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Monday, July 01, 2013


Though I hate venturing to Mitte it was actually quite nice to take a trek to the Volksbuhne’s Gruner Salon to see kJohnny Blue’s The Devil’s Blind Spot-Jumping the Gate where the super stud Mr. Blue and his merry band of musical geniuses that includes guitarist Axel Scheele and drummer Daniel Grinstead rocked out with their dinosaur cocks splayed out. A nice King Crimsony Prague Rocque groove permeated as the audience was sucked into a dynamic textural whirl peppered with soundbites from Arsenal archive docus and narrative films. Hail Satan Devil Lucifer Beelzebulb!!!!

Rising Stars Falling Stars presentation of Vincente Minnelli’s 1970 psychotropic musical On A Clear Day You Can See Forever was the closing night event of a joyous Living Archive month. The 16milimeter Cinemascope print looked very experimental film with its missing sections and twerking the gate. Bodo in the projection room did a great job keeping it all together with precision and the film actually holds up as more then just an odd curio. Babs Streisand and Mr. Simone Signoret-Yves Montand’s animosity towards each other gives their cinematic pairing a weird force and drive along with Mr. Minnelli ‘s queeny posturing and framing in the Regency England scenes. The evil progeny of Ms. Streisand and sexy Elliot Gould---Jason Gould came to see his moms in one of her early films he has never seen. Mr. Gould’s low key companion was the popular international blondine concubine Christopher Tavi aka: Josh from the Corbin Fischer Pornocopia Film Studios and his pals a nearly nekkid Berlin “It” boy Acme Singt, Olivier and cute beau, Slovakian courtesan’s Manuel Rios, Kevin Warhol and Brandon Manilow turning many middle age gay male patterned balding heads.The celebutants in attendance included the beautiful and stylish curator Dorothee Wenner with her vivacious male companion Mickey, Trixie Schoenherr aka: Beatrice Cordua the former prima ballerina with her dancer fan Tonya, Berlin’s legendary chanson singer and actress Zazie de Paris, Piero Bellomo of La Collezione with husband Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim who looked dashing playing Klavier and who did a most excellent job editing Ms. Davis’ new cheaply made Rising Stars trailer,Der Spielgel writer Felix Knoke and his Slovenian friend, scholar Nanna Heidenreich with her students from Braunschweig who along with the talented students from Frankfurt’s Goethe Universitaet were part of the Living Archive project by Entuziazm: Stefan Pethke & Michael Baute that decombobulized the Fernando Birri film ORG. Film Historian Marc Siegel and his delightful and fresh faced students that included sexy Philippe Crackau, Olga Galicka and Tine Antz. Production designer Angela Anderson with DJane extroidinaire Olga Damnitz, the divine Susanne Sachsse whose mother gave Ms.Davis a snakeskin purse from the 1960s looking small town of Jena that was very Babs,art star Countessa Angela Melitopoulos looking lovely and bursting with energy even after presenting her final Moeglichkeitsraum pieces along with a special live montage aria with re.act.feminism’s Bettina Knaup, the Royal First Family of German Experimental Film-The Gregors: Erika, Ulrich & Milena, Birgit Kohler, Arsenal co-Director, kJohnny Blue and his juicy young Italian girlfriend,Arsenal studmuffins Markus Ruff and Uli Ziemons with tasty gamine Nadine Voß,Noam the Israeli video maker, modern dancer Assaf Hochman with American Ballet Theater principal Daniil Simkin, Little Alex of Macedonia who did la Diva Davis’ hair,make-up and fashion styling for the evening, an 80 year old couple who are long time Babs fanatics,Canuckian dream girl Lauren Howes, with spunky ray of light Shai Heredia Arsenal guest curator from India, filmmaker Marie Losier with artist Maggie Schneider, musician and composer Eunice Martin whose live composition Pieces for the Archive II recently wowed her fans and fluxus admirers alike, pretty Salome Gersch who manned the CHEAP Gossip Studio Bar during the festival and Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus exhausted but still sparkly graciously welcoming Arsenal newcomers like the fashion designer Guillaume Henry of the House of Carven in Berlin looking for urban inspiration and getting it with the haute mix on every level crowd at Kino 2, New York rapper Mac Miller with humpy dork nebish Jay Stull the young American playwright who is doing research on the source material for On a Clear Day which strangely enough is based on a true story of a woman in 1940s Dublin whose analyst discovered her past life. This story was also made into a British film in 1956. I received so many questions about On A Clear Day You Can See Forever and ESP. I guess Extra Sensory Perception was not a big thing in Germany. Who knew? Minnelli and Babs got along wonderfully during the filming which began in Jan, 1969 when Babs was 26 years old. Miss Minnelli was working with cinematographer Harry Stradling who made Judy Garland so beautiful in The Pirate(1947) and was doing the same to La Streisand. Some of the movie was filmed on location in New York and Brighton, England with the scene in the rose garden where she sings “Hurry Its Lovely Up Here” lensed at USC’s Exposition Park across from the Museum of Natural History. Interiors were filmed at Paramount Pictures studio in Hollywood. Minnelli hadn’t made a musical in ten years with The Bells Are Ringing 1960 with Judy Holiday, and wanted to make a few more after Clear Day with a treatment on the life of Bessie Smith to star Tina Turner and then later Aretha Franklin was attached. He also wanted to do a musical about Zelda Fitzgerald to star his daughter Liza. The next Rising Stars, Falling Stars is Sunday July 21 8pm with a 35 milimeter screening of Opera Queen Luchino Visconti’s Senso starring homo hungthrob Farley Granger and Alida Valli.

