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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Beautiful Bricktops how i delight in thee. One of the Parlour's bartenders, a gorgeous immaculate child of WASP wealth, brought his English pal who is a performance art student at UCLA to meet Madame Bricky. Well this young creature is the ultimate dream of the heavenly firmament, all peaches and cream complexion and full rose dust lips. The great lady was very much impressed with the radiant youth, who asked her for a dance, and they foxtrotted on the floor like it was a country cotillion. Warning to all young white boys: don't become involved with jungle temptresses, it can lead to an early demise.
Kristian Hoffman and Carolyn Edwards were the featured performers for the little Rodgers & Hart Johnny One Note party and they delivered a sweet R&H tag team singing affect, capturing the sophisticated nature of Lorenz Hart's lyrical interplay. Creekbird and pals also put on a show of shows, with a nice spirited appearance from that well endowed Gorilla who plays percussion in the band. Madame Bricky got carried away, and shrimped Creekbird's pretty boy feet. Mary,Mary and Miss Cory Marie, kept the energy levels frenzied with their wilde free style taxi dancing, and DJ Pirate Jenny outdid herself. Can't wait to attend the Pirate's late spring brunch at her Silverlake Compound.
The notables on hand included the sexy and dashing Sasha, NYC art czar Michael Waugh with his sweet artist galpal, songstress Rebecca Lynn, burlesque veterana Kitty Diggens, video artist Ming Ma, filmmaker/hunk Jedidiah Smith, Javier Peres of Peres Projects, and Daphne Guinness with Ronald Van der Hilst, the innovative Antwerp designer who created the new housing structure known as the brain hive.

Friday, June 03, 2005

My favorite Diane Vreeland quote. Thats why i turned down some stupid TV people who wanted me to audition for a part on some tired program of theirs. I didn't leave them completely empty handed, i recommended they contact Jackie Beat.
Had dinner with handsome Frank Rodriguez my former Club Sucker partner who gave up his dayjob as a Sony Pictures exec to start his own business called Kustom Creative. Frank and i feasted at Chan Dara. Frank's new business venture is doing very well, and he seems more content now that he gave up the corporate grind. Frank is known as one of LA's most virile young men.
After dinner i went to the American Cinemateque at the Egyptian Theatre to see their program of rarities, which included footage of a very young Judy Garland singing a Will Rodgers tribute and also pristine 35 milimeter coverage of the 1933 Long Beach earthquake aftermath, and other gems like a Constance Bennett beauty spot, the text I appropriated in Berlin in 2001 during the performance piece Cheap Jewelry directed by Mark Siegel and Daniel Hendrickson.
Met up with Frank's business partner the sexyline Jeffrey Hilbert at The Spotlight for some late nite cocktail action. Jeffrey bought me a million Whiskey sours, and we made fun of the black hair queens parading about, and was joined later by famed film editor Billy Rich.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A few weeks ago i wrote about Professor Jennifer Doyle taking me out to dinner at a new trendy eatery in Hollywood to celebrate my return to Los Ang from Manchester, England, but in my junior Alzheimic state i couldn't remember the name of the place, well now i have it for you----its called The Hungry Cat and this little seafood boite is the newest edition to the kingdom of chef David Lentz and his wife Suzanne Goin. The HC fits nicely with their Luques and A.O.C establishments.
This new charming eatery is located in the corner of the courtyard between the Borders Bookseller and Schwaabs Diner on Vine Street and is part of this mega complex which also houses a tired Bed, Bath & Beyond and designy apartments. Both the Doyle and I were shamelessly oogling the eye candy male wait staff and serving them double entendres. You get the two of us together and mischief rules. The good professor told me she has been seeing the indie director Miguel Arleta who helmed the films "Chuck & Buck" and "The Good Girl" M. Arleta is South American via Puerto Rico and his last relationship was with the performance artist/filmmaker Miranda July, so perhaps he can handle the sexy dynamo that is "The Doyle"
Also forgot to mention that the famous Whirly Girl Bicycle Collective stopped by en masse at Bricktops last Friday adding a whimsical flavour to the frivolities. I love this group----they are singlehandedly leading the revolution against ugly selfish SUVS to the divine countenance of peddle nation. KATOU!!
