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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hunky lovesexy Russian artist Slava Mogutin sent me a copy of his latest photography tome New York GoGo, his sophemore effort after the tremendously successful Lost Boys. That Slava can do no wrong, and these photo essays are majestic in their capturing of detailic moments in the prostitutic melanoma of Manhattan boygesse. Bruce Benderson´s forward sets the tone in giving some background on Mr. Mogutin, and his importance on the cultural zeitgeist. One particular series in the book features a Nubian Peter Berlin, stockinged phallus flops from painted on daisy dukes, but its the entire composition that ignites, not just the subject´s splendor but even the floor in which he stands, this is where Slava shines as a Nadarlike portraiturist. A few pages before i gasped at the Rican minx wearing a prince of the homosexuals crown--- part diadem, part thorns, and all equal to Ruskian granada.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Was listening to NPR/Berlin´s Talk of the Nation, and you´ll never guess who was on the program? O i´ll just tell you. Evan Wright was on the show plugging the new HBO mini-series Generation Kill, that is based on his book of the same name. Evan is quite a hustler and grifter, and i guess he has grifted the big time now, as he has handled the adaptation duties of his book to the small pay TV screen. The material for this all started as a series of articles for Rolling Stone Magazine. Let me explain my connection to Evan Wright. Evan use to be married to Crepe Suzette aka: Susan Mathelson a big Hollywood costume designer for feature films, who has also performed with me in several of my Euro traveling pieces. Besides designing some fabulous gowns for this giant doll, Susan also use to work for Mattel designing for the ultimate toy, namely Barbie.
One thing i bet won´t make it to television is Evan´s homosexual experiences with the Marines he spent time with in Iraq. Not only did he participate in some juicy whorgies with the young cute boys, but several times they pulled a train on him. Evan is quite a horndog, and although he prefers women, he is no stranger to ribald mansex.
The Festival Der Jugendclubs an Berliner Bühnen is now over, and the piece i created with Tim Blue of Cheap called The Arrogance of Youth was a sterling success. I was very proud of my beautiful youth groups who focused all their energies in creating a sublime work that had a lot of Fluxus style and appeal. Imagine my surprise early Sunday morning when i get a phone call from Sean Carrillo the husband of Bibbe Hansen, the youngest of the Warhol superstars, mother of pop star Beck. and daughter of famed Fluxus artist Al Hansen, that they are in Berlin and are coming to my event. Bibbe said the piece was "dangerous", and there could be no better compliment then that. Also in the audience was Amelie Mallman, one of the Parkauer dramaturgy´s, Senol Senturk and Angie Baby who worked on Cheap Blacky, film historian Marc Siegel with ladylove Susanne Sachße, Scandanavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson, artist Monika Kramp, therapist to the Berlin stars Sabina Bauer and actor Jurgen Vogel, who is extremely handsome but has really bad teeth.
I want to thank all the wonderful assistants on the project starting with Lydia Hamann, Christian F., Kjohnny Blue, and Michel Le Grande. The HAU production staff of Mayka Hamsen, Maria Kusche, Leonie Kusterer, Khaled Sulima, Kahina Toutaqui and Pia Engel and the Stage Staff who made the piece shine like a perfect jewel: Jorg Fischer, Piotr Rybkowski, Veit Gries and his amazing lighting with assist by Ingo Ruggenthaler and sound by Matthias Kirschke.
Oh and lets not forget the future superstars of tomorrow, from the Deutsches Theater: Alexander Bahr, Maik Holfert, Lisa Hrdina, Marie Jordan, Nele Suhler, Paula Thielecke, Gaia Vogel, Antoine Brison, who is already a working actor on a German soap, Klemons Hegen, Marie Therese Fischer, Laura Pfisterer.
From the Schaubühne: Amadeus Fechner, Grete Gehrke, sweet gentle giant Simon Karmoll, Jennifer Lambrecht, hilarious Fabian Linß, hunky and super manlische David Pakzad, Astrid Pendarvis, and Janine Quaegwer
From Grips Theatre: Bastian Benrath, Daniel Goebel, Roxana Karow, Chris Lee Curtis Abiola, Vanessa Einbrodt, Josephine Krause, Miriam Ritter and Johanna Wolff
From Theater Strahl: Cheyenne Schlüter, Jolene Leitlauf, Katherina Heisig, Kelly Schlüter, Luisa Seikel, Mara Niese, Marie Hamayel-Peters, MIchelle Biallowons, Sophia Wohlfahrt, Thea von Wedel, Viviann Wilmot
From Parkaue: Marius Ahrendt, Julia Goldhahn, Karola Hakel, Moira Joachim, Sophie Kalweit, Paul Krüger, Alexandra Kunde, Sophia Lebedewa, Deborah Levy, Sophie Mangelsen, Johanna Pahl, Linn Reusse, Nathalie Schwichtenberg
From Veganten Bühne: Angela Bittel, Anja Fahlenkamp, Alex Finger, Katherina Finger, Torsten Flassig, Lea Lochau, Tim Mehlis, Lara Mercier, Vangeli Sargantzoglou, Paula Tebbens
Theatre im Palais and Fight Club from HAU the first group that Tim and i met who we bonded with. Fight Club closed the festival on Saturday with a gorgeous performative presentation and i want to send special kisses to Sercan Aydilek, Clea Funke, Domi Grillenberger, Ella Schmidt, mina Stöhr, Ayse Gül Var, Elvin Aliev, Antonio Ciervo, Jenny Pantzke, Pia Epping, Rosalie Phoniam
I would like to take a long vacation to recover from the project, but i can´t because i am taking German language classes every day for the next six weeks. Yesterday was the first day, and it is so hard. The classes are from 2pm-5:30 and since i am a morning person, its very difficult to stay alert in the late afternoon. Kjohnny Blue is also in my class, which is nice, and all the people seem very sweet.