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Monday, May 17, 2021

Der edle Jilt

Der edle Jilt

My boss at Arsenal Institute für film und video Kunst Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus went on a delightful power walk with me the other day and gave me a copy of the new book Die Experten by Merle Kröger that chronicles the exploits of her family. Like many Americans I also have a German background on my father’s side so this tome is of great interest to me.

Does anyone remember a band out of Hollywood in the late 80s and early 90s called Momma Stud? They were signed briefly to Virgin Records and had quite an enigmatic punky soul sound of the Sly Stone variety. I knew one of their backup singers Laura Espinosa a beautiful and very vivaciously spirited young girl who was friends with Iris Parker of the progressive R&B group Madame X. Laura had been the girlfriend of the lead singer of the band Fishbone and later was the concubine of comic actor Eddie Murphy, who treated her very ungentlemanly to put it mildly.

Saw on YouTube a short documentary that wasn’t very good on the band. I wonder what became of one of their cohorts a group of similar vein with the clever moniker of Section Eight which refers to a housing subsidy for the poor in the US welfare system.


One of my dear Work Master HEAD Students in Geneva Jimmy Nuttall is having an exhibition in his native Australia. Jimmy is very talented so to those of you down under and below I beseech thee to engage:


If you're free and happen to be in Melbourne THIS Wednesday night (19th May 2021) I invite you to the exhibition opening of MY BED MY BODY MY BAG at TCB.

Join me at 6pm, 1/5 Wilkinson St, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.

MY BED MY BODY MY BAG is an exhibition of new work that considers solitude, desire and handicrafts.

In 2020, I unexpectedly lived in regional Victoria with my sister and I began producing handmade bags which I sold to friends across the world. They were a connection between my remote post and my previous active, cosmopolitan life.

That year, amongst my collaging materials I kept a print-out of a photo I took of a photographic collage by gay American artist and filmmaker, Curt McDowell. His work portrayed the “carnal abundance” of sexual and gay liberation during the '60s through to the '80s. He died of AIDS during The Crisis.

In 2016, I took a photo of his collage because I was struck by his gaze and his collaging style. I saw it during a time of romance and everything felt fast and adventurous. I thought about this stark disparity of feeling when I sat at my collaging table or when I am in the studio.

I enjoy the pleasures of revisiting these feelings in the process of making.


Jim Nuttall

I live and work on Wurundjeri Country and Taungurung Country of the Kulin Nation and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded.


I was going through some of my old letters and papers coming across a zine called Rotortiller Hausjungen. This zine was quite the ambitious offering at the time created by a handsome, muscular diminutive San Diegan chap named Martin Nesvig. This was about 30 years ago but it seems like a century has past. Well in a way it has.

I wondered what became of Mr. Nesvig and it turns out he is an associate professor of history at the University of Miami. Something at the time told me he would wind up as a fagademic and I was right, as I usually am about people and situations. I’ll always remember SPEW 2 the Homographic Convergence at LACE Gallery where Mr. Nesvig and his older craggier doppelgänger a man who went by the name “Teg” of a Minneapolis zine called Bundle of Sticks put on quite the public display of affection at the convention that got all the “hornpigs” hot and bothered seeing the two fit men tear into each other so to speak.

The late great Goddess Bunny got into a major knockout “sluggo” with the late Tired Danielle of the Epiphany during SPEW 2.

Getting back to Teg and Bundle of Sticks it seems he got himself into some legal woes a few years back concerning black magic rituals and other obsessions. Here is the appropriate links if you care to know more




15h : Intervention d'Elliot Evans + discussion
Elliot Evans est l'auteur.e de Queer Permeability: The Body in French Thought from Wittig to Preciado (2020), iel co-organise le cycle de séminaire Critical Sexology, et a écrit plusieurs articles dans des revues comme Paragraph ou Sexualities tels que "your blood dazzles m/e’: Reading Blood, Sex, and Intimacy in Monique Wittig and Patrick Califia" en 2017, et "Your HIV-positive sperm, my trans-dyke uterus’: anti/futurity and the politics of bareback sex between Guillaume Dustan and Paul B. Preciado" en 2015. Cet article, dont un extrait est publié dans le livret Les films d'entretien, nous a rappelé et permis de comprendre de quelles manières Preciado s'adresse à Dustan dans Testo Junkie.

« "this book has no other reason to be, outside of the space of uncertainty which exists between . . . living-you and dead-you, between my desire to carry your line and the impossibility of reviving your sperm." (Testo Junkie, Paul B. Preciado, 2008: 20)
I want to explore what Preciado means here and how this sheds light on her views on bareback in its relation to queer by considering an anecdote that Preciado recounts later on in Testo Junkie. »

Elliot, qui enseigne à Birmingham et vit à Margate, interviendra en visioconférence pour parler de son travail autour de Dustan et introduire le film surprise qui sera projeté plus tard dans la journée...

16h30 : Autour de la table du Rayon : Philippe Joanny + Julien Laugier, Pascaline Morincôme, Olga Rozenblum

Philippe Joanny (né en 1968) est écrivain. Il publie un premier ouvrage en 1999, Le Dindon, dans la collection "Le Rayon" créée par Dustan, son meilleur ami. En 2008, il fonde la revue Monstre ("Monstre est une revue éditée par des pédés de Belleville, pour les fol.le.s du monde entier"), avec Tim Madesclaire, Gauthier Boche et Gilles Beaujard. En 2019, il publie Comment tout a commencé (Grasset), une autobiographie romancée à la troisième personne. Remarqué par la critique à sa sortie, le livre sera récompensé du prix du Roman gay 2019.
Pascaline, Julien et Olga sont les commissaires de l'exposition et les diffuseur.seuse.s des films de Dustan.
Il y aura des lectures d'extraits de livres du Rayon (certains extraits ont été également publiés dans le livret La communauté), une discussion autour de l'entretien réalisé avec Françoise Vigna à propos de l'expérience d'édition de Dustan et l'histoire des éditeur.trice.s LGBTQ en France, et une diffusion de textes d'autres jeunes auteur.trice.s.

19h : projection surprise