A group of my University of Manchester students got together and surprised me with a long distance phone call. It was juicy hearing from them. All my love and kissy kissat goes out to baby dykes Tessa & Lisa, and baby dyke boys Niven and Phil. Phil is coming to Los Angeles in August for a visit. Andrew of Gould and Lenny the young Elder have graciously accepted the duties of hosting them since i live in a shoe box.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Before punk rock i only listened to Classical music and pre-rock n roll standards. That is why my doing Club Bricktops holds such special meaning for me. The past week i've been going to the Laemmle Fairfax theatre to see their special musical showings. I saw Pal Joey starring Frank Sinatra as a long on the tooth male concubine being kept by a gorgeous equally long toothed Rita Hayworth. Kim Novak also starred in this flick from the late 50s. Kim, the lavender haired blondine is really a curiosity to me, with that imperious facial expression she wore all the time, and that upturned brow. She was really good in Bell, Book & Candle. I was going to stay and watch Guys and Dolls, but i just didn't have enough energy for it. I came back a few days later to see My Fair Lady and Gigi. There is one really cute blonde boy that works behind the counter who i'd like to chew and plow, if he'd let me.
Bricktops Buzz Berkeley Nite was sensational. The Ditty Bops made a triumphant return to the club after months of touring with The Dresdon Dolls and Nancy Sinatra. Amanda looked so cute with her outrageous candy red bob. Too bad her queeny hairdresser had to come along. He and his little entourage of tired homosexuals were just the ickiest creatures. Alex my bear daddy door man said that this hair hopper wound up getting into a row with some girl, and had to be removed from the premises. He must have been taking crystal meth or perhaps a mood altering pychotropic perscription medication that so many "gays" who can't cope with life, seem to be taking.
Newcomer Maryea Boylan was also very enchanting. Maryea is a brain scientist by day and vaudevillian by night. Too bad she is accompanied by that shrill showboater Brad Kay. She seemed to keep him on a tight leash on stage--but poor Andrew who was doing the sound, had to deal with his poovah behavior.
Mary, Mary and Sasha were wonderful as the evenings taxi dancers. They kept the energy aces high, and looked incredible. I adore them. Cory Marie was selling her new limited edition Ditty Bops poster---and it was a big hit. Cory is a rising young art star that the world will have to reckon with.
Celebutants in the audience included the divine, Janet Klein, who looks younger and younger every time i see her. Delectable Bricktops regulars Shauna Leone, Melissa Sexchester, Amy O'Neill, Mr. Uncertain with his no eyebrow look, a deliciously sultry Jean Spinosa, Marquis of Hobo Jazz, Jim Elkington of the Zincs and Conrad Keely and Kevin Allen of the Texas band,You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, who were fighting over sexy DJ Pirate Jenny---no man can resist her.
Sunday evening i went to a very casual, private BBQ over at Jeffreyland Hilberts Koreatown compound. Jeffrey's beau Ozzmatli made the most scrumpteous salsa,guacamole and home made chips. The specially sauteed chicken and fish tacos were divine. It was nice seeing my ex-Sucker partner Frank Rodriguez, his humpy ginger lover "P", who got kicked out of his Hollywood apartment by the Scientologists, Enrique the hip Flip, who hilariously takes being a status queen to scintilating new heights, Raul Rules and Perry, who use to work at ICM and was telling me all about growing up in John Water's Baltimore, which is something i didn't know about him. I'm glad i forced myself to go out on a social outing. The older I get the more i can't stand being around anyone. I'm deep down an introvert and complete loner just like my mother.
Doug Gordon came down from Norther California to empty the last items in his storage unit, and gave me his giant screen computer monitor which i just love love love. Doug's mother left him all this furniture that had been in their family since they came to this country on the Mayflower. Doug sold it to Southeby's and now has enough money to buy himself a house.