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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Had a delightful bruncheon with writer Travis Jeppeson. Hadn´t seen him for quite some time as we seemed to go our seperate ways after the debacle that was the performance piece Daddy from 2009. Travis has been writing quite a bit of art journalism for a myriad of art journals like Art Forum and catalogs. I really love his journalism writing as its quite crisp, fresh and unique, and i think that literary journalism is really his forte.
The famed American writer Bruce Benderson will be coming to Berlin and staying with Travis. I adore Sir Benderson who has a new book written entirely in French coming out soon. Travis confided in me about his juicy recent love affair with an exotic young Swedish/Iraqi F2M. I loved hearing the details of their steamy, courtship relationship and breakup. Travis is also curatoring a clubnight at Monster Ronson´s in Friedrickshain plus doing the door at Club Pork at Ficken 3000 continuing his association with Tennessee Claffin aka: Baby Brian who is making a name for himself as a tyro performance artist in Berlin underground circles but who received infamy as the hustler lover of A list Hollywood directors Gus Van San and Bryan Singer. Mr. Claffin has an interesting family background as he is a former Mormen from the theocratic American state of Utah. His namesake relative was the first woman to run for President of the US in the 19th century. Pork will celebrate its two year anniversary despite a boycott from members of the queer community who have attacked the club for various reasons in the last year. Travis and his beautiful Slovakian ex beau Mario D. Are still good pals. Mario expertly designs all the promotional materials for Pork.
La diva Vaginal Davis is being asked to leave her Rote Insel flat in Schoneberg. My Cheese Endique Trifecta has been in this location for over four years and I love the area. It seems that my building is going to go through some rennovation process or something convoluted like that. If anyone knows of a cheap place that I can rent that is accomodating to international celebrities please contact my webmaster Larry Bob or assistant Gleeson Brevard in the contact area of my website.
Friday the 3rd year anniversary of Rising Stars, Falling Stars was SRO like it has never been before. The throngs kept coming delaying the starting time of the monthly performative silent film event. Every Jubilaum we show a Louise Brooks film, this time her most famous filmed in Berlin G.W. Pabst´s Pandora´s Box 1929 from the play by Frank Wedekind. Lots of Lulu´s Alwa´s and Lesbian Countesses in attendance. The hoi paloi included: lovely Simone Mahrenholtz, the distinguished film critic and scholar who teaches at the private Berlin Tech Kunst Academy. She came with 40 of her brightest, most prolific young students who after hearing composer Eunice Martin so brilliant on klavier said „the evening changed their lives!“ Also seen flirting and drinking Roman Lach the famed German literature professor at the Technical University who seems to have a crush on filmmaker/musician Tim Blue, the talented young artist Christophe De Rohan Chabot was breaking many hearts including Nathan, the eurasian bon vivante late of the bellyup Art Bar in Mitte who is married to a Bayer Pharmaceuticals heir. Also seen and herded: Manuel Schubert, the charming presenter of Film Highlights the internet radio program on Multi Cult FM which featured quite a frothy interview with the Ms. Davis Doll, delightful Tobias Rauschen of Sissy Magazine and endowment Mr. Dagmar, Danny the Tranny who is in the new Peaches show at HAU Peaches Does Herself which also includes Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras with posse of beau Enrico Dallman and pretty Sara Smiles, Berlin legends Zazie De Paris with John Heys, Belgian royal Koen Claerhouten, writer Travis Jeppeson, prima ballerina Trixie Schönherr, Little Alex of Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective with boyfriend Assaf Hochman who is dancing in the Peaches show, love sexy youthquaker artist Gunnar Neumann with musician Bruno Mars aka: Peter Hernandez, junior curator Nadja Talmi with Europes´s handsomest man Uli Ziemons, Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental, gorgeous young Lars Schultz who was my intern at the Parkauer Theatre in Lichtenberg when i starred as Witwe Bolte in the CHEAP production of Max und Moritz,Daniel Hendrickson who did my gypsy Lulu styling for the evening and Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who was entertaining visiting Canadian writer Rohinton Mistry with date novelist Julia Franck(The Blindness of the Heart). The next Rising Stars in November will be a tribute to lesbian feminist Hollywood director Dorothy Arzner with a screen of Dance, Girl, Dance starring Maureen O´Hara and Lucille Ball. Its not a silent film but a very import work from a director who started her career during the silent era and someone who was my teacher at UCLA in the 1970s.