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Friday, July 24, 2015


Breakfast  meeting with Uli Ziemons, the handsomest  young man of all Europa at the cute Tiergarten Café which is one of Berlin’s secret treasures.  Hadn’t seen Mr. Ziemons in a coons age as he has been quite busy traveling about to exotic places like Seoul Korea representing Forum Expanded at a film congress along with Nannootchka Heidenreich.  Uli also moved to a much larger flat in Kreuzberg enjoying double the space---I am so jealous.  Those of you who haven’t read Uli’s book Aufzeichnungen eines Storm Squatters about the film great George Kuchar should run out to the nearest bookseller and purchase it immediately.  You won’t regret it.  Buy Uli's book or i will kill you.
The Tiergarten Café is becoming my new favourite meeting site as I also had a breakfast klatch with the young, gifted blatina Kunstler Diana Arce and her sweet pal Anasstacia who is a student from Hampshire College where I was a visiting artist back in 2010.  I was supposed to meet my Dominican Mija Diana at the Akademie de Kunst café but it was closed for summer rennovations.  I’ve also had some business lunch and dindins with a few curators and the handsome big footed, well endowed fagpanacademe Ricardo Montez.  Mr. Montez is a beautiful TexMex assistant professor  of the New School’s Performance Studies/Public Engagement Chair on Race and Ethnicity Gender and Sexuality Department who took me to supper at the only true Mexican boite in Berlin Ta’Cabro’n Taqueria at Skalitzer Strasse 60 in Kreuzberg.  Ta’cabro’n is the real deal with Mexicans in the kitchen and a juicy staff of lovesexy and personable young people who are friendly and accommodating which is so rare in Berlina.  Besides Mr. Montez we were joined by his redhot longtime companion David Kurnick the famed Victorian literature specialist from Rutgers University, Jake Short the famed German historian from Athens Georgia and Chad Kia Harvard Persian scholar extroidinaire.
Scandinavian Muzlim jihadist Daniel Hendrickson had his yearly Tamale Party at his compound in Neu Koln which was filled with utter deliciousness.  I went a little crazy on the Margarita front but had a yowza time with my CHEAP kolleaguan including fearless leader Susanne Sachsse, Marcuse Siegelstein, kJohnny Blue and his gorgeous Napalese wife Emilie and CHEAP family innercircle: Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who will be off traveling to New York City, Troy New York Upstate, Cairo and other parts of Europa and beyond.  Also cavorting about was dream girl Nanna Heidenreich.  New comer to the brood: the Turkish/Arab It boy of Academia Zulfukur Centin which means Sword of Ali in Arabic. After the Tamale  Party a gaggle of us went to the 27th birthday celebration of celesbian scholarina Heather Love---who is one sizzle of a proper butch hosted by her charming and pretty ladylove Mara  at Ankerklauseand on the Kanal.  The celebutantes on view included: Lee Wallace, Annamarie Jagose, Karin Michalski, Anja Michaelsen, Jake Short, Chad Kia, Beatrice Michaelis, Luis-Manuel Garcia, Natascha Frankenberg, Emaline Kelso and Francisco Diez.
Years ago in the early 1980s I was a guest DJane on a NPR music radio program based in Los Angeles.  The substitute host of this show was Dave Lumian who was a leftist activist /indie band manager/publisher of Twist Magazine a music and style publication.  For several years I was Twist Magazines  features editor. When I was on the program I chittle chatted with Dave Lumian about my record collection and the regular host called the studio to complain abou the way I talk.  At the time I was very offended and let my anger show on air by exaggerating on purposely my public style of speaking which is now known as Upspeak, Vocal Fry and Creak.   I’ve always seen this type of criticism as an attack on the voices of young women.  Does anyone else out their in the either want to weigh in on this?
