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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Tragedy, tragedy, tragedy.  If it isn’t enough that I am still not sleeping at all because of the tragic death of my good friend Dr. Jose Munoz of NYU Performance Studies Dept.  I get word from Los Angeles that my sister Teresa Ray, the only close relative I have left other then my nephews & nieces and their children is having breathing problems and is in a very bad way.  Thank god my health insurance here in Berlin will pay for grief counseling and some short term therapy.  I need it!!!!
Dr. Jennifer Doyle is in New York being the angel that she is helping those close to Dr. Jose cope.  Dr. Doyle gives good nurture and so I am sure Nao Bustamente, Ella Troyano, Carmelita Tropicana and John-John Anderson will benefit from the strong sensitive support that only Dr. Doyle can provide in an hour of need.
Went to the movies and saw the Aussie film Two Mothers also called in German Days at the Beach.  Both titles are awfull starring Robin Wright and Naomi Watts who wind up bagging each others strapping teenage surfer boy sons.  It would have been a better storyline if the two moms got down for some heavy lesbiana and or the boys started macking each other with all four of them winding up in a hot buttery fourgy.  As is the film is tepid at best.  Also went to see the Cohen Bros Inside Llewyn Davis. Impressed by the acting skills and singing chops of star Oscar Issac and was surprised by Carey Mulligan who has never wowed me, but she was lovely here.  Was happy to see the short glimpse of that  beautifull piece of eye candy in Garrett Hedlund, thrombone Adam Driver and humpy dork Stark Sands.