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Friday, April 11, 2008

April in Paris. So This is Paris eh? A triumphant return to the city of everything sublime and lovely. It was nice to leave a dreary, cold and bleak Berlin and go to where it was much warmer and filled with bodacious eye candz. Yummy, Yummy, and more Yumm. The contemporary art museum Le Palais de Tokyo put me up at the chic and charming Hotel Longchamp Elysees right next to the Eifel Tower, i was also able to bring my European assistant Love Camel, aka Andrea Novarin from London to help me, and believe me i needed him.
The curator for my program was the vivacious Marie Helene Bourcier who besides being one of the smartest programmers in Europe is also a legendary academic, scholar and lesbian feminist intellectual of the first order. Working at Le Palais helping on my event was the talented staff that consisted of pretty gamine, Claire Szulc who is the coordinator of cultural actions, and sexy black sister woman Justine, who made me feel right at home at this huge institution, and the gorgeous tech writer Florian, who is everything you would want in a young delicious white French boy. For my presentation of Porno Adorno-F*ck Like the F*cking Blacks i began with a pre-show of Most Wanted a collage film by and with incredible music by my Cheap kollective colleguen Tim Blue, in fact i had a second screen playing Tim's other brilliant cinema tapestry TB for VD on BD, Revolutions Should Taste Like Cum which wowed the SRO audience. Marie Helene really has a knack for bringing together a mixed audience of different sexualities and ages, infants to octogenerians. And what a hot crowd, the beautiful writer, philosopher, and sexiest, brightest man in all of Europe Maxime Cervulle, with his wonderful beau Marco, vibant psychological theorist Ninette Succab, Austrian director Michael Haneke, no season haute couture collection designer Alexis Mabille, juicy Italian Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy, athletic wunderkind Romain Mesnil, lighting designer Pierre Bideau, in-situ artist Daniel Buren, punk priestess of the band Tribe 8 and writer Lynn Breedlove who is filming a movie of her book Gods Speed with baracuda femme girlfriend Wendy DeLorme who is the award winning French sexpert, her latest tome Fourth Generation, their studly youthquaker friend Gregoire, Mark Alizart, the shy executive director of Le Palais, video artist Shulea Cheang, Madame Christine Steinitz the divine coffee skinned British Guyana tranny who married one of the wealthiest men in all France, and is good friends with Lady Bunny, young dorky German actor Raphael Braun, Christophe LeMaire of LeCoste with his right hand man John Storey, who cooked Love Camel and i a scrumpteous feast of Mexican food for a dinner party on our first night in Paris. Also paying their respects to la diva, were selected members of the New York band Vampire Weekend, humpy Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano, and Gallic swim star Alain Bernard. Thanks also to my old LA pal David, who has been living in Paris for almost ten years and took us bar hopping in la Marais after din din at John Storey's gorgeous split level flat.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Met up with the baby diaper, and Canadian musical auteur Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, who i swear gets more beautiful every time i see him. We had lunch at Tuffstein around the corner from the Cheese Endique Trifecta. Joel is as crazy as a loon, but that is why i adore him. Why are all Canadians absolutely mad? We went back to my studio, and i invited my new neighbor, the singer Billie Ray Martin over for some vino. Billie isn´t British like i thought, but is German, from Hamburg. She speaks such good English, and sings without an accent that i thought she was from England. Aren´t i dumb. Later Joel and i went to go meet the Tate Modern´s Stuart Comer who is in town for the Berlin Biennale. Stuart looked handsome, young and patrician. I hope he is sufficiently getting his gnut in England, he deserves it. He really is a sweet young man. We met at this gallery on a corner in Mehringdamm. I don´t know the name of the place, but its owned by a wealthy young American art fag, whose name escapes me. I guess the occasion was for the new Taschen book on Colin de Land of American Fine Arts Gallery. Colin and my best girlfriend Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black were lovers until Colin died of cancer. I heard from Mo. B. Dick that Kembra just had a big show at the Whitney. Congrats Kembra!
Joel and I arrived at the soiree very late as most people had left. Mr. Comer was with the handsome Japanese/American artist Dean Samashima, who lives nearbye. I feel protective of sweet little Dean. When he first moved to Berlin, he turned into a frantic party animule. He´s calmed down considerably. and is more the talented Dean i´ve always admired. There is something about him i have always found lovesexy and sublime. The boys went off to dinner, but being that the doll is an olde lady, i had to excuse myself to work on my text for my big museum show at Le Palais de Tokyo on Wednesday.