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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Well my lovelies the 63rd Annual Berlinale International Film Fest is over for the Vagimule doll.  I was sick of all the coughing, hacking and sneezing in the theatres.  It was gross with so many people suffering from flu and cold symptoms, rarely bothering to cover their bubonic plague mouths.  Way too typhoid Marilyn for this gal. Not to mention the crowd was fuglier then last year.  Hardly any attractive men or boy eye candy to oogle.
I ended my photoplay viewing with one last Japanese Golden Age Classic- Farewell to Dream at the Delphi which featured a somewhat queering relationship between two lovely teenage Japanese boys holding hands and playing footsie with each other.  Quite gentle, moving and über lovesexxy.  I also saw the Retrospektive screening of Just a Girl starring British chipmunk musical pixie Jessie Matthews in a twee remake of Viktor und Viktoria.  Another Restrospektive classic was To Be or Not to Be starring the radial Carole Lomard with Jack Benny playing a Polish theatrical couple.  This Ernst Lubitsch joyfull was simply bewitching.  Its been ages since I´ve seen it and it never disapoints, but completely resonates tenfold here in Germany where the same issues are timely.  A very young Robert Stack leaped off the screen as the hungthrob.
I even went to the Freidrichstadt Palast to see a screening of Jason Gordon Levittś(whatever his name is) directorial debut Don Jonś Addiction featuring Tony Danza and a very convincing Scarlette Johansen as an American version of the Chavette.  The flicker was amusing in a crude way, and i think that Mr. Levitt and his smoldering buff bod does possess a filmic eye that will definately develop as he matures.  I liked that he included Ms. Julianne Moore in the pic and she turns into his fuck buddina.   This is the last time i see  a film at the Friedrichstadt Palast.  I was warned the staff is rude and the seat layout attrocious. I thought it was an exageration---its not!!!!