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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Got a phone call from the great underground film director John Aes-Nihil of the Aesthetic Nihilism Archiva telling me that the beautiful young demi-god Nick Ash was upset that the Raggazi Room that Nick, John and Stanton LeVay masterfully created for my Outfest Platinum Oasis event in 2002 wasn't mentioned on my web site. That room, which was the best of all the 40 representing at the historical Phist PFuck Palace, The Coral Sands Motel and Resort, was censored by the Outfest board of directors, and remained controversial for a year afterwards. Well i didn't intend for it to be censored on my webpage, I send stuff to webmaster Larry-Bob, and my site exists because it piggybacks off of Larry's Holy Titclamps Site, so Larry pics and chooses what goes on it. My site only exists because of Larry's generosity and support of my career. I'm a poor, ghetto 22 cent artist who depends on the kindness of others. So i hope that clarifies the matter a bit. I adore John Aes-Nihil, Stanton LeVay(i'm his great aunt) and the gorgeous Nick Ash who is the most strikingly intoxicating young man I've ever laid my eyes on. He is a ginger haired gorgon who mere mortals must kill themselves after gazing upon his perfection so as not to taint the atmosphere.

Received a piece of erotica from legends legend Ms. Kari Khrome of the Runaways fame. I'll post the first part of the story today and the second part when i return from Germany.
From Kari Khrome:

Let me preface this bit of dykeporn by saying that 90%
of gay women are stick in the mud judgemental cunts. I
took the porn challenge offered me recently, and this
is what I banged out. I got so much shit from my gay
"sisters" you would of thought i was a terrorist
coming to give them clitendectomies..(or whatever it's
called) well guess what? Im a sexual terrorist, and
dont leave your daughter or mother alone with me,
cause I may fuck her senseless while your back is
turned. Having said that, I forward you this, which
will come in 2 separate emails.
Hope youre living your life as large as I am!
The Silent Treatment
by Kari Khrome

im not a bad lay, or so ive been told. I mean,
everytime ive been going down on someone, ive received
nothing but the full tilt boogie sound effects from a
happy woman. but this time i was flumoxed.
i met her at a club and we started talking at the
bar. she was a pretty brunette in a slipdress and 40
pumps. i bought her a drink. she bought me a drink.
about 4 rounds later she asked me if i wanted ditch
the bar and go back to her place, where she had some
brandy and quaaludes. i gave her my arm and she hooked
hers through mine, as i watched her ass swing back and
forth under the material of her dress as we walked
out. she had quite an ass. I love to look at ass, i
dont know what it is, but i would rather look at a
womans backside than look at her tits. i mean, the
whole overall picture is essential without a doubt,
but if a pretty woman walks by in a dress and i can
watch her ass sway by im pretty much done for. my
favorite thing in the world, is to flip them over and
fuck them from behind while they're on thier knees, or
to sit them down on top of me and hold thier ass while
they fuck themselves on my dick. i can come in two
seconds flat. now i know by now your probably
thinking Im some bonehead guy getting his rocks off in
his journal. well, im not. i just happen to be a
really femmy looking chick that loves pussy. when i
say femmmy i dont mean skirt and long nails fem, but
long hair and make up fem. i still wear the pants and
the boots, and that usually throws em- but that's
cool. im not trying to win friends and influence
people im the role playing department. in love with
pussy. i like to eat pussy, i like to fuck pussy, i
love to smell pussy. if you could bottle pussy and
sell it, i would be the first idiot in line with my
money out, no questions asked. i like the smell of a
woman, i like the way they walk, i like the way they
talk, i like the soft little things they do, and
everything else about a woman. i like guys, and
sometimes i fuck guys. i'll get a bee up my butt one
day, and some gross construction stud with a Burt
Reynolds moustache will do something that sets a light
bulb off in my head, and i think to myself, "he's
gonna rock my world". and next thing you know im
sucking his dick like a woman thats been on a deserted
island for 10 years alone. and everybody goes home
happy, and i never have to see him again. i dont fall
in love with men, i can only fall in love with women.
its like wanting an apple once in awhile when really
youre just dreaming about peaches. anyways, we get
back to her place, and its a funky little place in
hollywood with hardwood floors, and an unmade bed, and
nothing in the fridge but some beer. we get in the
door and she shoves me down on the couch and busies
herself lighting candles and moving her mirror closer
to the bed. she comes back out with beers and brandy
and a baggie full of weed. by this time i have a huge
grin pasted on my face. not only am i gonna get laid,
but shes got party favours, and shes wearing a garter
belt with old style panty hose. she throws one leg
over me and sits down on my crotch facing me, and
blows the smoke from a joint into my mouth. i inhale
the hit and hold it as long as i can. im rubbing her
thighs and her ass cheeks and we making out like two
dogs. shes rocking back and forth on my crotch and
sucking my tongue, and im getting that warm liquid
feeling in my belly. and i roll her over on the floor
and take my belt off so as not to hurt her, and get on
top of her and press my pussy onto hers and it feels
like were on fire. were just laying there panting and
suking each others mouths and grinding the floor into

