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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bin ich ein Dandy?

Was sad to hear of the recent death of Alexis Arquette, of the famed Hollywood acting dynasty. Alexis' best film role was in Last Exit to Brooklyn. I first met Alexis when he was a weenager. I sold him his first wig at Retail Slut on Melrose Avenue in the early 1980s. In the late 80s he performed as Eva Destruction at my monthly Cafe Hag at Cafe Kafka a Czech boite on Sunset Blvd near KNX Radio and TV Studio. Cafe Hag was the first time I attempted a 1920s style club with a continuous floor show. The last time I encountered Alexis was when he came to the opening of my Bricktops at the Parlour Club in 2002 brilliantly dressed like a high society dowager ala Marie Dressler or Margret Dumont.
Its now Autumn, which means no more warm evenings and how are things in Glacamora devil moons. I will miss hanging out at the Tiergarten with sexpert philosopher kings Daniel Tarrantino of the Humboldt Universitaet and Leon die Gottlieb, who is the most religious horn pig I have ever encountered in my life. Last time I rode my bike through the park I had a lovely flirtation with a gorgeous 25 year old blondine Polish hunk who had huge hands, feet and Jimmy Durante style schnazola.
CHEAP Funk on Re-booty FM/Kotti FM 99.1 September 10th with Diana McCarty was a hoot and a half. Our theme was Violence Girl in celebration of Alice Bag. CHEAP Fearless leader Susi read from Alice's book and I played the “He's So Sorry” track from her self-titled LP Alice Bag. Djane Nancy gave a call-in Violence Girl Istanbul report. Part 2 of CHEAP Funk will take place Saturday Sept 24th at 9pm with the theme International Sissies. So please check it out.
If you're in Hamburg October 21st. I will be one of the experts making an appearance at Hannah Hurtzig's famed Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge No 19 called “The Extroidinary Ordinary” at the Kampnagel. Admission is FREE

October 14-16 I will be in Washington DC for the Creative Time Art and Political Summit whose theme this year is Occupy the Future at the Lincoln Theatre. For more info go to