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Saturday, February 05, 2005

My Carter Family Tribute nite at Bricktops was a smashing success. Thank you Miss Miriam Jacobsen for writing the hot pick of the week blurb. Glen Meadmore introduced a brand new ditty and everyone in attendance was feeling very open and randy. Lots of juicy underground stars, the best the world has to offer in the form of the legendary rock goddess Miss Jayne County, who is in town looking delicious, and will be DJ-ing a fierce set at Club Screwball at the Parlour on Tuesday. Screwball is Prickle's nite with Don Bolles of the Germs and his lady faire, Darcy Leonard. That should be really hot. Too bad i'll be in the UK performing in Glasgow, Scotland for the National Review of Live Art's New Moves Festival, then on to London where i'll lecture/screen some of my trespass cinema collection at the prestigious Courtauld Institute of Art. I'm so god damn highbrow i don't know what to do with myself.

While I'm away various guests will take over in the hosting department so check the web page under New/News to see what's up during the rest of the month of February. Lots of great performers like cutie pie Creekbird, La sexie Poubelle Twins and Frankie and Tony who hail all the way from Zurich, Switzerland.
Getting back to Friday at Bricktops. Miss Lydia Lunch, the first lady of harsh was also in attendance. She will be performing a scorching set of material on Feb 24th, at the Parlour so mark that down on your calenderia. Of course all this good stuff happens while I'm away. Abby Travis stopped by looking quite perfecta with new beau, who i fixed her up with. I'm such the matchmaker for everyone but myself. Bryan Rabin was the escort for Ms. County and i love Bryan's handsome man look. Also chainmail designer Michael Schmidt was in the house giving glamour like no one else can. The cities best dressed and most exciting couple, Sasha and Mary were looking very grand ole opry. Everyone loves them, and they know how to properly soak in the allure, splendour and pagentry of dressing up. More people need to take their example of how to properly go on the town.

Bricky regulars Shauna Leone, Ming Ma and shirtless Jon Quale were also looking very stylish and elegant.

It was also nice to see Ricky Castro, the co-director of Hustler White with Bruce La Bruce, and his own Plushy/Furry film. Rick has a new photo book out that is graceful and beautiful,published by Mark Harvey. Rick and I go way back, and use to collaborate together on so many projects. We both have strong, dominant, forcefull personalities, so unfortunately we cancel each other out, and that makes it difficult to maintain a regular relationship/friendship with him, but its wonderous seeing him occasionally, as he is quite talented. Also in the crowd Ventura legend Dora! of Wilde Planet fame, and Bush Bunny who has been living back in Rhode Island. I can never remember Bush Bunny's real name. I've called him Bush Bunny for over 20 years as he was known to frequent the bushes and shrubs of the various parks in Ventura County cruising for sex. And of course he would wind up arrested---ALOT. He's infamous for having sex up in a tree at weho's blow job park, and falling from the branch as the person he was fellating began to orgasm. I love ole BB he's a good time Sally! It was also dear seeing Michele and Jason of Woodpussy and of course the royal lady of Santa Barbara County Ms. Barbara, aka Mrs. Marilyn Manson. Barbara is such a genuine and graciously divine lady, and she brought an entire bus load of fun loving Santa Barbara supporters of Glen Meadmore, and honey Ms. Meadmore needs and deserves all that love and support, because she is a treasure.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This emugwai comes from the lovely Claudia Gonson of the Magnetic Fields who is the female husband of Stephin Merritt.


I thought I'd send out a general mailing to you all to announce that Stephin Merritt is now a DJ.

With another friend, he co-DJ's an evening of 60's bubblegum and psychedelic music at an East Village bar called the "Clubhouse", Monday nights.

The night is called the "Incredibly Profound Tentacle", and there's a very sweet drink they serve there for $5 called the "Pink Tentacle", which will give you a headache in the morning...

Come by and have some candy!

Ave C/9th Street
East Village
Monday nights, 9pm on.

with love,

Monday, January 31, 2005

This little emugt from dapper LA Times Style Editor Guy Trebay:

Sorry to miss you this weekend in Los Angeleez (hard G, as in The
Grifters.) The conference thing I was doing turned out to be all day Sat.
at U.S.C., near South Central, place of your nativity. Arrived in driving
rain, was whisked to conference at near dawn and never saw daylight (if you
don't count the sun shining out of Tom Ford's butt--he and I were
officially billed as being in conversation) again until late afternoon, by
which time the city looked as beautiful as I ever saw it, the air scoured
clean, even the San B. mountains visible. Was going to call or try to get
over to Bricktops, but fell dead asleep in my glamorously empty suite at
the Standard downtown, w. its beautiful view of L.A.'s lively population of
ragamuffins and sun scorched trolls.
Next time, I guess. Hope all goes well.


Bricktops on Friday was pure loveliness. It was a Stella Dallas party in honor of Barbara Stanwyck and everyone showed up in tacky vintage outfits worth their weight in goldine. The luminous Kitten DeVille filled in for an ailing fishnet floozy, Anna Bells and boy did she show them how one becomes the queen of burlesque! Kitten is one hell of a dazzling performer and sex goddess supreme. And she balances it all with being a Xurbian wife and mother. She does it all!!!! WoW!!!
Also the Whoracle et Delphi made some startling predictions about a Tsunami attacking the west coast soon and another edict that was too much for hostess Madame Bricktops to relay. Perhaps she'll tell it this week. The high falutin celebrity mix included designer Shauna Leone, movement artist supreme Jean Spinosa, intermedia sex worker Zeb, taxi dancer Buttons Sinclair, Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters, Caleb Followill of the Kings of Leon and hunky turkish/german director Fatil Akin of the new super hot movie "Head On".
This week will be a salute to the Carter Family with Canada's favorite son, Glen Meadmore performing.