durch Deutschland um dann am 17.04. in London zu enden.
candelilla sind keine Newcomer im klassischen Sinne. Ihre Biographie beginnt vor einem guten Jahrzehnt als sich das Quartett in einem Münchner Vorort gründet. Darauf folgen drei 6-Track- Releases, eine EP im Eigenverlag (“... dont rely on what others say”/2008) und das Debüt-Album (“reasonreasonreasonreason”/2009) auf dem Münchner Underground-Label Red Can. Zum Release des Albums tourte die Band durch Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz. Neben Konzerten in kleinen Clubs – etwa dem Schokoladen Berlin oder dem Hafenklang in Hamburg – wurde die Band auch zu renommierten Festivals eingeladen: Zu nennen wäre hier das Donaufestival in Krems/ Österreich (2011), das Queerbeatsfestival in Berlin (2012) oder das on3-Festival im Münchner Funkhaus (2011).
Zur Vorbereitung des kommenden Albums hat candelilla im November 2011 ein Remix-Album („ReasonRemixed“) im Eigenverlag veröffentlicht. Immer ist die Nähe zu befreundeten Künstlern wichtig: für die Artworks der letzten Veröffentlichungen zeigten sich verschiedenen bildende Künstler und Graphiker verantwortlich; und auch bei der Wahl der Remixer war die stilistische Vielfalt verschiedenster Musiker ein wichtiger Aspekt: So reihen sich zwei Hip Hop-Produzenten neben den Schlagzeuger der Indie-Band Ja, Panik und der House-Track eines Nürnberger-Techno-DJs trifft auf den Pop-Appeal des Berliner Multiinstrumentalisten Petula.

J A S O N & T H E O D O R
in love with that song...

Entrance: 6-8€

Hope to see you!!
Yr mstchs <3

08.04. rampenfiber. der film at Projektraum
14.04. Female Drum Fest w/ STLS & Dark Times at Bei Roy
28.04. The Very First Riot Grrrl Compilation Release Party w/ Abstract Random & Cat Nguyen, at Schokoladen
12.05. Lovers at West Germany
03.07. Les Trucs at Bei Roy
14.09. La Moustache 5th Anniversary Festival at Bei Roy
15.09. La Moustache 5th Anniversary Festival at Festsaal Kreuzberg