The Berlin gay niteclub Schwuz isn´t the only ones moving to Neukölln. Bruce La Bruce´s longtime producer and porn kingpin Tante Jürgen Bruning is taking his Wurst Films Kollective to the land flowing with milk and honey. If you would like to buy some of their famed memorabilla check out the info below:
Sexflohmarkt am 7. Juli 2013 im Studio von Wurstfilm in Schöneberg
Kapitalistische Profitgier hat das kreative Sexfilmkollektiv aus den schönen Räumen in der Hauptstr. 26 vertrieben.
Wir haben eine kleine Butze in der Elsenstr. 75 in Neukölln gefunden, müssen aber aus dortigem Platzmangel
viele unserer geliebten Requisiten, Sexspielzeuge, Sexmöbel, Leder, Elektronik, Trödel, Kostüme, DVDs und andere Sachen aufgeben.

Deshalb veranstalten wir
am 7. Juli 2013 von 14 - 18 Uhr einen Flohmarkt in den Räumen der Hauptstr. 26. im 2. HH. im 3. Stock. Kommt zahlreich, wir haben alles: Vom Nützlichen bis zum Skurillen.Euer Sexfilmkollektiv
Jürgen Brüning Wurstfilm GmbH
Hauptstr. 26
10827 Berlin

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Attended the last Living Archive presentation of Darryl Els’s, the vivaciously randy, hirsute mixed race South African filmmaker and curator whose Shifting Grounds:  Reflections on National Identity in the Archive ended with a screening of the hilarious 1971 travelogue by Adolfas Mekas aka:  Brother Fishhook to Jonas Mekas’   Uncle Fishhook the name given to the Lithuanians by Jack Smith.  The standout in the flicker is Mrs. Mekas- co-director Pola Chapelle.  My companion as usual was
that trusty Muzlim jihadist suprema Daniel Hendrickson who will be taking a well deserved holiday to Georgia, Azerbajian and Armenia in July. Mr. Hendrickson was with me for the El cine de la Transicion program by Sabine Schoebel where we saw Cincuenta y dos Domingos by Llorenc Soler 1970 16 mm which has a very leering eye on the succulent Spanish underpriviledged youth who are training as baby matadors followed by Ocana Retrat Intermittent by Ventura Pons, the 1979 docu on the late painter,performer, culture critic and Andulusian tragi queen Miss Pepe Ocana.
Film Historian Marc Siegel scored a hit with his Ludvig Schoenherr/Beatrice Cordua tribute Happy&Stupid Sructures.  Schoenherr muse Trixie Schoenherr was looking radiant at the screenings. She is 70 years old and hasn’t aged a bit since she appeared in Stephen Dwoskin’s 1971 film Trixie.  The members of the cult of Trixie at the CHEAP Gossip Studio bar manned by Richard Gersche included Darryl Els, Manuel Schubert, Nanna Heidenreich, lovesexy Djane Olga Damnitz, pretty Mediterranean art star Angela Melitopoulos looking very Melina Mercouri with a bit of Anna Magnani, art darling Maggie Schneider, Arsenal hunksters Uli Ziemons& Markus Ruff, Greek passive Little Alex of Macedonia, juicy scholar Nicole Wolf,the amazing Diana McCarty of ReBoot FM with a hot hunky swarthy date that floated my proverbial boat,Shai Heredia the vivacious & stylish Arsenal guest curator from India, Canuckian treasure Lauren Howes, the regal and stately Bettina Schulte Strathaus of the famous Schulte Strathauses and British actress Rebecca Hall of Woody Allens Vicky Cristina Barcelona who is a big Vaginal Davis fanatic who will be traveling to China on a slow boat, namely a cargo ship that will pass through dangerous pirate waters and will take over a month's time.  The only other people I know who have travelled this way are the Brazilian art & film couple Melissa Dullius and Gustave Jahn.
Marc Siegel’s Living Archive project was devoted to Ludvig and Trixie Schoenherr but he also was asked by Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus to put together an Asian program from the Archives when she realized that no other artist had chosen Asia.  Well Marc in his inemitable Catskills style showed every other curator how it is properly done with his Shuji Terayama’s Seductive Cinematic Anarchism.  A packed house of young and old gathered together in absolute grace for this screening of perverse Japanese expanded cinema experimental shorts which ended with the entire audience taking part in a lovely performative moment involving hammer & nails---sublime.