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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sad to relay the death of Brandy Dalton of Drance fame. Poor Brandy had been on death's doorknob for many years. Brandy created the wonderful techno soundscape for my Saint Salicia Tate performance and also the music for the techno rock opera "Epiphany". Brandy also collaborated with Ron Athey and the late Robert Woods on music for many of Daddy Athey's celebrated performance pieces. I also loved the work Brandy did with the lovely and vivacious Ms. Tammie Tell Me True, an Orange County vixen with a heart and voice of spun gold. I'll always remember Ms. Tam still singing soaking wet after jumping into a pool at one performance. Brandy also did the score for many top blue movies and indie pics.
I'll always be jealous of Brandy's talent, and good natured spirit, and his ability to always attract the most yummy, fresh and sexually vibrant boys from the suburbs who were always so loyal to him. I can't remember which LA suburb Brandy was originally from, either La Mirada, Lakewood, Cerritos . . .
Robert Woods, Brandy's Drance partner died about a decade ago. Robert had a lover who also died, who was very much into cholos, and was cruising a hot vato in silverlake one night. The gangbanger called him out as a fucking fag and spit a big lugi on the ground next to him. Well Robert's lover got on his hands and knees and licked that lugi up from the ground, slurping it with relish. Well that won over the smoking kabron, and he got to suck the rust off that juicy thug's willis.
Gideon Ponte, a gorgeous English boy that i use to hang with here in LA in the mid-late 80s is now a top production designer for movies like Nacho Libre and The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. When i knew him he was a fruit fly, a straight boy who hangs with fags. I sure had a major crush on him in the day.