The Skate-Anlage im park am Gleisdreieck is one of the sexiest places in Berlin proper.  The skater thrasher boys in this park can be seen daily in various stages of manly undress.  Under the Ubahn bridges in the park are some gymnasts and capoeira dancers who are also quite sexy and oogle friendly.  There  are several crews in this part of the overly landscaped park who attract quite a lot of attention.  If anyone out there knows more about these boys who I am sure are kept by wealthy gentlemen or deep pocketed Landgraffs please write to me c/o of my webmaster Larry Bob or assistant Gleeson Brevard the email address is in the contact section of this blogina.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Die ganze Mischboch ist da

Had a lovely Magic Flute meeting with CHEAP’s pretty fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and that handsome young studkin Musicologist Roger Mathew Grant visiting Berlin for the summer looking like a demi god.
Had a fun telephone interview via New York’s Document Journal Magazine with Norweigan muscle hunksis artist Bjarne Melgaard.  We were supposed to do a skype interview at the CHEAP studio officina in Neu Koln but Skype wasn’t co-operating so we had to switch to landline.  Mr. Melgaard is one of the most popular young artists working the international art world firmament and he confided in me that he is a big collector of my paintings and sculpture pieces and has been following the Vagimules career if you can call it that since the days of The Afro Sisters and Cholita the female Menudo.  The article Mr Melgaard  interviewed me for along with a portrait  of yours truly by WolfgangTilmans will be in Document Journal’s Autumn issue.
Last night I went to a festive summer book launch at Arsenal Institute fur Film und Video Kunst for the dynamite duo of Nanna Heidenreich and Maja Figge called “Post koloniale Medienwissenschaft”.  The evening started with a lecture by Ms. Figge whose book is called “Deutschein (wieder-)herstellen” and a screening of the odd 1957 West German film Der Stern Von Afrika that is set in 1939 during Nationalsocialism and tells the true story of a bland blondine war hero named Marseille and his ardent hunky love interest Robert of the pillow lips and double chin and their buxom shared black concubine played by Afro Europan  low rent entertainer Roberto Blanco.  All the Germans in the audience seemed scandalized by this film which I found merely amusing for its peek through old footage of prewar Berlin.  The most disturbing part for me was the jigaboo insignia on the side of the fighter planes and the dainty swastikas on the boys uniforms.
La Heidenreich gave a concise lecturina that was part theory ala her book “V/Erkennungsdienste” des deutschen Auslaenderdiskurses und die Perspektive der Migration (which is getting some notice in the US via The New Republic Magazine and the AP newswire) and the rest all out  fangirl extroidinaire as she introduced the 1980 German/Turkish film  „Goelge“ directed by Sema Poyraz who was in attendance and was quite personable during her post screening Q&A with Nanna.  The packed crowd resonated with some of the finest celesbians in all of Europa and in general just a high quotient of the very famous and dynamic so I'm only able to give you at this time a partial list of the whose who:  Maja Figge’s girlfriend Bettina a trained architect, video artist and yoga teacher and their transatlantic possem, Miss Kolja who teaches post production at DFFB, Wibke Straube the film and trans scholarina, Gudrun her old roommate and a well known activist, Ulli the key figure of Kotti & Company, Kim her colleague at UdK, Kathrin Peters, Judith Sigmund and Tashy Endres of the Institute for Gestaltung, media studies scholar Anja Michaelson, film curator and filmmaker Karin Michaelski, artist and filmmaker Isabell Spengler, who we haven’t seen in a coons age whose child is now four years old, Ela Wusch of bbooks kollectiv who didn’t want to talk about her love affair in LA with the Franko Bros-James and Dave, film historian Christine Noll Brinckmann, Michaela Ott, philosophy professor at Art Academy Hamburg, Beatrice Michaelis,Eli Hashemi Yekani, artist Justin Tyme, Noam Gorbat, Syrian artist Omar from Ferash Publishing, Kathrin Hunsicker, Ulrike Bergermann the editor of the this fab book series and the big boss at the Universitaet Braunschweig looking very lovesexy and glam with her girlfriend the geographer,  great urban studies scholar and anti Olympics activist Sybille Bauriedl, DJane Bianca Krug, Angelika Levi, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus looking very fresh and summery who will be off soon on more important business travels throughout the the far nether regions, Muzlim jihadist Daniel Haji Hendrickson , It boy fagademic Zulfukur Cetin, film critic Toby Ahsraf, Jasmin Ihrac the dancer and Kanak Attack activist, Jule Karakayali the racism and migration scholar and British theatre director James Dacre.