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Friday, April 24, 2009

Just got back from Hamburg where i performed as part of Girl Monster #4 Are You a Boy or a Girl? Girl Monster is a traveling mini-festival kurated by Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie of lovesexy music & art kollective Chicks on Speed. It was exciting being back in Hamburg where i haven´t done a performance since 1996. The performances took place at the world famous Kampnagel which is like a mega industrial art complex hosting dance, music, experimental theater and the like. They even have a restaurant attached, and you all know how the Vaginal Davis doll loves to eat and drink her white wine spritzers.
What a lovely whirlwind mid week get-a-way from Berlin, a delicious treat. I was put up at this cute hotel, hostel and lounge which was crawling with young fat tittied humpy boys. A perky blondine morsel of a jungen behind the front desk even flirted with me which of course goes a long way with the Vagimule in making her feel welcome, plus the hotel hosted a free breakfast.
It was great seeing Amelie the director of Kampnagel and several other curators from all over Europa came up and introduced themselves to me. I was kept in a giddy hoot during the entire time i was there. It was nice traveling to Hamburg by train instead of flying and leaving a huge carbon footprint.
The wonderful evening started out with some short subject film screenings, followed by Ginger Brooks Takahashi doing a cute, chatty little performance piece assisted by hostesa Melissa and Alex of Chicks on Speed, then i came out with my insanity, followed by headliners MEN the new art and music project from JD Samson und Johanna Fateman of LeTigre. Johanna was back in the states as she just gave birth to a little baby named Goldie so joining JD was the spirited Ms. Takahashi on bass and dream boy Michael O'Neill doing rock god guitar. They all looked Fernando Lamas marvelous on stage and kept the large crowd in a dance rock frenzy with their exalted tunes and anthems. I was rocking out with Melissa who was playing paparazzi for the evening, and Alex occasionally joined by MEN tour manager Tomas who not only takes care of this band, but also The Hidden Cameras. Creating the evenings festive decor was Nadine, and taking care of Ms. Davis was Tanja, who not only picked me up at the train station and made sure i was at soundcheck on time, but spent the next day with me checking out the St. George gay area and oogling eyecandy from the famous Gnosis sidewalk cafe. Tanja will be in Berlin in May doing music for a spoken word project.
Girl Monster will continue at the Donau Festival in Krems, Austria. I played that festival last year and its haute!!!!
PS-One of the members of the RAF who was just released from prison was at the Girl Monster show rocking out with three cocks out.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Went to the opening of Exile Gallery for the Japanese artist Kazuko Miyamoto who has been living in New York since the 1960s. In fact she is 67 years old and a contemporary of Yoko Ono and Yayoi Kusama. According to Exile Gallery owner Christian Siekmieir she still likes to party hard even visiting the famed Berlin Techno club Berghain. Her work which consists of line drawings and string&thread form installations is quite mathematical, not a style of art that usually floats my proverbial boat, but i did find myself mesmerized by her detail and repetition factor, wanting to jump right into her string web assemblages and get eaten by a giant three peniled spider. I suggested to Christian that he and his ginger lover have a three-way with the artist. Christian blushed, which tells me that young people these days are so L7. I´m sure Ms. Miyamoto would be game. What could be better then a near 70 year old female artist getting her gnut from two middle class faggots in their 30s,eh?
At the opening were a bushel of art fags including Rupert Goldsworthy and his German lover who have rented the space next door, and will open their gallery in May. This part of Alexandrinenstr is really becoming popular. Rumour has it that The Gagosian will buy up the Turkish tower block at the end of the street for their upcoming Gagosian Berlin Mega Art complex---huzzah! Seen drinking sect in the foyer Edgar Ramirez, the actor who will play the infamous Jaeckel terrorist in an upcoming film with his handsome beau Cam Gigandet, the vampire villain in the teen thriller Twilight.
If you want to read writing by someone who has one of the most brilliant minds in Christendom then you should definately check out Ernest Hardy´s blog at Ernest was one of my collegues at the LA Weekly and is truelly one of the most unique voices around. He has also published several tomes that are a must read so go to and place your order now for anything written by Ernest. You won´t regret it.
Saw Keira Knightley in the film The Duchess, where she plays an ancestor of the late Diana Princess of Wales. I love me my costume melodramas and this one is top notch. Ralph Feines looks appropriately in pain throughout the film and gives a delightfully restrained performance, almost too restrained. I was loving that humpy little pud Dominic Cooper of the History Boys. I would fornicate with him in a heartbeat and not care about the consequences.
All my Hamburg fans should come to the Kampnagel Wednesday April 22nd. I will be performing as part of the Girl Monster-R U A Boy or a Girl Festival, curated by Chicks on Speed. Also on the bill is MEN, the new dance craze project by JD Samson and Joanna Fateman of Le Tigre fame along with Emily Roysdon of LTTR. It should be a hoot.