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Saturday, March 05, 2005

O bricktops darling. you are the best, and when you add to the mix the sultry stylings of mulholland drive beauty Rebekah del rio----its an extroidinary combustive combination. Rebekah and her handsome classical guitar accompanyist dazzled the audience. Rebekah's voice is one of the 140 wonders of the known world and anti world. She posseses a timbre and clear tone that is expressive and dynamic, honey pure and emotive with all the proper shadings swirling in full da!whent. And what a glorious crowd in attendance with some fancy dressers and underground luminaries like the lucious and buxom first lady of harsh Lydia Lunch, and David J of Bauhaus, the handsome ginger O'Shea, fashion plates bontempt Shauna Leone and Miss Cory, who presented Madame Bricktops with a gorgeous present of her own design a poster done in the Beaux Arts style that was resplendid. These posters need to be seen all over Los Angeles. Thanks you so much Cory! you are divine.

Me and my junior alzheimer's! How could i forget to mention that David Lynch himself was in the audience watching his muse Rebekah sparkle, sparkle, sparkle and a dashing Johnny Depp and Vanessa Parede. Johnny should do a film version of the life of drug addicted silent screen star Wallace Reid. O and rock star Josh Homme of Queens of the the Stone Age was holding court in the backroom boydello lounge with a gaggle of cute young, gay acolytes. Is having an entourage of ganymede twinkies the new trend for straight rockers?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

This little note came to me while i was in England from the mega talented music, art and film critic Ernest Hardy. The man is a prophet so heed him i beg of you.

Missy LA is currently the nigger-bitch locus of a golden shower orgy
populated with beer-soaked moneyed-but-still-white trash Republicans...
they're just drenching the poor child with malicious glee.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Came back from the UK on Friday. Beat on a face in the ladies room of the plane and rushed to Bricktops upon landing, courtesy of sexy Parlour Club general mgr Andrew of Gould. The theme at Bricktops was Andre’ Breton and our special guests came all the way from Switzerland, the duo en vogue Frankie & Tony which included Hermeto Ze’ Maria and Charles Fish. All the Swiss expats of Los Angeles were in attendance. I didn’t know LA had so many Swiss people. Well I should have known as my best girlfriend Ron Athey has a hot butch realness Swiss lover named Maxmillian and I’ve collaborated on film projects with sizzling Zurich cineaste Cyril Kuhn. So many adorable cuties in the audience, including bubble butt Swiss girleen Reynault, the director of downtown LA’s The Project art gallery who brought out Frankie & Tony as part of their latest exhibition.. Wow Wow and more wow. My good friend Daniela Romana aka Daniel Hendrickson of Berlin Germany’s famous Cheap Collective was visiting with his pal David Pendleton of UCLA’s Film Archive. Daniela is such a power top that he is known for sending his lovers from the bedroom to the emergency room in one fell swoop of his giant genitalia. Daniela and I make a date for early in the week where he’ll plug me in to all the Deutchland gossip and we’ll talk about him bringing me back to Berlin to work on this new project at the H.O.W.L. Art Center which I hope will lead to my finally being able to leave Los Angeles for good. Its not that I hate Los Ang, its just that its time to move on, don’t you think?


Received a bunch of emails from readers of this very blog asking me more about the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow. Well the NRLA is produced by New Moves International as part of New Territories. What that means exactly i can't tell you, but i do know they get their funding from the Arts Council of England, The Scottish Arts Council and the Glasgow City Council. Why is it that as an American artist i can only get funded in Europe? I have never gotten one dime in grants from the states.

o and to clarify, DJ iPek of Berlin's Salon Orientale, the cute dagger Turkish DJ from the Gayhane party circuit helped me DJ during the NRLA closing night festivities playing her potent mix of Desi-wood, Buka, Nu-Oriental and Asian Arabesque.

My performance at the Courtauld Art Institute was packed to the gils. SRO all the way. I closed the series and it was the most well attended of the lot. I love the Courtauld! Especially the library where i checked my emails for free during most of my London stay. So many luminaries in attendance, Franko B, Kira O'Reilly, Oron Catts, Lee Sexmutant, Stuart Comer of the Tate Modern, some big wigs from the Hayworth Gallery, Vivid Astro Focus, Gordie Agar of the Guardian----the list was endless. i was nervous as usual, but showing my experimental short subjects really enthused the audience. Its funny how even the old material from 20 plus years ago, doesn't seem dated in the least. The after party wine social was also jamm packed with so many cuties. Didn't lead to a sex date, but i wasn't expecting that. Dom took me and an entourage of 20 plus to this Turkish restaurant where i filled up on food and vino.

The cold weather isn't bothering me as much as i thought it would. Now that all my public responsibilities are over, i'm relaxing a bit more and enjoying London for what its worth. The Chariots sauna is in walking distance to my flat. The last time i went there i had an awful time. Everyone was butt fugly. Well i have to report that not much has changed except they did refurbish the place a bit, but its still as drafty as i last remember it. England is known for men that are either drop dead gorgeous with beautiful pale skin, haunting full lips and fiery libidos or the men are apple dolls with cloven hoofs---nothing inbetween in the UK. At Chariots a lot of the men are sporting that trendy Carol Burnett as rocker hair which isn't exactly attractive if you're over 35 and the other boys are still working that sad faux hawk crossed with a mullet coif that i wish would die a thousand deaths. Ran into girlfriend Paul King at the sauna. He was able to snag the only beauty on the premises a child that looked no older then 18. You get it Mz. Coretta Paul King!

London just isn't glamorous enough anymore. I went to this event for streetwalkers where Marisa Carnesky performed and though it was billed as a burlesque nite, no one really excited me except Marisa who looked very juicy in a Nicola Bowery shimmer. Marisa also had me over for a lucious high tea party at her new flat that she owns that looks like a bit of Miami in Hackney.
My first birthday party outside of the US was a splendid affair. Wolfgang Tillmans brought his sexy Danish beau Anders and showered me with gifts. So did Franko B & Kristofer, model Rep Joshua of CLM, Andrea Novarin, the lovel camel, and big bonny Chris, Andrew of Gould's English ex-lover. Dom cooked a delicious vegan meal and the frivolities lasted into the wee hours. I retired before the guests.
Went to the leather bar, The Hoist for the first time. I doodled with a few fools, but nothing really serious as English kinks just aren't kinky enough for me. There were a lot of Tarzans who talked like Jane of the Jungle. I finally was able to get my proverbial gnut at the Pleasuredrone below Waterloo station. The minute i walked in i was attacked by five men who proceeded to ravish me with lack jawed servicing, then i did a john rechy style numbers with first a franco/italiano, a german blondine who has spent too much time in America, a Dutch boy and a Greek passive.
The other London highlight was a lecture given by black Irish beauty Kira O'Reilly where the lame drama students tried to devalue her work. Kira was stylish and lovely in every aspect of her presentation, and handled herself quite well. Franko came to her defense and attacked the students with a pit bull style bite that silenced them with shame at their utter stupidity. You haven't earned your weight in gold dustrine until you've been barked at and assaulted by the geniustrata of Franko b. I've begun to learn that all the programmers and festival directors also earn their stripes from a chewing out by Mr. B.

My last night was spent watching Franko dj a set at the old free mason building that has been turned into a hauty hotel. Chatted with a few kute kids and met Dom's ex, a striking Italio of 21 years with a huge willis poking through his pants who now is enamored with the hotel's posh owner. All week it has been snowing lightly, which makes me want it to either go full hog or clear the hell out. Of course on my last day riding the mini cab to Victoria Station the city is covered in cocaine.