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Drag Qing cut-up Mo. B. Dick took me to brunch Sunday at Pipers. Mo has been living here in Los Ang for a year or so. She's looking good, and is a woman with great boundless energy and a soothing presence. I loved hearing stories about her travels to India with the Peace Corp and the minutui of her large Catholic family. She really comes from a background of social conscienceness, which is rare these days.
Ran into handsome Gordie of Woodpussy fame. We talked on a Silverlake sidewalk for over 2 hours catching up. He's the star of a cable TV homemakeover show that sounds amazing. Gordie is very created and a sensational talent. When Woodpussy performed at Club Sucker, they would always transform the space into a special environment. At one particular show they brought in gallons of water and poof-The Garage became Swamp Woodpussy.

Also ran into Don and Augusta who had come back from seeing David J. of Bauhaus fame perform with his new project with Mr. Uncertain. They said it was fantastical. Don & Miss Augusta aka: Penny Starr Jr. filled me in on all the national burlesque scene gossip and hijinks. It seems that there is this upstart named Bella Baretta from Seattle who has come to town is self-promoting herself in a big way. After the Velvet Hammer stopped doing a night at the Derby she took over, and has been swooping down on LA with a vendettakated vengence. She even teaches burlesque classes. She had contacted me about doing something at Bricktops a while back, and i looked at her webpage, but the image she was presenting didn't exactly set me on fire. Now she's going to do a 20's club. After flack from Bricktops fans accusing her of not being very original, she's changed it to 20s/glam. And so the korld turns. . .

Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Orleans, the city of my Creole peoples. No one of my immediate family members live in that part of Louisiana anymore. They are all scattered to parts many and varied, but i do have some friends that were living in the French Quarter---the famed F2M Jake Miller and his girlfriend Elaine who owns a tatoo and piercing shop. I just got word that they escaped to friends in North Caroline, but i still haven't heard from one of my oldest pals Lisa Cohen and her daughter. Lisa is a South Afrikan artist who has lived in the Big Easy for almost ten years. I'm praying that she escaped.
Everyone should heed what is happening in the Gulf. Because when it comes to biblical disasters of epic porportions. Los Angeles is next, and mark my feral words: You ain't seen nothing yet. When it implodes here, it will be more devasting then one can ever imagine.
Got word that Steve-O, of the punk rock band The Vandals died of an overdose of Oxycotin, the heroinesque drug of choice by the wealthy and the powerful. Back in the 80s i shared some flirtatious times with Steve O and Mike Ness of Social Distortion. Ah the olde days . . . when white punk rock boys and black drag queens could take pleasure in each other.

Mari Kono came by to take my measurements for a dress she's having made for me that will be featured in a spectacular photoshoot we're going to do where i will portray Princess Ozma of the Fairyland of Oz. Later in the evening Mar'Lou de Luna and Hal Marinas came by to pick me up for dinner at Cafe De Village in Larchmont Village. Every few months MarLou and Hal treat me to a fancy din din and desert at the PDC. We always have a wonderful time full of laughs. Ran into Professor Doyle's next door neighbor, the cute blondine film school student Jason. He was with some droll look-a-like date, who gave me a weak dismissive handshake, and i swear this woman could pass for his sister. O who am i to judge someone else's incestuous love affair. Let he who is without sin cast the first Sharon Stone.