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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry I have been remiss in writing, but the lady has been battling a cold, and trying not to make it worse by exerting herself, and I am under a lot of stress with my upcoming performance for the Jack Smith!Live Film Event. Memory Island my new piece that features handsome and studly young Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and beautiful Alex & juicy Julian of the Chocolate Grinder Kollective will premiere at HAU 1 on Friday Oct 30 at 9pm. Don´t be late! Lovely Alex designed my new gown especially for this performance and its simply gorgeous. Thank god Love Camel, Andreas Novarin is in town to help me, and keep me half sane. Everyone needs their own personal camel to get them through rough situations. I am also doing some more filming on the Hannah Hurtzig La Ronde Project and moderating a panel discussion on Sunday 5pm at the Arsenal that features Isabel Spengler, Nao Bustamente, Deidre Logue and Oliver Husein. If that isn´t enough i also start rehearsals on Bruce la Bruces´s Bad Breast theatre piece and then run off to New York for Performa Biennale. I am a walking mess, and to make matters worse its raining today. So please be patient with me.